Science & Religion


I had gone to bed with the intention of leaving the body. I gently maintained awareness as the body fell asleep. Then I lost consciousness and fell asleep too. Some time later I awoke, observant and still. I was out of the body and standing as a subtle body beside the bed, with the physical body lying on the bed behind me.

In front of me stood the figure of a human male. He had no discernible facial features. He was silvery all over, as if covered by a silvery suit. He was standing with limbs straight and front on towards me, looking directly at me. As soon as he had my attention he turned his head to one side and pointed to his right, towards the corner of the room near the floor. I looked to where he pointed and the walls of the room disappeared and opened up into a view of a vast flat and semi barren landscape.

I saw a golden strip, as a golden pathway, running in a straight line through the landscape and into the infinite distance. It was the path of Truth.

On the golden path of truth I saw a golden disk, like a gold coin, balanced on its edge and rolling slowly along the path towards the infinite distance.

The golden disk was transparent and I could see both sides at once. On one side of the gold disk was written SCIENCE, on the other side RELIGION.

There was a living eye on each side of the disk, and each eye looked out upon the landscape in opposite directions to each other.

Science and Religion

Both sides of the disk looked out upon the same landscape, but in opposite directions and with opposite movements of their side of the disk.

One side of the disk travelled to its left, the other side travelled to its right. One side turned clockwise, the other side turned counter clockwise.

Both sides were the one item, and could not be separated.

Both sides progressed at a right angle to where their eyes were looking, one side travelled to its left, the other to its right, but both together travelled in the same direction.

I saw that science and religion are forever locked together, back to back, facing opposite directions, each turning in their own direction opposite to each other, yet both together turning in the same direction, rolling along the path of truth.

With the vision came understandings about the nature of science and religion, and of their past, present and future.

As the wheel turned I saw that the progress and learning of each cycle was built upon the previous cycle.

I saw the previous cycle and the coming cycle; how previously science had been born from religion, and in the coming cycle religion would be born from science.

The vision disappeared. The silvery male figure gave the briefest glance my way then also disappeared. There was a sucking sensation drawing me backwards and then I was back in the body laying on the bed. I sat up and looked at the room where the figure had stood and at the corner where the vision had been. The room looked normal, ordinary. I wrote down and sketched the event.


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5 Responses to Science & Religion

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  2. Growing says:

    The two faces of the coin facing opposite perspectives yet rolling to the same destination is an excellent analagy for these two seemingly oppossing pursuits.

  3. akzwitz says:

    I simply couldn’t depart your web site prior to suggesting that I really loved the standard info a person supply on your visitors? Is gonna be back incessantly to check up on new posts


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