Does everyone have a God?

The year was 1970 and I was 10 years old. It was a winter evening and I was outside in the front garden looking up at the stars.

High and spread across the night sky I “saw” what resembled countless giant frog’s eggs of golden light. The golden lights were of different sizes, and from each light came a golden thread down to Earth, and at the bottom of each thread was a person and every person had a thread and a light above them. And then I saw that every group and every town and every country had a light above it.

At the time I had the impression that these lights were gods or something like gods, and that every person, group, town and country had a god connected to them.

The vision was not of long duration but was clear and vivid. And it was not like a vision of the mind but more like a sight in the sky which for a few moments I saw.

I was a Christian boy. My mother taught me and my sister to say the Lord’s Prayer before bed and to say grace before meals. We went to Sunday school at the local Methodist Church. At that time I believed in God as being someone or something all big and powerful who made the universe, and I believed in Jesus as being a son of or someone come from God and who was good and healed people and taught people about God and about how to be good. So the sight in the sky did not fit neatly into my Christian understanding, but I did not think that it misfit either. I just did not make sense of it and simply thought to myself, Everyone has a God? I wonder how that can be? Then I forgot about it and barely thought about it again for about twenty years. I think though, that a glimpse was granted and an idea was planted that evening to assist my understanding later.

And by the way, I am still a Christian, and I still say grace and the Lord’s Prayer. Of course my understanding of Christianity is not as it was when I was ten. For I was a boy and I understood it as I was then. Now I am a man and I understand it as I am now.

(1Corinthians 13:8-13)

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3 Responses to Does everyone have a God?

  1. Paul says:

    It may be of use to distinguish God from gods. Thus St Paul tells us: even if there are those called gods, whether in heaven, whether upon earth — as there are gods many and lords many
    1 Corinthians 8

    Thus there are many gods, and each may be the lord to some people as determined by the Most High:

    In the Most High causing nations to inherit, In His separating sons of Adam — He setteth up the borders of the peoples By the number of the sons of Israel. .For Jehovah’s portion [is] His people, Jacob [is] the line of His inheritance. Deuteronomy 32

    • crossbow says:

      Thanks Paul, though I did distinguish between God and gods, using a capital G and small g, as the Bible does in the passage you cite. And when quoting the ten year old boy’s thinking at the time, “Everyone has a God, I wonder how can that be?” I used the capital G to show that the ten year old was puzzled by how one God could also be many gods. At that time the boy did not understand that those apparent god’s were oversouls through which souls and God connect.

  2. Paul says:

    >those apparent god’s were oversouls through which souls and God connect.

    I am not sure that is a sufficient explanation of the gods of the Old Testament. They were hungry and demanded the first born males of man and beast. (Letting the females live would mean that future production was not reduced.)

    I do not see where Jehovah legitimised the ransoming of sons but it seems to have been a popular practice.

    Exodus 15

    1And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses, saying, 2‘Sanctify to Me every first-born, opening any womb among the sons of Israel, among man and among beast; it [is] Mine.’


    12that thou hast caused every one opening a womb to pass over to Jehovah, and every firstling — the increase of beasts which thou hast: the males [are] Jehovah’s. 13‘And every firstling of an ass thou dost ransom with a lamb, and if thou dost not ransom [it], then thou hast beheaded it: and every first-born of man among thy sons thou dost ransom. …… therefore I am sacrificing to Jehovah all opening a womb who [are] males, and every first-born of my sons I ransom; 16and it hath been for a token on thy hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes, for by strength of hand hath Jehovah brought us out of Egypt.’


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