Following the Solar System excursion:

This post follows the Solar System Excursion described here

Late August, date unknown, 2010

I heard on the radio that the planets Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter being currently all visible in the night sky and whereabouts they could be seen. Tonight I looked at them through my very powerful binoculars, bracing the glasses against the veranda post to keep them steady.

I live well away from city lights where the stars are bright and numerous so I could even see the rings of Saturn with my naked eyes. Then I realised that Saturn and Jupiter were currently both on the same side of the Earth away from the Sun, as they had been when I had visited them. I thought to myself, of all the places they could be around their great orbits, they were currently close to where they had been when I viewed them from above the solar system and visited them. And why didn’t I realise that before, after the excursion? Part of me is inclined to doubt my out-of-body excursions, tending to keep them tentatively detached from my daily working mind, and so as I looked up at Saturn I wondered whether I had really been to visit it, and Jupiter too. It seemed so far fetched, and yet so real.

Oh well, real or not, its effect is real. It stretched my awareness, it enthused me and helped lift my spirits. And it gave me a spatial comprehension of the Solar System, which I did not have before, and of how to find and get to the planets, and the interesting life within the swirls of gas on Jupiter, the energetic planes of two of the other planets, and of the energy structures in other dimensions from which the planets manifest, and a glimpse of the strange relationship between our universe and another. Perhaps one day my telling of it will stretch and enthuse others too?

Monday 13th September 2010

On the weekend I attended a two day meditation workshop developed by the Monroe Institute in the USA, and it was very well facilitated by a kind and hardworking lady.

The Monroe Institute does research into conscious and into projecting consciousness from the body. The Institute utilizes specially formulated binaural beats to help synchronise the brain’s hemispheres and unify one’s consciousness and assist its direction in meditation and out-of-body efforts.

One of the exercises during the workshop was for participants to set ourselves a question and take our question into our meditation to a state of consciousness that the Institute terms Focus 12 (an expanded state of awareness) and, while within this state, to seek an answer to our question.

I formulated my question as, “Why was I given that experience of the solar system?”

During the meditation I felt an answer impress upon me from above my awareness.

“A treat to motivate you; to help re-kindle your interest and get you started.”

As well as wanting to see what the Monroe Institute program consisted of, the other reason I had attended the meditation workshop was to rekindle my interest and kick start my efforts in this regard, as for some years I had not been disciplined in my practice.

Tuesday 14th September 2010

Today it occurred to me to see if I could look up the night sky on the internet and see if on the 18th August if Saturn and Jupiter were on the same side of the Sun as the Earth and if they formed a triangle with the Earth like I had seen them. I found that they were.

Below is an extract copied and pasted from a website called Night Sky Online. I hope they don’t mind me referring to their excellent scientific website on my astral travel blog.

This Weeks Predictable Sky and Space Events (15 – 21 August 2010)

August 14, 2010 | By Paul Floyd

These notes are intended to provide a casual skywatcher or someone already into amateur astronomy living in the Australian Capital Territory or in South East Queensland (Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the SunshineCoast) with a short summary of what is happening in the night sky this week. Most of the information will also be useful for observers elsewhere in Eastern Australia.

All week

The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn continue to be visible above the Western horizon as evening twilight ends all week. The below finder chart is for Wednesday 18 August 2010 but gives you a general idea of what to expect for the week.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn finderchart.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn finderchart.

Jupiter is now easily visible low above the Eastern horizon from around 9pm throughout the week. It is the only bright starlike object in that part of the sky so you can’t mistake anything else for Jupiter.

An after note: As an exercise I pointed my left arm towards where Saturn had been visible in mid August and my right arm towards where Jupiter had been. Then I visualized the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun and its rotation from west to east, and myself standing on it, underneath, because I am in Australia.

While holding that imagining, I imagined/remembered the view that I saw from Jupiter when I looked across at Saturn, the Earth and the Sun, with my head then towards the North Star, so in both my mental images I was upside down to the other. Then I brought the two images face to face and imagined each image from the other one’s perspective as well as from its own. I was amused to see that both images were compatible with each other and fitted nicely together.

Fortunately I am fairly good at spatial thinking – imaginatively rotating shapes, map reading, imagining a view from another angle and such, and have always had a pretty good awareness of where I am on a landscape and in which direction is everything else. I can walk through bushland for days and usually come out exactly where I want to, and from wherever I stand can point to anywhere else on Earth, over its surface or through it, but even so, it was a head strain for me to do that exercise, but an enjoyable and satisfying one.

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3 Responses to Following the Solar System excursion:

  1. Betsi M says:

    Hello — Are your questions rhetorical? You’ve been involved in miraculous views of Life before this. (-: If you doubt does it hold up further exploration?
    I ‘m wondering what the Monroe Institute’s goal to ‘unify consciousness’ is?
    Betsi M

    • crossbow says:

      Hello Betsi,
      I assume you mean this one:
      “Why was I given that experience of the solar system?”
      No, not rhetorical; actual.

      Perhaps it has slowed development during periods in the past, I don’t know. I think it is reasonable doubt under the circumstances.

      I don’t doubt it right after I return, the doubt has crept in later when I’m involved in normal life with other people and I feel quite different to them. But even then it is only half doubt; a consideration and assessment of the facts. I think back over the years of excursions and I find it all hard to believe and fit with normal life. A certain amount of doubt is required to maintain distinction between truth and falsity. Constant re-assessment and checking is required.

      The strongest doubt was around 12 or so years ago when I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore and it was hard to deal with. Nowadays I have more successfully integrated it into my life. The two worlds have sort of “met”, and I don’t have such a separation between them as I have had in certain periods in the past.

      • crossbow says:

        “I ‘m wondering what the Monroe Institute’s goal to ‘unify consciousness’ is?”
        I forgot this one.
        I meant binaural beats to some extent unify or synchronise the brain function of both left and right hemispheres.


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