A dream visitor

I dreamt of a friend I had not seen in several years. In the dream he came to my cabin on the rural property on which I worked. And it seemed that in the dream it was the same night as it was in reality. He was greatly pained and told me of a particular interpersonal problem which he had. I listened, then spoke my thoughts upon the matter. Then he left.

The next day I was pruning fruit trees with several other of the farm labourers. Bill, one of the labourers, asked me if Joe had found me last night. I cautiously shook my head. Then Bill told me that late last night Joe had came to his cottage and asked if he knew where I live. As Bill knew that Joe and I were friends he had given Joe directions.     “No, he didn’t arrive,” I said.

A couple of years later, while living on another property, my friend Joe tracked me down and came to visit. During the conversation it came up that a couple of years earlier he had tried to find me. He told me he had ridden around miles of country roads looking for my cabin, had even called in on Bill to ask if he knew where I lived. He said he could not find me and had eventually slept out under the stars.

I asked Joe why he had been looking for me that night. He told me he had wanted to discuss something. I asked what it was, and he outlined the same problem that he had told me in my dream of the same night. He added that although he didn’t find me, he recalls he felt better in the morning.

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