A meditation group


I drove to Melbourne to attended a meditation session and discussion group which I had seen advertised.

It was a fairly large group, between twenty and thirty attendees. Most were women and seemed to know each other. I seemed to be one of only a few strangers. There was a period of light chatting and milling about just prior to the session starting. I observed the particular personality atmosphere, dress, and body language patterns of the group.

Soon would occur one of my first meditative out-of-body experiences.

A man and woman lead the session, starting with a reading from a book, then a set of three vocalised oms, then a group recitation of an assertion of self which was the basis of the immediate group meditation. The assertion, as I recall, went as follows, “I am the water of light, poured forth for thirsty men.” And lastly a group discussion, cups of tea and mingling.

During the meditation session I calmly and firmly focused on the statement provided, and breathed naturally. Partway through the session I became aware of what appeared like steam or water vapour flowing frontward out of my solar plexus. I remained focused on the exercise. Then I felt myself slightly disengage from my body, as if out of phase. I seemed to arise an inch or so from my seat, thus still within but a little extended from my body. I was able to view in all directions around me.

Then I saw what was for me then an extraordinary scene. As well as the steam-like substance flowing from my solar plexus I saw that to greater and lesser extent there were similar energies emanating from nearly everyone in the room. Most people in the group, like me, appeared to emanate whitish steam-like water vapour from their solar plexuses. I notice one lady had bright lights and colours emanating from her heart. I assumed she was more potent than the others.

There were others in the room who also emanated coloured energy from their hearts to varying degrees of output and brightness. Near the ceiling I saw several persons, as if they were in another dimension. All the various energies being emitted from the meditating group were being gathered up by these people near the ceiling and funneled off to somewhere where I sensed the energies were needed.

For some reason I thought others in the group might be able to leave their bodies and be aware of the same scene that I had seen. After the meeting I mentioned to the man who had shared leading the group that I had out of body experiences and that I had one in the meditation and saw everyone’s energies. I actually thought he would have seen it too and we would be able to talk about it. He looked at me uncomfortably for a moment as if I was an unwelcome nut case, then he disconnected and looked around for someone else to talk to. (I am chuckling to myself now that I think back on that.)

I went home from that meeting with a stronger sense of independence and an increased determination to continue my investigations into the nature of soul and the technique and mechanics of leaving the body. I was quite sure the way forward for me was as a solo investigator.

I wondered about those centres of energy and emanations that I had seemingly observed in myself and in others. What are they? What is their function? Would I ever understand them? And would I ever understand the nature of the soul?

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2 Responses to A meditation group

  1. Betsi M says:

    I don’t know the answers to those questions at the end, but I do want to comment on your phrase ““I am the water of light, poured forth for thirsty men.” That is very potent !
    I’d not heard the phrase ‘water of light’ before but immediately even as I was still reading my system began reacting. The reaction was so that I thought to myself humorously “that’s too strong for water, maybe it’s liquor” so I tried substituting ‘liquor’ for ‘water’ and the sense of energy pouring out like a fountain immediately stopped — apparently my spirit does not have the same sense of humor as my brain.

  2. crossbow says:

    he he (chuckle) that’s funny Betsi.
    Yes I agree, it is a potent assertion. It certainly seemed to unite and give direction to the thinking of the group of that occasion.


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