Nature verses Nurture


I walked up the grassy hill to do my prayers. It was dusk, winter and cold. I sat on the grass with the forest behind me and green hills before me.

I looked across the valley, softened the eyes, full visual field focus from periphery through centre to opposite periphery, breathed easily. Withdrew myself on the breath up into the head, concentrated the consciousness, tight, steady. Extended awareness  inward, back into my conscious soul, within, upward, to and through the crown centre, towards the oversoul. Went through my assertions, tuning soul with oversoul, with God, communions, prayers, then sat, quiet, holding state, breathing.

Part of my consciousness externalised above the crown. I noticed the anonymous escort stood nearby. I ignored him and focused my attention upon and through my own soul. At a certain level and time, the escort indicated to hold steady and observe.

Then projected onto the sky before me was a scene of gigantic proportion and liveliness.

I have only drawn a few rabbits, but there were many more and other little animals too.

I have only drawn a few rabbits, but there were many more and other little animals too.

A banner reading Nature verses Nurture hung right across the sky.

Below the banner and in the sky before the stars were two great cogs, each one as large as the world. The two cogs were intermeshed, each turning itself and turning the other too.

Coloured sparks and grating noise came from the cog’s teeth as they intermeshed and the sparks showered over the scene.

Human souls were passing up between and through the cogs and being mashed between the teeth as if squashed and tortured, then emerged above the cogs far brighter than before and in full realisation of themselves.

Atop the cogs a woman danced with joy at her soul’s fulfilment. She represented all of those who had come through the cogs and now she danced upon the cogs in joyful realisation of her soul and of all souls.

Beneath the cogs a chorus of little animals and creatures of the Earth looked up at the scene, and like human children, the animals and creatures and even the grass all sang a repetitive and rhythmical chant, “Nature verses Nurture, Nature verses Nurture”.

The chant’s tone and the whole scene, was one of majestic light heartedness.

For a moment the dancing woman looked directly at me. Our eyes met, and I felt a stern message come from her eyes and into my eyes and go deep into me. In part her message said, “You are responsible”, and, “Remember this, do not forget”.

The escort indicated it was time to return.

My task was then to meditate upon what I had seen, and to integrate the understanding.

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