To find a log

Early-mid 1980s

I required a good log of wood 5′ 6” long and about 10 inches diameter for a project I was working on; a wooden training dummy for martial art practice. I intended to set an old wagon wheel hub into its base with the wagon axel set vertically in the ground. It would rotate and return by spring force, and have heavily sprung arms and leg.

It was Friday evening and I went to bed wondering where I might find such a log without cutting down a tree or buying one.

The next morning I awoke with a feeling that I had been out of body, but I couldn’t remember it, nor could I remember any dreams, I just seemed to feel like I had been out. It was like a memory without the memory. I also had a strong sense of having seen a log of wood exactly as I require, and I seemed to know where it was.

I got in my Holden panel van and drove off along the country dirt roads, turning left and right quite deliberately, and with each turn I felt that I knew where I was going. I came to a wooden bridge and knew that this was it. I pulled over and walked down to the creek. There in the black berries beside the creek was the very log I required. I looked under the trestle bridge and I could see it had recently been repaired, and the log was apparently left over timber from the job.

Using my then young man’s muscles I manoeuvred the log into the van and set off back to my cottage on the farm to commence my project.

ps, I will put up a photo when I get a scanner.

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One Response to To find a log

  1. Betsi M says:

    Hello–your blogs are very thought-provoking!
    I look forward to more!


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