The great slug

As fanciful or true as the following may seem, covid19 is not just an ailment of heart and lungs in the physical sense but in a metaphysical or energetic sense too.

The heart and lungs are partnered organs — what afflicts the functioning of one, effects functioning of the other. And this is true of the heart and lungs both physically and metaphysically.

The great slug in whose aura thrives the covid virus, feeds upon a kind of stress energy emanating from a dissonance in the collective metaphysical heart/lungs of humanity.

The dissonance is between our attitude to our individuality and our collectivity, or in other words, the dissonance is between our attitude to our self and to others.

Interestingly, as many diseases do, the current world covid crisis is prompting, even forcing us to address in ourselves, both individually and socially, the psycho-spiritual cause and management of the disease — we are being forced to reconsider our individuality in relation to others, and others in relation to self.

But, and again as many diseases do, the disease also exacerbates the psychological condition that attracted it. Thus making the outcome somewhat unpredictable.

When or if humans sufficiently reconcile our attitude to our individuality and our collectivity, then the dissonance will decline, the contrary attitudes of heart towards self and others will resolve and come together, even as the one attitude towards both, and the great slug will move on.

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Belief and Faith

Belief and faith are like oil and water, they do not mix.

A belief is an unknown conviction. Belief is holding something to be true that is unknown to be true. A belief may be right or may be wrong, and as truth is how things are, and beliefs are numerous, a belief is usually wrong.

Faith has no preconceived idea of what is true, only that truth exists, and that faith will find it. Faith is the certainty that truth can be known.

Here is an analogy:
Belief is a mathematician who believes he knows the answer to a mathematical problem before he has solved it. If he tries to solve the problem, he will try to arrive at the answer he believes in, and in doing so will miss the truth.  

Faith is a mathematician who acknowledges that he does not know the answer to the problem but he is sure he can find the answer and solve the problem, whatever the answer may be.  

Here is another analogy:
Belief is a man who believes he knows how many cows are over the hill. So, he does not bother to climb the hill to look for himself.

Faith is a man who acknowledges that he does not know how many cows are over the hill but he is sure he can climb the hill to look for himself and count the cows.

Belief is a limitation; faith is liberation.

So, we can see that belief obstructs faith. That is why belief and faith are like oil and water, they do not mix, and are not both found in the same person.

What I have described above is an earthly form of faith. But what of spiritual faith?

We will commence at the top with the highest and purest definition of faith as it pertains to God, and then we will come down from there to the human level:

Faith is the (raw) power of God.

From that definition of faith as being the power of God, we can define faith as it exists in man as being the power of God in man. Here are several such definitions:

Faith is the power of God in man.
Faith is man’s realisation of the power of God within himself.
Faith is the sureness of God (and of God’s power) within oneself.
Faith is the certainty of God-within.

So, we see that faith is not belief, it is power.

There is a stepping stone between belief and faith. That stepping stone is belief in one’s own existence, belief in one’s own consciousness, belief in one’s own conscious soul.

Such a belief is not an unknown conviction, it is not a belief in an imagining, an image or idol, it is not an illogical belief, or a lottery most likely to be wrong.

To believe in one’s own existence is a logical belief, for we each know that we exist as consciousness, and belief in our own conscious existence is a stepping stone to faith, for within and above oneself is God.

Similarly, to believe in God as being the all of existence, the total of all things and all energies, as being both the composite of all things and the potential from which all comes, is not an illogical belief, for such greatness certainly exists. This is not an imagined God, a figment of mind, an idol, but a God of existence. It is not a God that is part of reality, but a God that is all of reality, a God that is Truth.

Between belief in oneself and belief in God, all of reality exists, and is potentially comprehensible. All it needs is faith to make it so.     

Faith needs prayer and love. The three work together, each one needs the other two; they are three aspects of the same power.

Faith, the sureness of God within and above oneself; and prayer, the soul’s communion with God; and love, the heartfelt wish that others’ suffering be minimal as lessons are learned on their freewilled journey; leads to hope, the knowledge of what is possible, and strength-to-do.

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The Stations of Consciousness

Let’s talk about the structure of the soul.

For the purpose of this essay, the terms soul, self, intelligence, and consciousness, refer to the same item, the difference between the terms being largely referential or pertaining to context. See here and here

This essay will be dealing with subtle distinctions, but they are important distinctions for students of self and truth. I will contrast them as best I can, and hopefully readers will gain new insight into their self.

The First Station of Consciousness

The first attribute of consciousness is awareness of surroundings; and awareness of surroundings is situated on the outer layer of consciousness; and this situated awareness of surroundings is what we will term the first station of consciousness. [1]

The surroundings around consciousness of which consciousness is aware are the mind or mental layer with all its thoughts, imaginative, verbal and other; the emotional layer with all its emotions, feelings and moods; and the physical layer of bodily sensations and senses.

These three surrounding layers are the personality layers. For more on that see here and here, and use the blog’s search function to search previous posts on cognitive mechanics, personality layers, consciousness, faculties of consciousness, intelligence…

If you hold your awareness of surroundings, then you are stationed in your first station of consciousness. The first station of consciousness is that place and state from where we are calmly aware of our surroundings, including any or all of our mental, emotional, physical, and environmental surroundings.

The inside aspect of the First Station of Consciousness

The inside aspect of the first station of consciousness is your awareness of your own existence as the observer of your surroundings. It is awareness of your own awareness, or in other words, awareness’s awareness of itself. [2]

This second station of consciousness is awareness of self, is awareness of your own existence as a conscious being. Whereas awareness of surroundings is the outward looking aspect of consciousness, the inward looking aspect of consciousness. These two stations of consciousness, one looking outward and aware of surroundings, and one looking inward and aware of self, stand back to back with each other.

So they might be termed either two stations, or, one station with two aspects and perspectives. Usually when referring to the first station of consciousness, I will be referring to them both, being the station of awareness of self and surroundings.

After centering yourself in the first station of consciousness and establishing observant awareness of your surroundings, you can add to that your awareness of your self as the observer, being awareness of your own consciousness, so that you are aware both outwardly and inwardly at the same time.

So, from this station we can simultaneously be aware externally of our surroundings and aware internally of our conscious self.

This station of external and internal awareness is situated on and comprises the outer layer of our consciousness.

Symbolically, this first station is depicted as a circle with an arrow pointing outwards and an arrow pointing inwards, the circle representing consciousness and the two arrows indicating the external and internal directions of awareness that consciousness possesses.

First attribute of consciousness; awareness of self and surroundings.

This first station and its two aspects or perspectives is also analogous to a hollow ball with an eye upon its outside surface looking outward at the world, and behind and back to back with that eye there is another eye upon the ball’s inside surface looking oppositely inward at the ball’s own interior.

The first station is also like a man standing outside a room with his back against the closed door, observing everything outside of the room, and behind the man, standing back to back to him, on the inside of the door, there stands another man observing everything inside the room. The room represents consciousness. These two men, one looking outward, one looking inward, function as one, in communication and cooperation with each other. [1&2]

So we see that the first station of consciousness is as two stations close together and back to back, one looking inward and one looking outward, being awareness of self and surroundings.

So we can now see that the first attribute of consciousness, being awareness, is situated at the first station of consciousness, and has inward and outward perspectives, of self and surroundings.

The Second Station of Consciousness.

When from the first station, the internal awareness reaches within towards the centre of consciousness and up a little, here is found the second station of consciousness, the station of free choice or freewill. [3]

This second station of consciousness directs the functions of the first station of consciousness. For example, the first station may focus its awareness of surroundings upon one thing or another, or may widen the scope of its awareness broadly to take in a wider view, which it does so by command from the station of freewill.

The station of freewill issues commands to the internal awareness which obeys and immediately communicates those commands to the external awareness which also obeys accordingly. And the external awareness relays its impressions of external surroundings via the internal awareness back to the station of freewill.

The station of awareness of self and surroundings takes its directions from the station of freewill, and the station of freewill has ability to assess, judge, decide, and direct.

Similar to the station of awareness, the station of freewill also has two sides, an outward looking side and an inward/upward looking side. The outward side looks at the first station’s inward aspect, to which it issues directions and receives impressions relayed inwardly from the station’s awareness of surroundings.

The Third Station of Consciousness

The inside aspect of the station of freewill looks further within and upwards towards the inner upper ceiling of consciousness at which place is found the third station of consciousness. [4]

Whereas the first station (that of awareness of self and surroundings) automatically complies with commands from the second station (that of freewill), the second station receives communications from the third station but is not bound to automatically comply with those communications and may disregard them.

This third station of consciousness is the station of conscience, from which the station of freewill is free to comply or not. But a wise and sensible freewill operates by its freewill in conjunction with conscience.

The station of conscience is the highest sense within oneself of what is good and right to do. It is situated at the inner upper pinnacle of consciousness. It is like a skylight in the ceiling of consciousness.

The station of conscience imparts beneficial communications and energies to the station of freewill, which the station of freewill may receive and give forth, so as to well rule and govern his housing and benefit his life,… or he may disregard conscience. That is what freewill is.

It should be clear here that I am not referring to the conscience commonly referred to in contemporary psychology and clinical counselling, which is commonly termed a psychological construct and consists of personal, familial, and social values, or judgement values, or even “following your gut”, listening to your emotions and feelings… They are all false consciences, reflections of the true conscience which is not an artificial construct but an actual organ within the soul, a light at the inner upper pinnacle of consciousness. Contemporary psychology does not venture where this blog goes.

So we can see that these three stations of consciousness — the station of awareness, of freewill, and of conscience — are the locations of and form the structural relationships of the corresponding three attributes of consciousness, and which are also the three types of intelligence, and which is why by the terms soul, intelligence, and consciousness, I refer to the same item or entity.

The Fourth Station of Consciousness

Further within and upward, through and above conscience exists another station of consciousness. [5]

This fourth station of consciousness is that of which conscience is the voice of within our self; it is that from which our consciousness extends; it is that from which flows the energies into conscience that freewill may be the recipient and beneficiary of if it chooses to align itself and operate in conjunction with conscience; it is that part of God from which we as individuals extend, and to which we are attached, and which is enough of God for our self, and which is qualitatively, essentially and potentially, the same as God, is part of God, and is God.

In a sense, this fourth station of consciousness is both our self and God; it is our master self, our higher self, our overself, our God within and above our self. it is that part of God for us, with which communication occurs.

There is, of course, a Greater God, a God the One, the Absolute, the all pervasive ever extensive potential from which all comes forth and extends from, and just as our own God within and above our self communicates to us through our conscience, so too, God the Absolute communicates to us through our own God within and above our self. And just as our body and psychological mechanism of behaviour, emotions, mind, consciousness and the stations of consciousness are hierarchical yet is the one entity which is our self and of which we are aware of all our parts, so too reality is hierarchical yet is one, intelligence is hierarchical yet is one, and so too God is hierarchical yet is the one entity and aware of all his parts, of which each of us are parts.

Notice that your hand has its own awareness of what your hand touches, but the awareness in your hand is not aware of you the consciousness in the head that is aware of the hand’s awareness and of what the hand touches, and notice that you are also aware of what your other hand touches, and of what your feet touch, for they are each a separate awareness in themselves, unaware of each other, but your greater awareness in the head from which those lesser awareness extend is aware of all those lesser awareness, and you easily subsume those lesser awareness into your own awareness and use their combined awareness to coordinate them, and without them even knowing it.

And further, the awareness of your first station of consciousness is known by your second station of consciousness, and your second station is known by your third, and your third by your fourth, and so on. We are each like a leaf connected to a stalk, connected to a twig, to a larger twig, to a branch, to a limb, to the trunk of a great tree of conscious life and knowledge, which is God, and so God is aware of everything through the awareness that everything has of itself and of what is without and around and within and above itself. And by these same all pervasive connections so God is within everything.

Communication line

Between each station of consciousness there exists a communication line [6] which carries energies in form of information and power (effect). The flow of communication runs both ways, mostly power/effect flows downward and outward, and information of different kinds flows both ways. [7]

Some further points and suggestions

A student of self and of the human condition can first differentiate between the stations intellectually and objectively, and when objectively grasped, then internalise those distinctions, find the stations of consciousness internally, so as to experience their qualities and functions subjectively and actually. For more suggestions on this, see here

With a little practice you may centre yourself in the first station of consciousness, holding your awareness of yourself and surroundings; then draw in, back, and up a little, to the second station of consciousness from where you can direct the awareness that is the first station; then reach within and upwards to the ceiling of your consciousness, to where conscience is, your highest sense of what is good and right to do.

Sense these stations as nodes of your own consciousness, even as nodes of light, connected to each other by a communication line, a thread of light. Practice being conscious of the stations, of their place in your consciousness, and of their qualities and functions. Learn to activate and operate them in yourself.

Practice being conscious of the flow of energies up and down the communication line that runs through and between the stations of consciousness. Observe the downward and outward flow of authority and commands, and the two-way flows of different kinds of information. Remember, the stations of consciousness are you; they are stations of your conscious self.

After you feel that you are “getting it right” and you wish to some strength to your effort, then you may cautiously use your breath to assist you. Breath is the handle by which we move energies from one place to another, and by which we relocate or shift our conscious self from one place to another. But to be beneficial, our breath must be in accord and cooperation with the natural and healthy flow of energies. Be careful and cautious. When we combine consciousness and breath we have a potent mix with all manner of potential between benefit and harm. Exercise the breath gently and cautiously, and always for the best.

There is much in this post that is not directly said, but which may be gleaned. Previously this blog has dealt with the component parts and nature of the personality layers. Now it is delving into the nature of consciousness, the soul. And there is much more to this subject to cover yet. We are yet to cover exactly how the consciousness and personality interact, how works the very engine of being human. In the meantime and always, seek virtue before knowledge, purity before ability.

1 T
2 IG
3 JW
4 SW
5 WM
6 JD & SD, and IG
7 Knocks, commands, reports

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Surviving the Suicidal Impulse

There is a difference between casual suicidal thoughts and a powerful suicidal impulse. How to survive such a suicidal impulse is the message given here.

Of the suicidal impulse we can observe two common different kinds, with a graduating spectrum in between, and layers of intensity.

One kind is distraught, despairing, and emotional. Family may report, “She had been so depressed.”

Another common kind is clear of mind, relieved, may even sense the impulse as a loving calling. Family may report, “We did not see it coming; he seemed so much better lately.”

The severest suicidal impulse is a psychological state that is contained unto itself. It cannot see outside itself. No reasoning from outside its own bubble will dissuade it. When this severe, it must be countered by reasoning that is compatible with itself.

The following kind of reasoning will enable one afflicted with such a suicidal impulse to survive:

“If it is right to do today, it will be right to do tomorrow, and next week, and will still be right the week after, and the week after that… Therefore, I will postpone.”

If you are struck by an overwhelming suicidal impulse, then you can counter it using this reasoning on yourself. You can also use it on someone else afflicted.

This kind of reasoning does not disagree with the suicidal impulse; it is acceptable to it, while enabling the afflicted to survive.

For the suicidal impulse is not constant; it subsides, it passes by. Postponement is the key.

Postpone – Postpone – Postpone

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Coronavirus   (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19)

Thursday evening 26th March 2020

In centred prayer consciousness I presented myself as I am, for all prayer begins with repentance.

With inward awareness of self, I reached back, within and above my own consciousness, and with outward awareness of surroundings, I reached out and around, both at the same time.

From within and above I drew love with breath in through the crown, and exhaled that love with breath out through the heart to others, clearing crown and heart portals and establishing flow-through. Breath is the handle by which energy is moved.

Curiosity moved within me. I decided to visit the coronavirus consciousness. In meditative prayer I presented my request in the usual fashion, upward and within, to that from which my consciousness extends, “To the extent that I am worthy and able, grant me…”

Then in cooperation with that part of myself from which I extend, I scanned, reached, and went.

I was drawn out beyond the planet, where I met the true form and presence of what we know as coronavirus or Covid-19, and where it showed me its function and effect upon humanity.

Basically, it fills a gap in people’s awareness of themselves; a gap or space where we as individuals are not fully filled with our own presence and awareness of our selves.

Its radiance gets into the gap, and being in there, acts as a bridge or conductor for our own awareness to conduct across the gap and thereby better fill our self with our own true presence and our awareness thereof.

Some of what it told me was beyond my ability to grasp, straining my understanding. Perhaps that will come clearer to me later.   (Update – see here)

I could not accurately gauge its size but it is surprisingly huge. By our own aesthetic values, it is a great big ugly thing, like a huge grey slug, lying out beyond the furthest astral planes or spheres that surround and comprise our planet.

The creature’s radiance interpenetrates our planet, and the virus particles are little material sympathetic resonances with that radiance.

It is passing by our planet as it “grazes” its way across the universe, drawing nourishment from us.

The nourishment that it draws is a specific stress energy that we process and give off as a result of what its virus particles are doing to us, both individually and socially.

It and we are benefiting from each other. But the benefit to us is to our souls while hurting our bodies, even killing some bodies.

It is affecting upon our heart centres, our attitude to each other and to our self, prompting us towards both stronger and more self-fulfilled conscious individuality and stronger collective consciousness too, being two qualities and their pairing that have been lacking in us.

The creature is not benefiting us deliberately, but incidentally, like a grazing herbivore might benefit grass by promoting new growth. That effect of mutual benefit is just how things tend to fall into place across creation/reality.

When I first saw it, I was impressed by its form and immense size. It immediately detected my arrival and formed roughly human facial features at one end of its form, although the features remained grey.

I initiated communication, asking, “Who are you?” It answered, “I am you.”

The answer intrigued me because that was the answer I received when I asked the same question elsewhere, some thirty years ago when I was just beginning these excursions. I immediately knew that the creature had observed that prior event within my memory, and had used those words deliberately to rouse my further attention.

I momentarily thought, “No, this thing is far from being me or anything like me.” Then it showed me how its radiance interpenetrated me, filled gaps within me, becomes part of me, and part of others too, and also showed me how itself as much as I and everything else are part of one great network of life.

It was right after that, that it showed me its function and effect upon humanity, as I have briefly described above.

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An education on Christianity

3rd April 2011

I awoke at 3.00 a.m. deeply agitated; a dark sense of life failure, an awful discord and trembling deep within. I had a strong compulsion to get up and pace about, but resisted it and stayed lying in the bed.

Awakening in that state was not unfamiliar to me. It had been an occasional happening since my mid-thirties. But in later years it become worse, and this occasion was particularly uncomfortable.

I turned into my soul, reached within and above and prayed to my Father God for relief. I hoped to go to sleep in prayer and reawaken later with relief.

I momentarily thought of praying to Christ but that was not my way, so I continued with my usual pattern.

Through the deep bolus of stress and agitation I sensed an insight or education pressing down and through, as something pushing through to me from within and above.

I sensed the education was on Christianity. I wondered whether to receive it or not. I decided, yes, I would receive it.

Then I sensed a presence which I had not met before; a presence on a plane within and above. Its voice descended downward into my consciousness. “Are you sure you want to receive this education, for it will greatly change you?”

I considered carefully for a moment, then thought to myself that it is only an education, so I replied, “Yes I am sure. I will receive the education.”

And then in words and pictures, the education came:

“Christianity is a (designed) means of rapid progress through the Earth School system.

Its focus on Divine Love (The “Spirit of Love for Earth” – named Christ) and its “one life, one chance” model provide for rapid progress and development of individual and society – although not without its stressors.

All what love can do, the dissolving of elementals (what psychology is beginning to recognise and term “constructs”), the forgiveness of sins and removal of guilt, is what make Christianity work.

This was the first time that we know of, where it was tried in this format.

It was trialed on a spiritually backward people (the Europeans) who lagged behind others on their planet and within two thousand years it had successfully propelled them ahead of the others on their planet.

And as a bonus, it now appears to be successfully uniting the other races on the planet and greatly assisting with the convergence process (of human cultural forces) that the planet is currently going through.

Overall, we rate it a successful exercise, although it will no doubt be adjusted (tweaked as some say) in future uses elsewhere.

The Jews were chosen as the recipients of the new religion due to their shared (spiritual) backwardness with the Europeans, their one God outlook, and their strict rules and laws of right and wrong which incited guilt.

The other religions were likewise systems of growth and progress.     

The Europeans had their Druidism, the nearest thing to religion in Europe at that time. Those who were not Druids were progressing mostly by superstition and hardship – a slow way to go.

Christianity required a one God model to receive it, of which were only Judaism and Taoism, and Taoism had unsuitable easy living rules which would make it unreceptive to the harshness that would come with Christianity. So, Judaism was chosen.

Despite the Jews rejecting it in most quarters, which was expected, it has served both the Jews and the European races well, and as said, is now serving other races.”

And for me, as an individual? How does this apply to me? What is this to me?

“Go to God in Christ’s name.”     Was said with much clarity and emphasis.

“Christianity is a soul substitute – an alternative route.”

“Christianity is the knowledge of being loved – this is the essence of Christ’s teachings. It comforts and soothes. None of the other religions had this quality/ability.”

“It has within it a gradient of softness to harsher; from Jesus to Christ. And the parables have their levels of teachings. It is multi-dimensional.”

“Jesus Christ is the embodiment of Love, of the Christ Spirit, of the Spirit-of-Love for Earth. And Love, as you know, is the draw of God, and the medium of right progress. This is why, what you ask for in Christ’s name (in Christ’s spirit) will be granted.”

““I am the saviour of man”, says the Christ.”


Together with the above words, the education contained pictures, great perspectives and understandings. I saw the motion, qualities and the effects of Christianity through the centuries; the comparisons of qualities between Christianity and the eastern religions; the acceleration of Christendom and how it developed into the western world of today, and how Christianity is now affecting upon and benefitting the other kingdoms of the world.

There also came the memory of an excursion during my time in sleep just prior to the education, which was the reason I awoke with such agitation. The education was the downloading of the memory of that excursion. And there was more to that excursion and its education than I have mentioned here. 

After the education I meditated on it for a while and then went back to sleep, calm and settled.

Very soon, and over the coming days and weeks, more related educations and understandings would follow.

I had been told the education would “greatly change me”, and it did… 

I received a new heart.

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The Black Hawaiian 1992

I was seated in a classroom with other students, towards the rear of the room. From outside the room, down the corridor in another classroom, came the noise and energy of collective excitement and elation.

The noise and energy came into our classroom and stirred the members of my class accordingly. It was the noise and energy of people worshiping one person. Many in my class said the messiah is in the other classroom.

The noise and energy increased. There came the sound of a crowd approaching along the corridor. Many in my class grew more exited, talking about a person who is coming to change the world for the better.

He came down the corridor with an entourage. He stepped into our classroom. He was a strong handsome negro. I sensed he was a man of the Pacific, and specifically a Hawaiian. The term, the Black Hawaiian came to mind.

He spoke smoothly and charismatically, seeming to make good sense. Most people in my classroom were enraptured by him. His eyes cast around the room and briefly met mine. During our brief eye contact, I sensed that he was not who others believed he was. “He is not a messiah, just a mastermind”, I thought to myself.

The scene changed. I was underground. Walking through dark caves and tunnels. I came to the end of a tunnel. In the wall at the end there was a small rectangular hole about the size of a house brick.

I peered through the hole and saw another tunnel running crosswise at a right angle to the tunnel that I was in. The tunnel I was looking into was hot and lit by glowing coals and flames. There were fumes and steam hissing from cracks in the walls, and a smell of sulphur.

From the right I heard a slow and steady clip-clop of an approaching heavy hooved animal. The legs of a heavy set beast came into view, like a bull or heavy horse, and walked past the rectangular hole that I was peering through. As it passed I looked up at its head and saw a naked male human form from the waist up coming out of the animal where the animal’s head should be. It was something like a Centaur. There were occult symbols tattooed on the upper arm. I looked up at the face and saw it was the man in the school who so many believed was a messiah. I watched the creature walk steadily away to my left, down the tunnel amongst fire and sulphur, towards the depths of the Earth.

I became aware of someone beside me. It was the anonymous escort who had escorted me on many out-of-body excursions. He said, “And even you thought he was a mastermind.”

There was a rush of motion and a sensation of merging with the body. I awoke feeling ignorant, as if I yet had a lot to learn about the human condition and the nature of good and evil.

The experience had a prophetic air about it.

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Human Relations – Promiscuity

While out of body during sleep, I was met by an escort whom I had not met before. His radiant identity suggested he was legitimate. He informed me that a class was being held tonight and part of the subject matter is suitable for me.

I connected with the escort and we flew high over Melbourne suburbs to the city centre and settled on the top of a skyscraper. The class was already taking place on the roof of the building, in the open air with the darkness above and the city lights all around below.

About a dozen attendees were seated in chairs attentively facing a female lecturer standing beside a projection screen.

An invisible sound proof shield was in place around the class so that I could not hear what the lecturer was saying.

The escort informed me that the lecturer would cover several subjects and when the subject to which I was suitable was about to commence he would prompt me to step forward into the class and be seated. He would also signal me when to depart the class.

Around the outside of the class were several others standing with their escorts, awaiting their time to step into the class. The lecturer occasionally paused between subjects at which times attendees were ushered by their escorts into or out of the class.

I noticed there were attendees who remained continually seated in the class while others would step in for only a minute or so after which they were signaled out and taken back to their bodies by their escorts.

I saw some official types standing in the background overseeing the event.

All persons present were obscured by shadows and by a uniform disguise projected onto them to preserve their anonymity. The disguise projected onto everyone was of a plain chess piece pawn. All pawn suits were grey with a white band near the head. The disguise only became apparent when I looked directly at someone and tried to perceive their identity. When I did not try to identify them, then they remained in human form, partly dulled by shadow and without their identity visible.

Although I could not identify any individuals, I could quite easily identify their gender and their relationship to society, including their social and occupational groups.

I noticed that most present were social workers, counselors and psychologists, and that every attendee was involved in some sort of welfare employment or activity, not necessarily through recognised organizations but all in some sort of role of social service and influence.

I understood that most attendees were deeply asleep, in a state of low awareness and no initiative, and would not consciously remember the experience, but to varying degrees they would remember the essence of the messages they had heard in the lesson.

Not being asleep and in dream state like the others, but more conscious than they, I could observe details and exchange quiet communications with my escort about what was going on. He informed me that being a sleeper’s class for people in dream state and in keeping with the design of the lessons, that I had no interaction rights when in the class, only permission to attend and observe.

The Lecturer paused and the escort prompted me to enter the class and be seated.

The Lecturer was an incredibly proficient communicator. She spoke clearly and precisely, and with space between her words, pausing frequently. Her pauses were as deliberate and well crafted as her words. She projected her words both audibly and visually, and projected accompanying pictures and symbols along with her words and pauses. The projections were both on the screen beside her and within my mind. She inserted brackets, dashes and an array of tone and inflections into her speech.

The following is a transcript of my notes and contains what she said. The bracketed sections represent the brackets and dashes that the Lecturer would insert into her speech. Except for the blue bracketed text which is of my own insertion and marked cb. The symbols depicted were the lecturer’s projections.

Immediately after I was signalled to depart the class I returned to the body and recorded the content of the lecture.

Date: Night of Thursday 4th October 2007

Subject: Human Relations – Promiscuity

Location: Melbourne, on roof of a city skyscraper.

Attendees: A focus group of between one & two dozen selected persons, social work/counselor/psychologist types and others of similar influence.

Attending Conditions: I understand all attendees were asleep and unconsciously out of their body. All persons, including the lecturer, had their personal identity obscured by a uniform similar to plain chess piece pawns, not black or white but grey, and each had a white band near the head; this to protect anonymity, hide attendee’s personal identity and personality condition from each other, and the white band to symbolise the indwelling soul. This uniform “activated” upon any individual whom I tried to get a personal identity on beyond their gender and relation to society.

State: Exited via solar plexus with sharp observant awareness & recall.

Escort: Unfamiliar

Content of lecture as delivered:

“The guidelines for wellbeing – that is, the rules for living and for safety – for mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing – are different
for Married  marriage, single, promiscuity  and Single  marriage, single, promiscuity   people.

The rules and guidelines for each category of lifestyle (married and single) are incompatible with the other.

For the Promiscuous (and promiscuity is defined as sex without commitment), the rules and guidelines for both these categories of lifestyles (married and single) apply.

Therefore, life becomes complicated and troublesome for this group (the Promiscuous).

(Forward progress is hampered; energy is scattered (focus is lost); life is slowed; vision obstructed; purpose lost. Haphazard becomes the life.)

Of course, this is a Base Level View – (ever) the starting point for understanding.

(And it is well, and right – and best, that the rules and guidelines for wellbeing favour, or best serve, the married and the wholesomely single – for this is the way humanity has (pregnant pause cb) “developed” (the word evolved was demonstrably avoided cb) – and is the course that humanity is on.)

Presently we are utilising Humour as the avenue / the conduit for this message, (projection of comedy, tv, sitcoms, films cb) for there is much opposition to this message – particularly when it is presented through the traditional avenues of Religion and Common Sense.

The message though, is yet to be obstructed through the avenue of humour.”

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What are rights? …I will find out.

I maintained external situational awareness while simultaneously reaching inward with internal awareness to the station of freewill. While continuing to maintain outward awareness I reached further inward, within, through and above the station of freewill, upward to the station of conscience, the skylight at the inner upper pinnacle of consciousness. Then reaching further, up through conscience, up the silver cord to that part of myself from which I extend and of which conscience is the voice of within myself. I emptied myself of all understandings. Empty, open, receptive. I presented my question. What are rights?  Tiredness overcame me. The body succumbed to sleep.

I was escorted through successive planes, and backwards several centuries through the stream of time, to an old English wharf. The escort departed, leaving me to my own devices.

As if by some attraction I was drawn towards a barque moored against the wharf. Two armed guards stood shipside and well spaced to ensure no one came near. As I approached I noted their posture and eyes, assessed their degree of alertness, then boarded the ship, went below deck under the bridge and portside to the captain’s cabin.

Inside the cabin I could sense the captain’s energy radiating from the timber walls, from the furnishings and from the desk. I sensed his mind, his knowledge, his understanding and his awareness, his life. I sensed he was ashore.

Fresh air and sunshine came in through the little square window, as did the comforting sound of wavelets lapping lightly against the side of the ship.

With no one aboard, the ship was quiet and peaceful. A sensation of restfulness and calmness enveloped me. It was the rest and calmness that the captain felt at times like this when the ship was between runs, empty and quiet. A time of rest and peace; a time to think, to wonder, to ponder.

The captain’s desktop was clear except for a piece of paper upon which he had written a note. I read the captain’s note.

The only right that exists is the right of every soul to be created entire, with the potential to become perfect, all else is freewill.

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Cognitive Mechanics – The effect of Emotion upon Intelligence

Here is a post that is always relevant to human living. It is about how emotion effects upon intelligence. Firstly, lets recap intelligence.

Intelligence is the extent of the expanse of awareness divided by the degree of fineness to which one can discern differences and recognise the relationships between them. Or in other words, intelligence is the degree of fineness to which one can discriminate and generalise.

The ability to discern differences and recognise the relationships between them manifests through intellect (and then through action) as creativity and problem solving ability.

As a very crude analogy, intelligence may be likened to a piano keyboard, with its range of seven octaves divided by its 88 keys or distinctions of pitch. An individual with a high or fine degree of intelligence may be likened to someone who can press the keys with his fingers and sound every note. Whereas an individual with lower or coarser intelligence may be likened to someone without fingers who can only press the piano keys with his palms and therefore can only press three or four keys together; he does not possess the ability to press single keys and make finer distinctions of pitch.

Similarly to the piano keyboard analogy, intelligence is the degree of fineness to which we can distinguish differences, observationally and conceptually, in any mental format and within any medium or subject matter.

Just as we are different to each other in every capability and measure of ourselves, so too, we are different to each other in the degree of fineness to which we can discriminate and generalise. One person’s intelligence can make finer distinctions than another person and can more readily recognise the relationships between distinctions.

We often think of IQ as being a measurement of how high or low intelligence is, but it is actually a measurement of how fine or coarse the intelligence is, with the higher the score representing the finer intelligence.

In an IQ test, in which the differences between the distinguishing units within each item progress through the test battery from coarse to fine, we will each reach our own measurable limit of ability to distinguish differences and similarities. In other words, we reach the fineness of our ability to discriminate and generalise. If the test material is fundamental, that is, consisting of visual-spatial shapes and basic concepts and requiring minimum education, then it will more readily measure the underlying general intelligence factor, which pertains to any medium to which it is applied, and is not the individual’s education but the potential to be educated.

Some related posts on intelligence here.

Where emotion impinges upon intelligence, intelligence is reduced.

The reader may have had the experience of trying to make a point of distinction to someone and they have not seemed able to discern and grasp the distinction. They may have assumed you are saying something that is beside your point. When you tell them that you are not saying that, then they may assume you are saying something to the other side of your point.

In such a case you may be making a point of distinction that is too fine for their intelligence to easily discern, or more commonly, you are making a point within a region over which they possess an emotional preference and their emotions have diminished or even nullified the function of their intelligence in that region.

An individual has their degree of optimal intelligence which is their functioning intelligence when emotion is not impinging upon it. When and where emotion impinges upon intelligence, discerning ability is reduced and hence thought becomes less fine, chunkier.

Emotion is not just an irrelevant feeling, but is a feeling of some type of liking or disliking, want or not-want, a desire or preference for or against a thought, option or segment of reality.

When that emotional preference is sufficiently strong it diminishes or prevents discerning ability across the region of intelligence relevant to that preference. In other words, a span of distinctions and potential options and possibilities become indiscernible, all overridden by the only option which the emotion allows, be it an emotion of rejection or attraction.

As emotions are reactions to a presented thought, concept, option or segment of reality, and as emotions exist in pairs of opposites (being likes and dislikes, attractions and aversions, feelings pleasant and unpleasant, desires for and against) then emotion that has imposed itself over the intelligence is paired with its opposite, thus preventing discerning ability in the area impinged upon by emotion, allowing only the perception of the two emotionally based options for and against.

(Related post, The Emotional Pendulum)

As emotions are paired as opposites, and as someone who holds an emotional preference tends to see only their own preference and its emotional opposite, so such a person will tend to believe and accuse someone who does not agree with them of holding the emotionally opposite opinion to their own.

When emotion is active, the intelligence in the region of the scope of awareness relevant to the emotion is diminished, and this is because intelligence by definition is the expanse of awareness divided by the differences discerned and multiplied by relationships recognised, enabling through intellect and mind, the selection of aspects of options and adding them together to create previously imagined and anticipated results, which is creativity and problem solving ability, and emotion is a feeling of preference or prejudice that impinges upon this process.


Following are some commonly observed gross examples of discernment diminished by emotion impinging upon a span of an individual’s intelligence.

  1. The extreme animal rights fanatic who has intelligence sufficient to manage her daily affairs and yet when it comes to the subject of humans owning animals, she can discern no benefits to humans or animals from animals having been or being domesticated by humans. She can discern few distinctions across that broad subject other than her one vast emotional fixation that animals should not be domesticated by humans. Outside of that subject she may possess functional intelligence, showing an ability to differentiate, recognise and choose to reasonably fine degrees.
  2. The bitter and hate filled feminist, also able to perceive distinctions and make use of her intelligence in many areas of life, but can discern or recognise few if any of the admirable abilities and virtues unique to men, yet she can list dozens of admirable abilities and virtues unique to women. She perceives everything feminine as good, and everything bad as masculine, but she cannot discern any examples on the opposite side of her emotionally fixated outlook, for in those regions her intelligence is barely functional.
  3. The fundamentalist atheist humanitarian who fancies himself a scientific and rational type, and even prides himself on his intelligence. And yet he cannot discern, recognise or accept any of the benefits that the Christian Church has provided western society. To suggest or name such individual and social benefits, laws and customs, off-shoot organisations and institutions may annoy or anger him, or cause him to cringe and deny. His intelligence is blind to such things, blinded by his hatred. He is stuck on an emotional view that the Church and all that has come from it is bad and oppressive. If he can bring himself to say otherwise, it is often only a learned and begrudged passing statement to try to show himself as balanced, before he reverts quickly back to his emotional position. And yet in areas aside from his hatred of the church he can demonstrate admirable intelligence and perceptive ability.

These are, of course, samples of significant emotional impingement on intelligence. We may observe many more examples, greater and lesser than these, within others and our self.

Naturally it is easier to observe emotional depreciation of intelligence in others than it is to observe it in our self. We may be able to notice it in our past self by recalling old emotional erroneous attitudes and opinions and comparing them to our improved and more rational present outlook. That is if indeed we have improved.

As students of truth, we are studiers of self, gradually becoming more aware and knowledgeable of our own consciousness, and of our psychological mechanism and its operation. By becoming conscious of our intelligence and of the operation and functioning of our mental and emotional layers, then with knowhow and practice we can minimise the effect of emotion upon our intelligence and intellect.

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The Current World Conflict part 9

I had seen what I had come to see, the best and worst of humanity, the extremes of good and evil on the planet, and the conflict zones of the world.

I prepared to return to the body. I scanned the whole scene before me and the lesson I had had, identify the larger key points and their relationship to each other, then noted the overlaying details.¹

The volume of information was difficult to take in, and much of what I had observed and experienced was outside of what I previously imagined possible, so I expected to have difficulty transfering it to the physical brain. I turned to the escort for assistance.

“Its complex. Can you assist me?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said.

“Then do.” I said.

The escort projected a great image over the scene of the globe. Before my sight the globe flattened out as if into a huge map of the world hanging in space. All countries were visible except for Britain in the top left corner of the map which was folded over.

The European countries were each depicted on the map as castles, with their walls broken down to varying extent and invaders entering through the broken walls. In places there were smouldering ruins. Despite the invaders coming in I could not see the Europeans defending themselves.

The top left corner of the map was folder over. I ventured around the edge of the map to look behind it at the part that was folded over and I saw England as a broken castle, smoke rising and invaders coming in. I saw a figure representing England (Britannia?) as if she had stumbled and was on one knee. I wondered if she would continue to fall to the ground and be killed by invaders or would she recover her footing and rise to defend herself. The scene was stationary as if suspended, and I knew the answer was unknown.

Australia, New Zealand and North America were depicted as castles too, their walls breaking, enemies infiltating, and traitors within, stirring enemies hatred and letting them in. Western countries were all depicted as castles barely holding out against a world wide siege. They might survive, they might not.

Upon the Indian Ocean I saw a medieval knight on horseback in full armour, riding over the sea from South Africa to assist Australia and North America.

(Edited 12/2/2015 for clarity)

¹  I have learnt methods of making information and knowledge gained from experience more retainable. I look for the key foundational elements then at how the details are attached to them, so that the whole package is layered and well fixed together. Then I hold onto the memory of the experience as I settle into the body. There is the possibility is losing memory of details when settling back into the body, for the brain is often not wired to receive concepts that are well outside of what it has previously experienced or considered possible. To counter this I prime the consciousness and subsequently the brain by reminding myself that truth is my first value above all others, and regularly train my observation to see things as they are, whatever they may be, with pure observation and no preference, and thus readying the consciousness and subsequently the brain to accept truth whatever truth may be. This is the cultivation of honesty, which is the ability to see things as they are. It is a clear mind that does not distort or superimpose anything over reality. After settling into the body I go over the memory of the externalised experience and “connect it” into other knowledge or understanding with which it intersects, thus building up the bigger picture. Also, upon re-entry I often describe the experience out aloud and writing it down. Even so, it is tricky business and mistakes can occur.         

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Current World Conflict part 8

After learning the origin of the western heart and the histories of several nations and races, I again focused my attention on the current world conflicts, which I could now better understood.

I gazed down on Christendom, the western world, in all its light and darkness, and colour. And every dot of light, dark and colour was a human soul.

Drifting like a satellite around the Earth, I observed the scenes of conflict.

The wars that we were seeing and hearing about at that time in Iraq and Afghanistan through the media were mere specks of conflict, barely visible compared to the great conflicting auras and forces to which they belonged.

Many readers will naturally suspect what I am going to describe, but some of it may surprise. It certainly surprised me.

I saw the western world under siege. Forces from the lands that were grey and some almost black focused their attention and hence energy on the destruction of the west.

Looking down on Europe I saw an unpleasant sight. Patches of dark grey from the Middle East and Africa had infiltrated Europe’s colour.

Smoke arose from around the edges where the grey patches bordered the colour. Not physical smoke as we are mostly familiar with, but a type of energy that is processed from conflict and is, in a sense, a type of energetic smoke.¹

There were many such grey patches throughout much of Europe. Western Europe being where there was the most contrast between the patches and the native colour, and where there was the most smoke.

I felt sad as I watched what was happening in Europe. Then I looked at England and felt worse. Smoke was rising from many places. Under the weight and oppression of the grey and the dark there was a strong sense of suppressed desperation to survive coming from England’s colour, but an unsureness of what to do. The English were aware of what was happening to them but could see little solution or were hesitant to move as the seeming oppression of their speech, communications and action by the grey and the dark was so great.

But in all of this, what I found most difficult to adjust to were the darker western souls across Europe and England, in amongst the colour, who were manipulating western souls of lighter grey and manipulating and using the incoming Middle Eastern grey souls to wage their war against the western coloured souls and souls of light.

I looked at the United States and saw a country at war with itself. Overall it seemed to have the greatest volume and diversity of colour, and range of light and darkness on the planet, and the darkness was waging war against the colour and the light in every way it could. Compared to the definite patches of grey in Europe, the war in North America was more evenly spread across the country.²

Australia too was at war with itself. Its dark souls doing all they could to destroy the country’s diverse range of colour, light and freedom. And using and manipulating the non-western grey souls and seducing and manipulating her own lighter grey souls.

I looked at Africa which was incredibly dark; in large regions its aura was near to black, unless I zoomed in close to it. But here and there amongst the darkness were dots of light. The hatred that emanated from the great dark regions only controlled itself where it thought its enemy was stronger than itself. The common enemy of the shades of darkness is the light and colour of the west.

At the southern end of the Dark Continent I saw a sight that defied my then understanding.

In South Africa I saw the brightest shinning lights. I glanced around the world and could see no collection of brighter souls than these in South Africa. How could this be? I wondered.

I felt I might become overwhelmed by the scene, unable to comprehend all that I was seeing. I settled myself – pure observance, just observe, observe, accept what I am seeing.

I looked back through South Africa’s history and saw what had caused the development of such bright souls. For two hundred years white South Africans had been largely insulated from the rest of the western world and had not succumbed to the gradual decline of honesty, clear thinking and sincerity which had so afflicted other western nations, particularly since the World Wars and the advent of political correctness. Also, most South African souls had had managerial practice under the most trying conditions, developing fairness to the extent they could, while managing an inherently violent people. Inturn many of the native African souls had learnt skills from the white influence and were now putting those skills into practice.

I saw dots of bright light leaving South Africa for other western countries, particularly to Australia and the North American continent. I took notice of their identifying note and looked to the places they were going. I saw they were going to pivotal positions in the western world, in institutions and places of management and influence, suitable to their individual ability, and they were helping the west resist the oppressive and destructive forces of the dark souls.


¹  I do intend to explain this type of energy in later posts.
²  And will explain how and why the dark souls have such hatred towards light and colour. 

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Current World Conflict part 7

I briefly scanned the histories of several nations and races, from many thousands of years ago when they took their first steps to where they are today.

In those days geography and climate counted for a lot, but not always, for I saw the history of races goes back incredibly far and there are many influences. And the souls of some races have taken on different bodies as they outgrew others or they were killed off by disease or war.

I saw the Russians of olden times in their cold harsh land and how their position, geography and climate contributed to who they are today.

And scanned the aura of ancient Africa where for tens of thousands of years savagery has been the rule of life for every animal and man.

I observed the ancient Middle East many thousands of years ago when the deserts were being made and hunters enjoyed the cool moonlit nights after the going down of the hot sun. I scanned their aura from then to now, noting significant mistakes, successes and developments that have made them who they are today.

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The Current World Conflict part 6

Several centuries after Socrates taught men how to think, Jesus Christ arrived and taught them how to love. He came to introduce the love of God to the hearts of men.

As Socrates did for the minds of men, Jesus did for the hearts of men. He widened their hearts and divided them. And subsequently their groups were divided, and those divisions were divided, and divided, and divided. And individuals were truly made.

Regardless of whether men believed in Jesus or not, regardless of whether they adopted his teachings on love or not, they had heard the story of Jesus’ life and teachings, they had been exposed to the concept of unconditional all-encompassing love and forgiveness for one’s neighbours, one’s countrymen, family, friends, strangers, sinners, enemies and those who would harm – love for everyone.

So whether they accepted or rejected him, they had heard the story of his life and the concept of love was now in their heads, if not in their hearts.

And with the concept of perfect love existent in the minds and active in the hearts of many men, those who could not stomach Jesus’ teaching, who cannot swallow it or take it in his message, whose preference is for power and control, and who are deceiving and manipulative of others, and who are anti him, cannot serve their aims well by arguing against his love and goodness and revealing their evil natures, so they portray themselves as if they too are loving, but with an alternative love and caring, one that serves themselves but dressed up to appear to care for others. They competed against love with false love.

And so the hearts of men became widened and divided, potentially capable of divine love to the furthest degree, and of evil to the furthest degree, dressed as apparent goodness and seeming perfect love. For it is not possible to teach one good thing without revealing its opposite.

Men had always had a vertical dimension to their souls, a line of force that ran downward through the centre. And subsequently all groups of men operated as a hierarchy of descending strength, from strongest down to weakest. It was descending strength that ruled men. And strength was right.

But now the souls and hearts of men were divided left and right. So as well as degrees of strength, men were now capable of great extremes of truthfulness and love on one side, and of falsity and evil on the other. And so they developed a horizontal dimension to their souls, and within that dimension a horizontal line of force and potential.

The cross of freewill within his forehead and seated in his heart became fully raised and active.

The scope of man’s freewill was now infinite. The universe with all its good and evil, and all its possibilities became his. And he had the guiding light of love to help him wield his freewill wisely, if he should choose.

So Christendom was born, comprised of those who have the risen cross within their souls and the infinite left-right dimension in their hearts.¹

And within which kingdom are found the extremes of human goodness and human evil, and every shade and colour in between. For within Christendom is freedom and full potential of the soul.

The commencement and progress of Christendom, with the expanding and dividing of hearts, across furthest light to furthest dark.

The commencement and progress of Christendom, with the expanding and dividing of hearts, across furthest light to furthest dark.

The individual could now range anywhere from furthest good to furthest evil seeming good, and before his freewilled judgement he could weigh the endless options against each other and make his choices.

And subsequently across Christendom in every country and every institution, the division arose between love and apparent love, between good and evil claiming to be good, and they contested with each other. With one ever trying to destroy the other. While outside of Christendom strength continued to rule, making little justification for itself, but that it was stronger.

And in their battle the sides of Christendom benefitted one another, for to progress, goodness needs false goodness to compete with. And false goodness needs goodness to match itself with and learn the rules of goodness, even if only for the false portrayal of its evil intent, until when or if a soul so chooses, it turns from darkness to light. 


¹ Related: The Glass Head,   The Spirit of Love for Earth,

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The Current World Conflict part 5

In ancient Greece a debate arose regarding the concept of truth.

There were those who accepted and understood that truth is how things are, truth is existence, truth is what is, both known and unknown. Many of those were builders who worked with materials within the laws of structural and mechanical function, and farmers who lived and worked within the laws of nature, and soldiers who lived and died by the laws of combat. Such men, and others too, knew that truth is how things are, and is the laws of what is possible.

And some so much appreciated the truth and its wonders, that they sought not only to align their work with truth, but to align their lives, their actions, speech and thoughts with truth, and with fairness and justice, for they recognised that justice is service to truth.

And there were those who shied away from truth, who were deceptive and manipulative, for truth did not suit their desires and their relationships with others. They liked power and control over others, and to have their own way, regardless of what was fair or just. Many of these were society’s would-be shapers. Others were manipulators in their own particular sphere of influence. And some merely feared the truth and what the truth might hold.   Continue reading

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