Primeval Intelligence

It was circa 1992. I was in the car outside the public swimming pool waiting for my wife. For some time I had been musing on the nature of intelligence. I did not understand it, and I wanted to.

I centered myself in the head, intensified situational awareness, the outward attention, as an anchor while retracting myself the consciousness backward and inward, distinct from my surroundings, condensing myself, inward, rearward, disengaged and distanced myself structurally and qualitatively from the physical and emotional layers and their conditions, increased my mind eye’s distance from the screen of mind, put aside all preconceived ideas, retracted my conscious self further backwards, inwards, upwards, all the while maintaining outward awareness, as that outward awareness retracted.

While holding myself contained, back and high, and maintaining outward attention to keep both anchored in and distinct from the physical world, objectivity and height, I simultaneously extended the inward attention or awareness of my own self and presence back directly into myself, reaching inward and upward towards the inner upper pinnacle of myself the consciousness, gathering myself upward as I went, reaching in, up and through the membrane of conscience at the inner upper pinnacle of consciousness, within, up, through and above, towards that greater part of myself of which I extend. Emptied myself of all things known and considered, and opened myself to truth, whatever truth may be, and presented my question as a vacuum, in pure and open form.

I was raised up in consciousness, in a sense different from what we normally think of as up, and although still conscious physically in the body, also conscious higher above the physical, so that normal material obstructions were no barrier to perception. Although it was still daylight, the sky darkened to jet black and the stars became visible as my consciousness raised upward. The vision of my consciousness widened and extended, taking in the greater widths and depths of space and countless worlds.

Across the ceiling of the universe a great square appeared, divided horizontally in half, the upper half white and the lower half black. The voice declared, “This is intelligence”.

Primeval Intelligence

“This is intelligence.”

And with that statement and vision flowed a cascade of understanding into my mind about the nature of intelligence and its many forms; too much to read and understand as it streamed in. Among the cascade of information, I glimpsed many words and phrases, with attached images, all rushing through my consciousness and into my subconscious bank. Such words as prime distinction, divisions, copies, images of great pyramid structures, black and white and coloured structures, layers, spectra, motions and interactions …

When the inflow was complete I withdrew myself downward, settled into my physical presence and after a period of stillness to let things settle, began the gentle process of examining the acquired information. The amount of information received was vast. There would be many months of sifting through it, assessing and assimilating it.

Over the years there would be many more lessons on the nature of intelligence, for understanding it would be basic to understanding so much more.

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