From externalised limbs to studying consciousness

During the mid 1980s most of the out-of-body experiences were partial disengagements which occurred on the border of falling asleep. As I tried to retain awareness as the body fell asleep, I would become briefly aware of non-physical arms or legs disengaging from my physical arms and legs. The non-physical limbs often appeared blue-grey, like the colour of cigarette smoke. Usually as soon as I became aware of it there would occur a jolt and the same limb would jerk as if shocked, then I would awaken.

I recall an occasion when I went into a book shop and there was a fellow reclining in an arm chair with headphones and dark glasses on with wires on them. I asked the shop attendant if the fellow was using a brainwave manipulation device and the attendant confirmed that he was, and he said he sold such devices.

Some months before a friend had shown me a similar device and explained the theory to me of how the brain would fall in synch with their rhythm of flashing light and sound and the brain could thus be manipulated into replicating certain brave wave rhythms and even induced into sleep cycles.

The fellow in the chair finished up and I asked the shop attendant if I may have a go with the brainwave machine. The attendant put the glasses and headphones on me and I relaxed back in the armchair. There were flashing rhythms on the inside of the eye covers and sounds in the earphones. I could feel the rhythm’s drag upon my consciousness. I went willingly with the effect.

After about 15 minutes my mind’s eye saw my legs as composed of grey-blue energy arising up in front of me. Then my body and my arms similarly arose and floated in space. But my head seemed stuck in my physical body. As the machine neared the end of its cycle I felt my bodies settle back together.

I did not buy the machine because I was determined to figure out how to leave the body unaided by any device, chemical or anything other than my own know-how.

For some time I persisted in my efforts along these lines of disengaging physically from the physical body, with little success, other than those brief partial disengagements which were insufficient to satisfy my objective.

Eventually I learnt that projecting the non-physical body from the physical body is not the way to do it, but rather, to withdraw one’s consciousness from the physical body and give the non-physical body no attention and then it separates itself.

So I had to study the nature of consciousness itself, so that I could direct it and work with it.

I would also go on to learn that the consciousness can depart the body through any of the different centres, and each centre provides a different type of externalised consciousness, according to the nature of the centre, and the means of externalising through each centre is a different process.

These centres are different locations of focus for different types of consciousness that we possess, or potentially possess.

In these posts I intend to cover the nature of consciousness, and the nature of each centre (or focus location), and the nature of the subtle bodies, and how they work and interact, and how they are operated, so that the reader can most easily find their way around their own interior.

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