The music of the frogs

It was a spring evening about the year nineteen ninety. My wife and our German Sheppard dog and black cat went for one of our evening walks across the paddocks. We sat down on a hillside overlooking a small dam to watch the sunset. The air was mild and still, the sunset reflected in the water, the view across the green hills was beautiful as always. Ten yards to my right was the edge of a vast forest that went for many tens of miles across hills and valleys and streams and into mountains. The sun set, the dusk descended, and the frogs commenced their croaking, first a hesitant few, then all of them. A cacophony of frogs of different types, all around the water’s edge and in amongst the reeds, little chirpy ones, big resonant ones, and nearly every sort of chirp and croak between.

We sat in silence, taking in the scene, sounds, and atmosphere. My wife sat a few yards to my right, the Sheppard by her side, and the cat sat several yards further to my right. And about ten yards to my right was the tree line where commenced a vast forest with mountains, streams and abundant wildlife.  


My heart was thankful, my mind still, my awareness clear and sharp. I centred myself in the head, drew my consciousness back from the eyes, as if stepping back from a window, peering out through my eyes from back within the head, as if looking out a window from the centre of the room, the eye’s whole field of view becoming equalling noticeable. Keeping condensed and in place, I reached my awareness in two directions at once, outwards towards my surroundings and inwards and upwards to the membrane of conscience and beyond, up to that part of myself of which conscience is the voice, of which my will is independent but my life connected to and sustained by. I presented myself as I am before my source, open and nothing hidden, so as to maximise connection and clear away obstructions. From my source I accepted and drew down love for all life, and sent it forth, outward to wherever it be needed. It flowed in through the crown, down through me and outward through the heart. I combined and aligned my breathing with the flow, breathing in from my source above the crown and out through the heart, so that my breath was one with the flow of love towards all things. And all the while keeping myself stable as consciousness, seated back and high in the head; condensed, focused, highly aware both outwardly and inwardly, and directing the task. After a little while I sent a request up to my source upon my inward awareness. I had not planned to do so; the thought just came upon me to do it. The request was this, “My father God, within and above my self, of which I am an extension here on Earth, to the extent that I am worthy and able, let me see behind the scenes of life.” For a little while I continued my effort as before. Then I felt part of my consciousness shifting out of phase to my body, and my perceptions changed. The energies around me became visible and sensible to me, and I knew the consciousness of living things around me.  From the chirping and croaking frogs around the edge of the dam came waves of energy radiating towards the centre of the dam. The waves of energy met and mixed at the centre of the dam and then went upward as a pillar. With my consciousness held steady, I could scan up and down frequencies and perceive angles and directions not normally perceptible. I angled in and tuned with the energy that was coming from the frogs. And then I heard their music. It was of an angle sort of sideways to how their croaking is normally heard, as if normally we miss the timing and harmonies because we are not in line with them but off to the side. What I heard was no longer a cacophony of frogs croaking. It was rhythm and harmonies of a sort I had not heard before. Every croak and chirp was in its place, with all the frogs synchronised like an orchestra. It was truly a beautiful thing to hear. And the visual aspect too was beautiful, with the waves and rhythms of energy coming from the water’s edge and forming in the centre a magnificent pillar of energy. Amongst the frogs there was a sort of collective communion and energising taking place. I scanned elsewhere and observed my wife’s peacefulness as she took in the pleasantness of the evening. I saw the Sheppard was oblivious to the music of the frogs; his consciousness was fixed upon my wife’s. Then I noticed the cat was as aware of the frog’s collective energy and music as I was, though he was not impressed like I was, and he was observing other energies around us as well. I scanned about and in the now dark forest were conscious creatures of many sorts; creatures of the ground and of the trees, stirring, attentive, listening, watching, and each with their own particular consciousness.

I felt my consciousness settle back into its normal place and state, as if it had need to do so. I breathed naturally, letting my energies settle, while we sat silently a little while longer. On the short walk back to the cottage I told my wife about the music of the frogs. Many times previously I had scanned the forest and communed with its inhabitants but I had never before attended such a performance as that one by the frogs. I was quite impressed.

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