Spirals of Time

The year was 1990, and one year previously I had made a decision not to read books, newspapers or magazines, or anything that was not required for my employment. Nor would I listen to the radio at home or when driving the car one hour to work. I did not have a television so I did not have to cease watching that. And I would limit socialising to essential occasions. This was so that I could better focus on prayer, meditation and the subjective study of consciousness. It was in some ways an extreme measure and one that I do not generally recommend; not to that degree anyway.

After a year of not reading, I decided to buy a New Scientist magazine for an evening of indulgence. The cover story on this one was about the nature of galaxies and I was very much looking forward to reading it.

I waited until my wife had gone to bed. It was about 11.00pm and the magazine was on the kitchen bench inside the paper bag that the newsagent lady had put it. Now with the quiet of night I took the magazine from the paper bag and gazed appetisingly at the cover. It had a picture of outer space with distant stars and galaxies. I was about to open the magazine when I felt an intrusion into my self from within and above. I paused and listened.

“Would you search for truth amongst the written words of men when I can show you truth directly?”

I considered for a moment. Briefly thinking of how I yearn for truth like a man under water and out of breath yearns for air. Without opening the magazine I put it back in the paper bag and dropped it in the rubbish bin.

I stood still, aware of my self in the midst of my surroundings. The summer night outside, the surrounding landscape, the vast forest to the north that came almost to the back door, the grassy hills to the east, west and south, the great pine tree overhead, the little cottage, the kitchen in which I stood, this body, my self the consciousness inside the body’s head.

I sat down on one of the old wooden kitchen chairs, turned my attention inward into my self, turning my awareness back into itself. I ensured internal faculties were active, turning consciousness within, consciousness turning and reaching inward into itself, reaching in toward the core of my being, then upwards toward the inner upper pinnacle of consciousness, to conscience, up through conscience and beyond. I prayed, connected, breathed in tune with the effort, and handed myself over to that greater consciousness from which I extend.

The membrane across the crown centre offered no resistance and I externalised without trying or intending, part of my consciousness below the crown and part above. Something seemed to have a hold of my externalised self from behind and above, as if by the scruff of the neck, and I was pulled upward at a most rapid rate. I was not looking where I was going, but looking back to where I was coming from. The world shrank as I was pulled rapidly away from it, and it quickly became as small as a grain of sand. I was drawn further backwards and upwards through immense distance at tremendous speed. The expanse of the universe came into view, its vast surface, its curves, depth and shape, and then it too shrank to a grain as I continued to be pulled above and away from it. I saw the great expanse of the next encompassing universe, and the next, and the next, and more. And although as I went further away the universes shrank to minutely small, they remained all visible as if distance and size was no inconvenience to my vision. As I rushed backward and away through the universes, seeing them recede one after another into the distance, I saw the relationships of their dimensions to each other, how they fitted with each other.

Then I stopped; stationary in space, many universes distant from my own. I looked at vast universes within universes below me, and further universes around and above me. I saw the shapes of the space of universes, the nature of their dimensions and how they intermesh with one another, universe after universe, dimension after dimension, within and around and adjacent to each other, and all in perfect harmony and operation, and extending forever.

And below is what I saw as best I can describe. It is in point form. I realise it is repetitive in places.

1.  The universes each are infinite when viewed each one from within itself, but are finite when viewed from above or outside of themselves, and when altogether seen, are infinite again, and this it seems goes on forever.

2.  The space of each universe is its own dimension and has sub-dimensions within its space, as the dimension we know and live in has three sub-dimensions.

3.  The space of each universe has a further dimension to its total shape than do the shapes of things existent within its space.

4.  The universes have boundaries of containment, above, below and beside each other, which cannot be readily seen from within them due to a curve that from within appears straight, but their boundaries can be seen when passing through them, and when looking down upon them.

5.  The universes intermesh with each other, in a way that is logical and perfect when viewed from above, but hard to fathom when viewed from within the confines of a universe. But passing through them and seeing their greater perspective, enables their intermeshing to be seen and retained in mind, to some extent.

6.  Every universe and its dimension exist at a right angle to adjacent universes, which are above it and below it, around it and within it. And further more, every universe or dimension exist at a right angle to every other universe or dimension, and this includes all the sub-dimensions. No two are of the same angle, but all are right angles to every other.

7.  Every universe is in motion, and turns around and upon the universe that is underneath or within it, and turns within or through the universe that is over and around it.

8.  As every universe exists is at a right angel to every other, so too every universe’s motion runs at a right angle to the motion of its adjacent universes and at a right angle to the motion of every other universe. And yet they do not separate from each other, but adhere to one another, moving easily as one mass with many moving parts.

9.  As the turning cogs of a machine can move no other way than how they do; so too, the motion of the universes can move no other way than how they do.

10.  As there are endless universes above and below and within and around each other, so there are endless right-angles, each at right-angle to every other.

11.  The expanse of a dimension makes the body of another. Each universe/dimension by its existence, shape and motion, makes and is made by, its adjacent universes/dimensions, so that each becomes the others and requires the others, and seems how they go forever.

12.  And I saw that – in the strictest sense pertaining to each universe – that there are no straight lines, no right angles, no circles, only the nearest possibility to them that each universe and its dimension can manifest, and this is because everything from atoms to universes with all their contents and all their space, is in a peculiar forward turning motion, and every universe turns around every other.

13.  I saw that universes and their dimensions can be viewed subjectively or objectively, that is, from within or without of themselves. And their angles and their lines, their internal shapes and overall shape, is different depending on whether they are viewed from within or without of their own dimension. Straight and curved lines can be either, and flatness and depth can be either, according to the view being within or without of that dimension, or if the view is a partial or fuller view.

14.  I saw that a straight line in a dimension when extended, curves according to that dimension, and runs around the shape of that dimension. And the seeming straightness being curved, and the truer straight line running across from one part of the curve to another, is part of how the dimensions make each other and relate. And the truer straight line is itself a greater curve, and so on.

15.  I saw that a true straight line does not last in any dimension but departs from that dimension, to go above it, or under it; for a true straight line requires to make an immediate right angle to cause it to leave that dimension and go into the next, where to keep truly straight it must immediately turn a right angle again, and then again and again. And so the only true straight line is a zig-zag of immediate right angles passing through dimensions, like a staircase to heaven.

16.  All the universes and their dimensions, from those of the tiniest to those of the greatest, and despite their existing and moving at right angles to each other, they all turn around each other, and are all adhered to each other, in contact with those adjacent to them, and all move in harmony with each other.

17.  I wondered how the sight of such vastness, harmony and power, could be described to others. How could the arrangement of a multitude of dimensions and their motions be communicated to those living in a three dimensional world? How could those who have not seen it possibly imagine it? And how could I retain this memory? for surely my little brain will not be able to receive and hold the memory of this scene, not without some way of simplifying it, articulating and joining it to already acquired understandings.

18.  And then, while looking at the vast scene and wondering those questions, a veil that I did not know was there disappeared and immediately I could see the passage of time going pack into the past for every universe and its dimension, and I could see every universe and dimension motioning from the past, through the present towards the future. And I saw that every universe, no matter how great or small, left behind itself a line through time from where it had come before.

19.  These lines of time are the trails through time of the universes in respect to one another.

20.  The lines of time spiral around each other as helixes in such a way that the lines of their spirals of time and travel make one dimensional lines that replicate the relationship between universes of different dimensions.

Spirals of Time. Here are three dimensions of time, interwoven and crossing each other at right angles.

Spirals of Time. Here are three spirals of time, crossing each other at right angles and curving around each other.

21.  Every universe/dimension cycles at its own rate of time, different from the others, but due to them fitting together so that their straight lines fit crosswise with each other’s curves, and the fuller surface of one making the depth of another, and them cycling at right angles to each other, and them being infinite in number, they therefore do not separate and diverge as would seem they might if considered from within the perspective of one universe where right angled lines appear to run away from each other, but rather, the universes spiral around each other in harmony and remain adhered to one another.

22.  As the structure and movement of universes is at right angles to each other, so their lines of time likewise run at right angles to each other, in interwoven spirals, with every spiral turning about the line of a greater spiral, and the motion of all universes and their spirals of time are level with each other, not one ahead of another, so they are advancing side by side upon the mighty present moment.

23.  No universe, great or small, no line of time, be it the slow or fast, can lag behind or surge ahead of the others, for all are intertwined and spiral round each other in such a way that now is now in every rate of time.

24.  The orientation and direction of lines of time respective to one another, represents the orientation and motion of dimensions respective to one another.

25.  Time is the medium of change, and is the rate of change of matter, and time and space and motion are the same, they are existence now.

26.  The one dimensional lines of time spiralled around each other in such a way that their relationships to one another are linear replications of the same relationship between multi-dimensional universes. And so the interwoven linear spirals of time accurately replicate and simplify the relationship between universes.

27.  Each line of time spiralled at a right angle around the line of another spiral, which itself spiralled around the line of another spiral, and so on, forever.

Spirals of Time. Here are depicted six spirals of time, each turning around its adjacent one and around all the others at a right angle. The spirals of time for each universe and its dimension inter-fit with each other in the same way as the structures of universes and their dimensions inter-fit with each other. But regardless of how many dimensions in a universe, and how great of small it is, it has only one line of time, which spirals as the universe and all things do. A single line of time and the way it intermeshes with other lines of time make it a simple replication of the relationship of universes and their dimensions, for matter and time are the same, they are existence now, but time is that part of matter and dimensions that can be depicted with one line, and therefore replicate the relationship of multiple and complex dimensions.

Spirals of Time. Here are depicted six spirals of time, each turning around its adjacent one and around all the others at a right angle. Only six shown here, but they are infinite in number. The spirals of time for each universe and its dimension inter-fit with each other in the same way as the structures of universes and their dimensions inter-fit with each other. But regardless of how many dimensions in a universe, and how great of small it is, it has only one line of time, which spirals as the universe and all things do. A single line of time and the way it intermeshes with other lines of time make it a simplified replication of the relationship between universes of different dimensions, for matter and time are the same, they are existence now, but time is that part of matter and dimensions that can be depicted with one line, and therefore the relationship between different lines of time replicates the relationship between multiple and complex dimensions.

28.  The lines of time are knitted together as the universes and their dimensions fit together.

29.  The arrangement is structurally and economically perfect, and is the only way it can be.

30.  In an instant, I returned to this little planet Earth, to my body in the kitchen of the cottage under the pine tree, to my little personal struggles, so small and yet so difficult to overcome.

31.  I ask the reader to bear in mind that the experience described here was and still is a mental stretch for me, and at the time defied reality as I previously knew it, and as it was so vast and awesome a thing to see (I wish awesome was not a misused buzzword nowadays) and mind straining in all its vastness of space and angles, I naturally have some doubts regarding the accuracy of my recollections and descriptions and fear I may have described parts of the scene inaccurately. For the mind when liberated from the body’s restrictions, to bring back the memory of such things and download them accurately into the limited brain is not an easy task. There is one aspect of it though, that imprinted clearly on my mind, and which I have no doubt that I saw quite accurately, and brought it into the brain accurately and remember it as I saw it, and that is the interwoven spirals of time. I hope that envisaging the linear spirals of time assists others to envisage the spatial structures of universes, their forms, angles, motion and relationship to one another. It really is a wonderful thing.

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8 Responses to Spirals of Time

  1. Betsi M says:

    Wonderful drawings add to your amazing description! Reading down your points I tried to picture in my mind the relationship of universes through their times–first cogs on wheels (Way too flat), then Lines of dancing girls or marching bands when their rows move into other interweaving positions (Way too simple.) Then as I scrolled down, your diagrams appeared — WOW! Now, to the extent I’m able, now I understand!

    • crossbow says:

      I am very pleased to hear that the time spirals diagram helped you understand it, Betsi.

      Seeing the spirals helped me too. I think if I wasn’t shown those time lines behind the dimensions then I doubt I could have brought back the memory of the dimensions and brought it into the brain other than the vaguest and probably distorted recollection. The lines gave me a mental image that I could not only bring back into this 3 dimensional world but could even draw on a piece of 2 dimensional paper. fancy that !

      I have read in several science magazines that it is impossible to depict multiple dimensions in a 3d world or on paper.
      I like to think that by depicting their timelines it has successfully been done.

      Many cosmologists are currently stuck on the idea that time is itself a dimension, which they call a fourth dimension, and which idea seems to be impeding them from considering time not as a dimension but as a rate of change and direction of progress that is common to all dimensions, and in turn a means of representing and comprehending the relationship of dimensions and the infinite number of dimensions.

      I can envisage an animated version on a computer screen that keeps on moving, something like a screen saver, with dots representing the dimensions spiralling around each other and leaving trails of spiralling time behind them and the screen filling with countless moving intertwining spirals.

      I expect gazing at that would get one or two cosmologists re-thinking their ideas.

      Perhaps I will find a computer person who can make me one.

  2. John Mondoe says:

    Awesome? That’s more suited to describe mundane everyday events like when the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie. 😉

    Wonderful post, though I can’t process even the entire description of the actual event. I found the general understanding that some oversouls have 1000+ extensions all over the timeline all at once pretty mindblowing. Quite a to-do list. Expanding that with each base incarnation having variations of the base theme in paralell realities to maximize experience, well, I’m not sure how much can be understood while the main incarnational focus is being connected to a body.

    At the end of the day, awesome to get glimpses of the beyond breathtaking. Thanks! 🙂

    • crossbow says:

      Yes, I dislike the word awesome due to the kids using it for everything, along with the word absolutely. Two powerful and useful words robbed of their power by misuse. Oh well.

      You are right John, these things are hard to fathom when inside our bodies.
      I think pondering on the relationship of dimensions is an exercise that stretches the mind.

      I am very pleased that you appreciate the post. I am impressed by your descriptive term, beyond breathtaking.
      Thank you for your feedback, though I cannot take credit because I only saw it, drew it and wrote it down. I hope it impresses others like it impressed me when I saw it.

      I think one day technologists will break through the dimensions and then perhaps everyone will see things beyond this familiar world.

  3. jade says:

    can you go through timewarps to paralel universes and to past and future?

    did you see aliens in other universes?

    can you name a good book that explains how to leave your body?

    • crossbow says:

      Universes are not parallel but right angled, and spiral around each other, not move parallel with each other. And that is what keeps their respective timelines of varying speeds level with each other so that now is now in every rate of time. No dimension exists in the past or future of another dimension. Everywhere, the past is gone and the future is yet to be. Though the past is recorded/imprinted and its record is accessible, and the future possibilities and likelihoods are envisaged and they too can be accessible, all to degrees of course and depending.

      No Jade, not on that trip; that lesson was only about the structure and arrangement of universes, and the nature of time.

      Go to a religious/spiritual/new-age type book shop and there will probably be some books on astral travel. Or look on the internet.

  4. Aleksey says:

    Hi! Just found your drawings online – I made a similar “nested helix” calendar a while back: http://rightontheones.com/myportfolio/nested-helix/


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