Emotional Intelligence

For a while now, coming out of certain quarters of the social sciences has been a push to disparage IQ and exalt EQ (emotional intelligence). This push claims that EQ is different from IQ, that EQ is one’s ability to manage one’s emotions, to be empathetic to other people’s emotions, and to better manage one’s relationships, and that EQ is more beneficial in life than IQ.

They also claim that high EQ people are pro-social personality types.

Here is an article of relevance to that: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/267888.php

EQ is just IQ applied to the emotional medium, be it applied to one’s own emotions or other people’s emotions, and be it for good or ill.

Intelligence is one’s degree of subtlety of discernment and pattern recognition, exercised through any medium, including the emotional medium and the medium of personal relationships.

IQ manifests as problem solving, including emotional problems and interpersonal problems. And includes the potential to learn and excel at interpersonal communication.

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