The pianist

Early 1990s.

I externalised from the sleeping physical body. The anonymous escort stood nearby like a statue. He indicated he had a lesson for me if I would like to accompany him.

We went up through the layers of the astral planes and into the sky of a particular plane, and we stopped just above the clouds. The cloud was beautiful, clean and white and extended as far as I could see in all directions. The scene was pristine and silent.

About a hundred yards away upon the cloud, I could see a woman sitting at a grand piano, her back towards us.

The pianist

The pianist

We floated towards her, and when we got near I stood to her left, a yard or so from her piano. The escort stood to my right.

Without looking at us or acknowledging our presence she began playing the old time tune Hello My Baby.

As soon as she started playing an extraordinary thing occurred.

I could feel that I was made up of layers, like the spherical layers of an onion, but many more layers than that, a seemingly countless number. And with every note that she played, a corresponding layer in myself would markedly resonate in sympathy with that note. I realised these many layers within myself were bodies, one inside the other, and too many to count. The tune she played on the piano caused the same tune to play upon the layers of my bodies, with each layer being one note. My whole being played itself like a musical instrument in sympathetic resonance with the piano.

When she finished playing she sat still and did not acknowledge us. The escort turned to me and said, “Now you know why music is called massage for the soul.”

The return to the physical body was instantaneous. I turned on the bedside lamp and recorded the lesson in my notebook.

Hello My Baby


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2 Responses to The pianist

  1. jade says:

    are you saying we have as many bodies as musical notes? some people say we have 2 or 3 or 7 bodies. which is true?

  2. crossbow says:

    It depends on how one divides them. It is a graduation through degrees, like a spectrum. Each incremental layer resonates to a different note.

    There are also bodies of different substance and who’s matter vibrates on different planes and at different angles so they are not intermixed.

    We have a physical body which graduates through its body of bones, a body of blood and fluid, a body of nerves.
    Also a body of feelings/emotions, and a body of thoughts, and even a body of values.
    And these too, graduate through their layers, each layer being a particular grade of emotion, thought and value.
    And each body and each layer of it touches/interfaces with the physical body through a body of vitality which encompasses and vitalises them all.
    They are like layers of clothes.
    And of course there is the dweller, the occupant of the bodies, that is the consciousness. And that has layers too.

    All this I intend to thoroughly cover, in overview and detail, in future posts.


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