The Spirit of Love for Earth

It was late 1983. I had gone to bed and was practicing holding myself gently aware in the head while falling asleep. On this occasion I noticed the body’s breathing through the loose lips with air going in and out. The body was on its side with the head near the edge of the pillow and I noticed the head slide slightly forward off the pillow towards the edge of the bed. I had remained observant and conscious in my head, although the body seemed to be falling into sleep.

Then right before my mind’s eye I saw a vivid image, as drawn below. Except the image was set on a black background with stars as if in space, and the image I saw was more vibrant. The image had the same words written on it as I have written here. It lasted several seconds and seemed to imprint itself quite markedly into my mind. Still to this day, thirty years later, I can see it most clearly.

Christ diagram

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3 Responses to The Spirit of Love for Earth

  1. Betsi M says:

    Wouldn’t it be ‘cool’ if, speaking in a sci-fi sort of way, the brotherly love of Christianity was a part of a Universal Plan that helps create the world that science also sees? That maybe a layer of the atmosphere such as the stratosphere, was created by human involvement, as would other layers as well.

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