Looking through a slot into another universe

There had been ten or so years with only the occasional out-of-body excursions, although significant and pivotal ones. But my interest in pursuing the subject was not highly active.

It was Thursday the 19th of August 2010. I dreamt of lying where I was, upon the couch in the lounge room by the comforting fire, dreaming that the body lay asleep and myself awake inside the sleeping body. I drifted easily out of the body and stood upright in the room, slightly out of synch with the physical environment. I made no decision to do so, but just went along passively; and had no control, only the ability to observe my surroundings. As with my daytime consciousness around that time, I felt rather flat. I just observed.

I became aware of the presence of the escort. He offered an excursion. I passively agreed but could put no interest or enthusiasm into it. I could not think of anything that I wanted to see. The escort extended a hand to my elbow and locked onto me.

We took off towards the north, high over the Australian continent, over Papua New Guinea, past south east Asia, past the China coast and over Japan, over eastern Russia and towards the North Pole. As we passed the Arctic Circle we veered upward directly towards Polaris the North Star. We accelerate rapidly, speeding into space. I looked briefly back and saw the Earth shrinking small behind me.

We sped on towards Polaris and I expected we were going there. We were well out beyond the solar system when suddenly the escort stopped in space. I looked back at the Earth but it was too small to see. I could see the blazing star which is our Sun. I had the impression that we had travelled upwards and were now looking downwards, even though we normally consider space to have no up or down.

I sensed the escort was waiting for me to notice something, and he reminded me that we were tuned just above the physical level where energies are visible. I continued to look down and then noticed a most impressive sight. I could see what appeared like rings of silvery sparkling contrails at varying distances from the Sun. I saw they were trails which marked the orbits of the planets. I assumed they were some sort of energy trails.

Upon each trail I was able to find and see its planet, like a tiny node of brighter energy. I was amazed at the great size of the solar system in comparison to the specks which were the planets. By seeing the obit lines of the planets I could locate the planets quite easily, which otherwise would be just specks in vast space and almost impossible to find. I also saw comets that were orbiting form far out to close to the sun in great elliptical orbits.

The scene was something like a diagram of the solar system as seen in a book, but the space was far greater and the planets only specks in the vastness. I was amazed at the immense size of the solar system in comparison to the smallness of the planets.

The lines of the orbits that the planets and comets were travelling on were like threads of sparkling silver energy. Jupiter caught my attention due to it being a relatively bigger planet with a thicker obit trail, even though from where I viewed it, it was only a speck in the vastness of space.

Then the escort took off with me attached, back down towards the Solar System, but now we were heading straight toward Jupiter.

In a few moments we arrived beside Jupiter. It was big. We skirted steadily around it. It impressed me with its colours and the seeming perfectness of its sphere.

We varied our tuning, from slightly out of tune with the physical to quite markedly out of synch and out of the usual third dimensional angle as we know it, so as to observe the planet from various angles and perspectives. As I looked at it from an angle above the normal physical plane, I saw that it had a frequency spectrum to its energy, from its gassy physical as we know it, up through a spectrum of frequencies to much finer energetic frequencies, and all the frequencies I saw were similarly gassy in their own plane.

Curiosity prompted me to venture in close to the planet and extend a part of my consciousness into its atmosphere. I looked about within the atmosphere and saw life in the atmosphere of the planet, and lots of it, like ghosts “swimming” in the energetic part of the planet’s atmosphere. They were swirls of simple basic consciousness, like energy tadpoles swirling within gaseous energy.

Although these simple conscious creatures swirled in the energy which is above the physical plane as we know it, on the physical level they manifested in bodies of swirls of gas, as if they were creatures of swirling air and wind itself. They were born and died with every swirl as it formed and faded, and with every difference in pressure and direction between one swirl of gas relative to another. And with the birth and death of each swirl, each parcel of consciousness descended and ascended through the energy layers of the planet.

I withdrew from the planet’s atmosphere and continued to observe it from without. From the dimensional angle from which I was looking, the planet appeared as both a sphere on the physical plane and a vertical pole or staff of light as it extended through the energetic planes. The staff of light comprised the planet’s scale of frequencies through the layers of energy in each plane, and the sphere was the end of the staff and that part of the staff that manifested as the planet as we know it in three dimensional space.

I was aware that Saturn was near by, relatively speaking, and on the same side of the Sun as we were, for I had observed it when we were high above the solar system and as we descended in towards Jupiter.

I looked across to my right and could see Saturn in the distance. And of course we immediately took off for Saturn and a moment later we were there. I was feeling more enthusiastic now.

Firstly, we skirted around it to get an overall view. As with Jupiter, I tuned my vision up and down in frequency and could see Saturn from different angles than from just the familiar physical view.

When I looked at it from an angle above the physical three dimensional plane I saw that, differently to Jupiter which had only one pillar behind its structure, that the planet Saturn was comprised of two pillars of white light energy in the shape of a cross; one vertical and one horizontal, and they were crossed in their centres at right angles.

The cross was huge and extended up through almost unfathomable dimensions. And I saw that as the cross emerged into the three dimensional universe with its laws for shaping matter in three dimensional space, that the nearest shape the planet could hold in three dimensions to resemble its greater shape of a multidimensional cross was to emerge into three dimensional space as a sphere surrounded by a disk of rings.

The planet manifested at the lower end of the vertical pillar and the energy of the cross above it manifested as the rings.

I looked at the rings on their three dimensional level and saw they were made of rocks of varied shapes and sizes. But when I looked at them from an energetic level above the normal physical plane third dimension, I could see the ring was made of a shiny fluid energy that looked similar to mercury. And the rocks appeared suspended within this mercury-like energy.

After gazing at the silvery substance for some time the escort suggested I look at it edge on. Still tuned to the energetic plane from where the shimmering mercury-like fluid was visible, I ventured down by the side of the planet and looked edgeways into the shimmering mercury-like disk, like one might look edgeways into a pane of glass.

Looking thus edgeways through the disk, I saw the disk was not shiny silver fluid as it was when viewed from above, but was transparent, even hollow and open as if looking through the slot in a letterbox. And when I looked edgeways through the ring I was utterly amazed, for I found myself looking into another universe, with stars and galaxies and space of its own!

I looked over and around the ring at our own universe and then looked back into the edge of the ring to check that what I was seeing was really another universe and not this one. It was real. I was looking through a slot into another universe.

I was gazing through the slot, almost dumbfounded, my mind straining as I tried to fathom the structural relationship between this universe and the other, when the escort took off. I felt an irresistible pull and I shot off too, like the speed of a bullet, back to planet Earth.

I sat up in my body, feeling refreshed and exited about what I had seen. I pondered it for an hour or so, then wrote my notes.

Jupiter's life.

My paisley tie reminds me of the life I saw in the atmosphere of Jupiter. I call it my Jupiter tie.

Saturn. Looking through the slot into another universe.

This cut and paste composite picture roughly depicts the slot which I saw through the energetic counterpart of the rings of Saturn which viewed into another universe.

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8 Responses to Looking through a slot into another universe

  1. Betsi M says:

    So fine and so clear — your descriptions!
    And yet I feel I must speak out for the ‘simple basic energies’ swimming around Jupiter. They may have been intensely concentrating on their lessons there with as much focus as we on Earth use to navigate our cluttered lives here. Perhaps the birth-‘death’-birth cycle was what they were to experience, blinking in and out of that dimension, perhaps in a time frame you were not experiencing. Although your velocity there was increased and the range of the light/energy band was different than we use on Earth, you still may not have been seeing all that was happening there. Perhaps they are us a few stages ago, learning some basics from this particular solar system.
    I hope you get sorts of confirmation somehow from even the material science here–perhaps they will find that the element mercury is useful in seeing beyond the physical realm, or that some instrument will be invented to perceive these ‘new’ configurations of the planets.
    Until that time I’m going to take your word for it.

    • crossbow says:

      Thank you Betsi, for the compliment regarding the clarity of the description.

      You may well be right regarding the Jupiter life forms. And as you suggest, I too am sure there is more happening there than I saw in my brief visit.

      B – “Perhaps they are us a few stages ago, learning some basics from this particular solar system.”

      That possibility occurred to me too.

      B – “I hope you get sorts of confirmation somehow from even the material science here–perhaps they will find that the element mercury is useful in seeing beyond the physical realm, or that some instrument will be invented to perceive these ‘new’ configurations of the planets.”

      I am sure that technology will one day open up extraneous universes, extra dimensions and planes of energy, and the existence and nature of the soul, for all of us to see.

      B – “Until that time I’m going to take your word for it.”

      I am uncomfortable with anyone taking my word on these matters. I encourage others to keep an open mind, to value truth whatever truth may be, and to have faith in self and God.

      Thank you for your comments. They are always welcome and appreciated.

  2. John Mondoe says:

    When starting to read I thought “Sun: the Earth’s oversoul”. After reading it, the title was in the text “Looking through a slot into another universe”. Very interesting post!

  3. Anonymous says:

    if you went through the slot could you not be able to find your way back again?
    Can the silver cord break?
    Is it possible to get lost and not find your way back to your body?
    can someone else get in your body while your away and not let you back in?

    • crossbow says:

      1. Returning to the body is automatic; from any place and from any distance.
      2. Yes, when we die it breaks away from the body. It does not break from going out of body, no matter how far one goes – as far as I know. Everyone leaves their body during sleep and goes out on the end of their silver cord, but most people don’t remember it.
      3. You can always find your way back; coming back is automatic, like an inbuilt reflex.
      4. Not in relation to common astral travel, which is perfectly safe, as far as I know. Keep physically and mentally healthy.


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