Human intelligence and its prime distinction


Intelligence has and is a prime distinction.

There exists a prime distinction at the source of the individual’s intelligence, of which the nature but not the degree of the individual’s intelligence is an extension.

The individual’s intelligence is the degree of subtlety to which he can discriminate and associate, and through which the prime distinction of his intelligence imbues itself.

At its underlying level, individual intelligence is the ability to discern a prime distinction, between which and of and over which, exists the potential for perception and comprehension of all things perceptible by and constructible of that prime distinction.

The intelligences of different species have different prime distinctions. Animals have different prime distinctions to humans.

The prime distinction of human intelligence is the distinction between light and darkness, potentially in every extent and meaning, which makes human intelligence potentially alignable with cosmic primeval intelligence.

By primeval intelligence I refer to the distinction of light and darkness in their fullest meaning and widest sense, which is wider than the width of anything else, and well beyond the narrow bandwidth of light and darkness of which we are normally aware.

Between and because of this greatest contrast of light and darkness exists all things and all things possible, and the fancy of things impossible. Nothing exists outside of the extent of light and darkness, for the extent of light and darkness is the furthest unreachable extent.

Colour is as much a product of darkness as it is of light, and on the greatest scale, all energy and matter is a product of darkness and light. (The weather for that one is yet to arrive)

This primeval intelligence of light and darkness is both cosmic intelligence and the basis of human intelligence.

As all things lie between light and darkness, so human intelligence with its black and white prime distinction has potential to discern and comprehend all things.

The intelligence of the species’ prime distinction underlies and gives potential to, and nature to, and expresses itself through, the discerning ability of the individual.

Primeval intelligence underlies the human prime distinction, which in turn underlies, enables and expresses itself through our distinguishing ability.

The prime distinction within the individual’s consciousness is divided into smaller copies of the same distinction with each further division of discernment made. This dividing and replicating of the prime distinction takes place upon every fragment of discernment to as fine degree as the individual’s consciousness is able to discern. The directional nature or predisposition of the individual’s ability for intellectually adding together units of discernment to create composite discernments is dictated by the predisposition of the species’ prime distinction, but the degree to which the individual can do so is in accord with his own ability to discern and add together his discernments.

At a given time, the extent of the prime distinction to express itself through the individual depends on the degree of fineness of the individual’s intelligence/distinguishing ability and the individual’s intellect – intellect being the interplay between intelligence and mind, with mind being the realm in which occurs all thought, and thought being formations/structures in mind, and intellect being the ability to image, manoeuvre, formulate and judge the structures. To judge being to weigh and compare the options, and to do so requires a standard or objective, which is self set in the case of active intelligence with a black and white prime distinction, and predetermined in the case of passive intelligence. Passive intelligence of animals seldom stems from a black and white distinction but usually from a distinction with two shaded/coloured and characterised polarities. But this is digressing and must wait for a future post.

Essentially, intelligence is a prime distinction expressing itself through an individual’s degree of fineness to which he can discriminate and associate.

Intellect, which is the interplay of intelligence with mind, and judgement, which is the ability to weigh and compare the options that intellect presents, are external to and subject to intelligence with its nature (the qualities of its prime distinction) and its type (passive or active) and its degree of fineness of discernment (its measurable degree of working intelligence).

The prime distinction of light and darkness is the most unlimited intelligence, encompassing all truth and falsity, and expresses itself through individual active intelligence which has freewill and potential to learn.

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