Individuals and Society

Early 1990s.

A question had been on my mind for some time.

It was the middle of the night. After having slept soundly for several hours, the body was still sleeping, its muscles flaccid and lips puffing with each exhalation, but I was aware, awake within the sleeping body. I slid out of the body and stood up.

The silvery figure of the instructor stood straight and still inside the open bedroom door. His body turned slightly away and his face orientated toward me, awaiting my full attention. His facial features, as always, indiscernible, as if covered by a silvery fencing mask.

I stood straight and attentive.

He pointed to the wall several yards in front of me. And where he pointed there appeared a disk, perhaps ten inches in diameter and of a murky colour.

The disk left the wall and came closer to me, and I saw that it consisted of many different coloured dots. Then it moved back to the wall and became its murky colour again.

The instructor looked straight at me, “There is your answer.”

I recognised that the overall colour of the disk when view from a distance is the product of the combined colours of the dots; and each dot is its own colour, and not one of the coloured dots has its colour as a result of the colour of the disk.

And I realised that individuals are not a product of society, but that society is a product of individuals.

“How do I tell them?” I asked.

“Just show them that”, he said, pointing to the disk on the wall.

Then he and the disk disappeared.

Individuals are not a product of society; society is a product of individuals.

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