Structures of reality, intelligence and knowledge correlate

Facts are units of truth, units of reality, and facts do not stand alone but contact and support each other throughout reality. All facts can divide into further smaller facts, offshoots of their parent fact, and all facts add to facts adjacent to them to make larger composite and parent facts above them, and this is what makes the pyramid of truth with its sum total of all facts at its apex and the myriad of divided facts below – like compressed truth at the top and dispersed truth below, but all amalgamated.

As one gathers knowledge of facts and connects the units of one’s knowledge correctly in the mind, one builds in one’s mind a pyramid of comprehension which replicates the pyramid of reality, providing it is built out of known facts.

The prime distinction of one’s intelligence divides with every fact discerned, and so a pyramid of intelligence underlies one’s pyramid of comprehension, which reflects and correlates with that part of the pyramid of truth which the individual is knowledgeable of. And so these three pyramids correlate with each other.

Of course one must learn to differentiate between what one knows and what one only thinks one knows. And keep the two well differentiated. To do that one must be able to distinguish between knowledge, information, opinion, belief, conjecture, assumption, and so on.

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3 Responses to Structures of reality, intelligence and knowledge correlate

  1. Anonymous says:

    so are you saying reality is a pyramid shape?

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