Intelligence – width and degree of fineness

Intelligence, whether it be passive, active or creative, possesses a range and a degree of fineness, or in other words, a width of scope and degree of focus.

The width of an individual intelligence is dependent upon the width or scope of the individual’s awareness; that is, the extent of the field of which the individual is aware. The wider the scope of awareness, the wider the field upon which the intelligence can be applied.

Within its scope, intelligence varies between individuals in the degree of fineness to which it can distinguish differences. The finer the differences that can be discerned, the finer is the intelligence, the sharper is the focus.

Fine intelligence widens finely; coarse intelligence widens coarsely. In other words, when an individual becomes aware of a wider field and a further medium, then as the intelligence expands into that field or medium it soon establishes the same degree of discernment as it possesses generally.

The ability to discern differences is the same ability as to notice similarities. They are two aspects of the same ability. In other words, the ability to discriminate is the same as the ability to recognise. These two abilities cannot be exercised one without the other, which makes them two aspects of the same ability. But the ability to discriminate enables the ability to recognise, not visa-versa.

Although both the ability to discern differences and to recognise similarities belong to the same attribute, the ability to discriminate comes first and enables the ability to recognise. And the ability to recognise is the ability to generalise, with generalising being recognition applied to three or more distinctions.

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