A fishing trip

It was Friday evening of the Queen’s Birthday weekend 1983 and I was having an after work beer with my friend Reg. We both had Monday off work and neither of us had plans for the long weekend so we decided to go trout fishing. The next morning I put my camping box and fishing tackle in my white ’67 HR Holden. My little dog Scruff jumped in too and sat on the red vinyl bench seat beside me. I drove around Reg’s place to pick him up and we headed off to fish some mountain streams. As we drove we had no idea that that weekend would change the course of both our lives.

The cannabis effect

That evening we camped in the bush up back of Jamieson. We relaxed under a moonless starry sky. Significantly, we smoked a marijuana joint. I felt a slight irritability inside me so I decided to make an effort to distance myself from it. I soon felt myself centred in my head, calm and with a strong sense of my own presence. I became aware of a strange scanning ability whereby I could consciously scan my surroundings and observe the consciousness of other creatures within the valley. Their thoughts and frames of mind were apparent to me. About a hundred and fifty yards away and across a gully I “scanned” a kangaroo sampling the green tips of a shrub. My physical senses could not detect it, for it was pitch dark and the animal was in thick bush. I noticed that I was observing the animal from its inside outward. The animal’s every thought and movement was apparent to me, as if an extension of my consciousness was inside the animal’s consciousness. Then I looked at my little dog Scruff and I could see her soul shining between her eyes, and her soul was “feeding” on love from my soul. I had smoked marijuana before and was familiar with its effects but I had not experienced or imagined anything like this.

People in another dimension

I lay back on my groundsheet with my head resting on my rucksack and gazed up at the stars. I felt a stronger than usual sense of my own presence and awareness centred in my head. Then I became aware of three men and a woman standing above me and to my left, off the ground and in what appeared to be another dimension. They were discussing something. Then the woman stepped away from the men and turned her attention towards me. She acknowledged my presence via a sort of telepathy.

The constellations and how astrology works

She directed my attention to look at the stars and showed me constellations, and I saw great streams or bands of energy that flowed between the stars in each constellation. I saw that the constellations with their stars and bands of energy created great astrological gates which souls pass through to incarnate on Earth. I was shown how the energy of each gate or constellation has its own colour, and each colour carries particular characteristics, and that colour is passed onto each soul as it passes through the gate to incarnate on Earth, and that is how souls take on the characteristics of their star sign. Previously I did not believe in astrology. It was a subject of no interest to me.

I was also show behind the great gates of the constellations, to where souls are before they come through the gates to incarnate. And I was shown that each soul has its own colour, which is the colour of its own character, and as a soul passes through an astrological gate the colour of the gate deposited upon and blended with the colour of the soul. So as each soul came through a gate, it emerged from the gate as a colour that was a mixture of its own colour and the colour of the gate. And souls passing through the same gate came through as different colours to each other. So for instance, a yellow soul passing through a blue gate emerged a different colour to a red soul passing through the same blue gate. I saw that the colour of the astrological gate, although imbued onto the soul who passes through that gate, the soul does not become the colour of that gate because that colour mixed with its own colour.

And so the woman showed me, and I saw, that astrological star signs cannot be used to reliably indicate a person’s character, not without understanding the characteristics of the soul before it passed through the star sign, for the same star sign produces souls of different colours/characteristics depending on the colour of the soul before it passes through the star sign. I was given a comprehension that such astrological reading ability was most rare. I was intrigued to see that astrology was true and yet at the same time unusable for predicting an individual’s character, unless one also knew the colour of the soul. The woman showed me these things in the sky by making my vision able to see them, and at the same time explaining to me the things I could see. She explained by a type of telepathy that was fast and clear and my consciousness seemed to expand to take it in.

I asked her why this is happening to me.

She answered, “So that you know we are here.”

How cannabis damages the mind, personality and soul

The woman then showed me and explained how cannabis effects and damages the personality. She showed me how the central consciousness soul is surrounded by the personality layer, and that cannabis has an astringent effect upon the “substance” of the personality layer, causing the layer to shrink and tighten. As the personality layer tightens, the constricting effect causes it to crack in places and pull apart. The cracks occur between areas of the personality that are discordant. And through these cracks shines the energy of the soul’s awareness. The conscious soul then feels a sense of expansion and clarity because it can peer directly outward through the cracks without having to look through the substance of the personality.

Then she showed me how after the effect of the drug wore off, the crack in the personality closed, and the consciousness was again confined within the personality, but where the crack closed was now a separation, which although had contact, had little resonant communication across the crack, and so the discordant areas communicated less than before. A healing process was required to connect and harmonise the two sides. She then showed me how the healing process proceeded and what it needed to succeed. She also showed me further and more chronic detrimental effects of the drug on the mind, personality and conscious soul if used over time.

All this was shown to me in vivid diagrams and telepathic packages of information transferred from the woman to myself. She also used my own conscious soul and my own personality layer as a model to show me the effect, and with the sight of my consciousness I could see the effect of the drug.

damage to personality caused by cannabis smoking

Then she left, as did the men who had been with her. The dimension where they stood was closed to my sight.

Leaving the body

I still had the scanning ability, which I now understood was my conscious soul able to scan my surroundings via the crack in my mind and personality caused by the drug. I detected some other campers a long way off up a bush track. They were talking and spotting possums in the trees. I sat up and turned my attention away from them and scanned about. The forest was dark and silent.

I observed my friend Reg. He sat a few yards away. His thoughts were clear to me. Then suddenly there was a flash of light to my right and in the distance. The flash expanded horizontally in opposite directions left and right. It was distant, as if on the horizon, and yet it wasn’t distant too, for it was also close, and the horizon was like a horizon of another dimension. The was like it was contained in a giant fluorescent tube many miles long. It flashed into bright light at its centre then the light extended horizontally left and right as if to the tube’s ends. Then the light retracted back to the centre and was gone. I had never seen such a flash of light of such magnitude and behaviour. There was a great electrical noise that accompanied the flash. It was like a great veil had been torn and a great electrical force had been unleashed. The sense of power in the light and its noise was incredible.

Immediately upon the moment that the two extensions of the light clashed back together in their centre I was ejected from my body, like a rocket, directly upward through the crown of my head. I don’t know how high up I went, but it seemed at least a few hundred feet or maybe more, and then I stopped abruptly in space. I knew the same was happening to Reg. From where I stopped in space I saw Reg as consciousness a short distance from me. Nearby I saw large dull coloured blobs. They were conscious. There was only a moment to look around and then an immediate return to my body as if snapped back by a rubber band.

“What was that?” I said, shocked.

“That was astral travel”, said Reg.

We were both shocked by what had just happened.

Our minds were locked together. Our thoughts were bouncing rapidly back and forth between each others heads, to fast to speak them.

We were only back in our bodies long enough to speak those few words when it happened again.

I erupted up through the crown of my head and up to the same location.

Simultaneously Reg erupted from his body too. We both stopped in the same place.

This time the dull coloured blobs moved in quickly towards us.

Then we snapped back again into our bodies.

But I wasn’t in my body properly.

My consciousness was still scanning about and I was trying to retract it back into my head.

I tried to settle back into my body but I was slipping out all over the place.

My consciousness could see the blobs. They had descended to near ground level.

They were sucking upon me, as if trying to devour my soul.

I became very frightened and desperate to get back in my body.

But my expanded consciousness seemed not to fit inside my head.

I was slipping in and out of my body.

I would be in the body for a few moments and then lose it and slip partway out again, but not fully.

Each time that I slipped partway out the blobs were there sucking at me and trying to draw me out.

Part in and part out I kept slipping.

All the while Reg and I could know each other’s thoughts as if we had the same mind.

Gradually and with help from Reg, who had more control or was not so afflicted, I began to settle more fully into my body.

The telepathy continued for a while longer.

We found this so extraordinary that we sat their deliberately starting sentences and letting the other finish them.

After a while, maybe half and hour, I came to feel settled in the body.

We got into our tent and sleeping bags.

Bewildered and exhausted, I fell asleep.

A new life ensues

We awoke in the morning and discussed the events of the previous night, checking with each other that our recollections were the same. They were. We broke camp and got out of there, deciding to cancel our fishing weekend and drive home.

We had only driven a short distance when I felt my consciousness expanding from my head as it had the night before. At the same moment the same happened to Reg. We immediately made a mental effort to shift focus and shut it down. On the drive home we were quiet much of the time; apart from occasionally talking of the previous night’s events to compare our recollections.

We had both experienced the horizontal flash of light, along with its electric tearing noise, followed immediately by simultaneous vertical eruptions out of our bodies, and then a period of unbreakable telepathic communication between our minds to the extent that neither of us could think a thought without the other knowing it exactly as if it were our own thought. Reg had not experienced the blobs as I had, nor the woman and her teachings. We shared a state of psychic shock. We both knew our lives would not be the same from now on. Life and reality as we knew it had changed for us both.

After a two hour drive I dropped Reg at his place and I drove home. The events of that evening replayed themselves in my mind, over and over, for days, weeks, months. I wanted to put it down to a drug induced hallucination. But it was too real and I could not get past the fact that Reg had experienced it too. I seemed to be being forced to accept that now I knew that consciousness could leave the body. I knew I had a soul – a soul that could leave the body. I did not believe it; I knew it, without any doubt whatsoever. Didn’t I? I had experienced it – together with someone else – surely I knew it. But I had doubts too.

I had to prove it. I had to do it again. I had to know for sure. The drive within me to repeat an out-of-body experience was so strong that it remained with me most of the time. I recalled the details of stages leading into the event, the particular efforts and behaviour of my consciousness as I relaxed on the ground sheet, how I was focusing, how I was breathing, my attitude. I pondered it, I obsessed on it. I became determined to repeat it.

I decided not to smoke cannabis or drink alcohol again. The decision was easy. I followed the woman’s instructions on healing the cracks she had shown me. I developed and healthy and wholesome lifestyle. I exercised and meditated. My life was changing. I was becoming focused.

I set myself a mission: To prove to myself the existence of the human soul, through natural and healthy means, and to use myself as the subject.

That was 1983; it is now 2013. And I did prove it.  After several years of persevering at healthy living, working on developing my  character, practicing concentrated meditation, communing with my own soul, nature and God, I started having out-of-body experiences. The occasional one at first, then more. Since then I have had too many to count. They are no longer extraordinary. They became part of my livingness. Through leaving the body and similar functions I have studied the mechanism of the soul and personality, mapped the mind and its functions, travelled about the planet, the astral planes, different dimensions, been far afield beyond space and time as we know it, and I have met and communicated with a wide variety of beings.

This weblog will recount many of these experiences over thirty years and the lessons that I have learnt from them. I will detail how I did it, so that others might also do it, and possibly verify for themselves what is here written.

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2 Responses to Jamieson

  1. Jon says:

    “I followed the woman’s instructions on healing the cracks she had shown me.”

    What were the instructions?

  2. crossbow says:

    Gentle wholesome living, the practice of true meditation and prayer, and the cultivating of an honest and even outlook, to unify and heal the personality.


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