The dividing of intelligence

Intelligence pyramid

Above diagram shows human intelligence with its black and white prime distinction, actually the distinction between light and darkness. It divides further for every distinction within a distinction that we perceive, and wider with the widening of our awareness.

The particular contrasting polarities of the prime distinction is the nature of the intelligence; the extent to which it can divide is the individual’s degree of intelligence. No  matter how fine the intelligence can discern, it is always of its own nature and cannot comprehend anything outside of its prime distinction.

Potentially human intelligence can divide as small as truth divides, and due to its distinction being light and darkness it can work in any medium, and due to it being freewilled active intelligence, having no preprograming and being free to select any course and to range as it wills, it can comprehend the broadest picture and the finest details of any subject, no matter what it is. Not necessarily at any given time of course, but potentially.

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