In the months after the Jamieson event (1983) I had a few  brief out-of-body experiences. These were rather mundane compared to what would come in later years.

One such out of body experience was as follows.

I had been practicing meditation. Replicating as best I could, the sense of concentrated presence in the head which I had experienced at Jamieson under the influence of cannabis, but as stated in the previous post, that was the last time I smoked it or remained in the presence of anyone smoking it.

On this occasion I sat in a darkened room and focused my outward attention on a candle flame. I held my consciousness high and tight in the head, alert and focused. I breathed easily and naturally.

I felt the upward pressure of my consciousness against the inside of the top of my head, underneath the crown about where the hair splays out. That was the place via which I had previously externalised from the body. I gently exerted myself as consciousness up and back against the inside of the crown of the head. It felt resistant, yet potentially penetrable. Then I thought I saw a mild flash above my head as if I saw lightning flash across the sky of my mind. It was like the flash one gets when one is struck mildly in the eyeball, but it was above my observation, not in front of it. Some minutes later I ceased meditation practice, went to bed and fell asleep.

I awoke as in a dream, yet seemingly awake. I was outside upon the roof of the house, floating like a balloon. My consciousness was softer than usual; less self willed but observant and calm. I floated up and over the tree tops in a south-easterly direction. I did not direct the direction of the floating, I just went along with it.

The narrow dirt road we lived on ran south along the side of a ridge to where it eventually dwindled out amongst abandoned gold mine shafts scattered through the bush. I floated in a southerly direction towards the end of the road, looking down on the treetops. I looked down at a house that had been recently built on the side of the hill. A pile of large rocks beside the road in front of the house caught my attention. They where volcanic rocks that are sometimes seen on volcanic planes and decorating people’s gardens.

What caught my attention was that I could see colours radiating from the rocks. As if my curiosity guided me, I floated down to the rocks, to ground level where I was able to inspect them closer. I saw they radiated several colours, particularly reds. They had more colour than anything else in the vicinity. Their colour had a type of movement to it, a resonance, an aliveness. And it seemed to be radiating not just from the surface of the rocks but from within the rocks. Then the experience ended. I was in bed.

I thought of getting up and walking up the road to see if the rocks were really there, but then I decided to wait until daylight.

rocks alive

A pile of rocks of the type I examined on the out-of-body occasion here described.

The next morning I got up early to walk up the road before going to work. Sure enough, there were the pile of rocks exactly where I had seen them the night before. But there were no colours radiating from them. They were just a pile of normal brown rocks. I could not help wondering whether they were alive.

Thirty years later, after much conditioning and practice, and many out-of-body excursions and educations, I would know that such rocks are alive, and would understand their purpose. For example, see here.

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4 Responses to Rocks

  1. Betsi M says:

    Since you shared this I’ve been trying to empathize with the rocks. Firstly to overcome my horror that they could grasp and pull. Gradually the realization developed that they were points of consciousness imprisoned in heavy mineral form. Minerals need to be broken down by whatever life comes their way — lichen or uric acids or whatever more energetic life comes near. In your state, unshielded by our own physical layerings, you felt their need to escape their dense dense confinement. Now my initial alarm for you has been tempered by my pity for them.

    • crossbow says:

      Betsi !
      You are jumping ahead of me, and so accurately.
      I should have expected that of you.
      There is more on rocks to come that I hope you will find interesting.

  2. ilonca84 says:

    This reminds me of a quote from a favorite author of mine, Edward Abbey: “… I sometimes choose to think, no doubt perversely, that man is a dream, thought an illusion, and only rock is real. Rock and sun.” 🙂 thanks for sharing your experiences, they fascinate me…


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