Intelligence and initiative

There is an ability which works with intelligence; it is initiative.

Initiative is the ability to “do“, to initiate something, anything.

Intelligence is of consciousness.

Consciousness in its rarefied state is soul.

Consciousness (soul) has three attributes: awareness, freewill and force.                         The ability of intelligence to differentiate is of the attribute of awareness.                     The ability of intelligence to freely choose is of the attribute of freewill.                  Initiative is of the attribute of force.

The difference between consciousness and intelligence is largely referential, as is the difference between these two and soul. But there is difference graduating in the following order, soul, consciousness, intelligence.

Although the abilities to distinguish, choose and initiate, work together as a triune dynamic, the word intelligence refers to the ability to distinguish and choose, but does not refer to initiative.

Whereas the ability to choose cannot exceed the ability to differentiate, initiative can by force, exceed both discrimination and choice. In other words, initiative can exceed intellect, or put another way, impulse can be stronger than intelligence. And so initiative requires to be distinguished from intelligence.

Current IQ tests do not measure initiative. I expect tests and measuring tools will be developed in the future to measure initiative and thus gain a more complete estimate of an individual’s triune intelligence dynamic.

Let us tease these distinctions further apart to contrast their differences, for contrast clarifies.

Intelligence, here refers to active intelligence (of freewill) and includes free intellect and thought. Thus intelligence is defined as the ability to discriminate and freely choose.

Intellect is defined as the interplay of intelligence with mind. This interplay is consciousness weighing the differentiated options in the mind in a logical (combining) and analytical (dissecting) manner using imagination together with foresight (anticipation) and memory (previously acquired knowledge). Or put briefer, intelligence is the ability to discern differences and make a choice; intellect does the judging before the choice is made.

Initiative is the ability to initiate something, a thought, an action, anything. Initiative is an exertion. It is the expression of the impulse to do something, and is synonymous with impulse, drive, force, exertion.

Initiative may be likened to the rear wheels of a motorcar which drive it forward and intelligence likened to the front wheels which determine the direction the car will travel.

Intelligence is the choosing or steering part of initiative, and initiative is the motive or driving part of intelligence.

So we see that intelligence and initiative work together, and that the excess of one will be compromised by the lacking of the other, and the one lacking will be made the most of by the other.


Some exercises for refining intelligence:

  • Practice differentiating between one thing and another. Notice differences.
  • Mentally dissect things into their parts. And dissect those parts further.
  • Practice generalising, look for patterns, groups of similarities, and notice differences.
  • Notice what is adjacent to what, and what is associated to what. Add adjacent things together, one thing to another, expand your picture of the world.
  • Practice going from the big picture to the minute, and back again, sliding your awareness up and down the scale of the size of things around you, from the smallest discernible things to the biggest collective things.
  • Try to put words to all the distinctions that you can see/imagine/aware of, so that you can describe it. Practice thinking in both pictures and words.
  • Look up a word in a thesaurus, then look up its synonyms in a dictionary, and notice the differences between the synonyms.
  • Practice thinking precisely and using words precisely.
  • Avoid being vague.
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