A meditation group practice


I had been over Melbourne, a city in south eastern Australia, and was belting back to my body at terrific speed. Farmland and towns were flashing past, several thousand feet below.

As I past over a large rural town about 100 miles out of Melbourne I caught sight of a bright and most unusual human light emanating upwards from one of the houses.

I immediately halted and looked down. There was a pillar of white light arising vertically from within the house.

From where I was, several thousand feet above the house, I peered down through the roof and observed a meditation group like I had not observed before. There were about six people, men and women, seated in a circle in a room and one person was seated in the middle of the circle.

The person in the middle was meditating by condensing and concentrating their consciousness within their head and reaching inward and upward towards their own highest self. Those who sat in the circle were focusing their force upon the consciousness of the individual in the middle of the circle, and were applying their force to his effort so that their force combined with his effort and helped lift the height of his consciousness; something like giving someone a leg up, but in a meditative sense.

Light came from each person in the circle, like torch beams to the head of the person in the centre. I don’t’ think/know if they were focusing on directing light per-se, but they were directing effort/lift/helpfulness, and I saw their effort by its light. Then each person’s effort combined with the effort of the centre person’s consciousness and helped to lift the centre person’s consciousness up towards their conscience/higher self/God within. And from the person in the centre of the circle arose the pillar of light which was the person’s heightened consciousness reaching upward and boosted by those around them in the circle.

I was impressed with this group, for their meditation process was actual, not fanciful and emotionally indulgent like so many groups, and they used a simple and powerful method to assist each other.

The body’s sleep apnoea was pulling on me so I took off.

♦ Related: In my meditation classes which I ran as part of my martial art school I had taken the role on myself to apply assistance to the effort of the class members, so that I was not meditating the same as they were, but applying and combining my force with their effort. Of course I never told the class what I was doing. At that time I had not previously thought of making it a group effort to assist another meditator, even though I was assisting them myself. I was amused that I had not previously thought of the idea.

I recognised there would be risks with the practice. Those risks associated with proper meditation would be increased by the intensification of the exercise, plus risks associated with the roles of the individuals in the circle and the one in the centre. There is a minimum standard of sensible conditioning required, along with precautions and safe guards which the participating individuals would benefit from being aware of. It is a group exercise that is best practiced amongst fairly strong and stable practitioners of hardline reality-based consciousness-centred meditation, not by groups of beginners, and not by those who indulge fantasy and feelings and call it meditation for it will only further dissociate them from reality.

But for those whose meditation is pure and correct, this group exercise can enhance individual attainment and group effectiveness.

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5 Responses to A meditation group practice

  1. Betsi M says:

    I suppose such a group energy would have to come from people in close physical proximity to each other. Do you know where your readers are from? I am about 130 or so degrees of our sphere away from Australia. Although I’ve experienced group meditations, no one was qualified to be in the center. Still the effects were life-changing.

    • crossbow says:

      Yes, having the group members together in the same room/place is best, not due to distance limiting the reach of their energy, for it does not, but because proximity assists individuals in their focus and application, and in their coordination with each other.
      The person in the centre requires no more skill/qualification than those in the circle who are adding their assistance.

      • crossbow says:

        Do you know where your readers are from?
        I didn’t notice this question before Betsi. Yes it shows me a display of national flags with a number next to each flag for how many visits from that country. Most flags are from the English speaking countries but there are also a selection from countries where English is not commonly spoken like The Russian Federation, Sth Korea, Sri Lanka, India and many other interesting places. For some reason USA and Australian flags are the most common though. We must waste more time surfing the internet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you explain your meditation method?


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