Consciousness and the personality layers

The diagram in the previous post depicted the component parts of the personality with arrows depicting the direction of drive flowing from consciousness out through the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Here is a different depiction of the same system; this time consciousness is shown in the centre, with the mental, emotional and physical bodies layered successively around it.

Notice that I am identifying the terms, I, soul and consciousness as the same item.

soul 3Within the physical body we feel our physical sensations and physical movements.

Within the emotional body we feel our emotions and feelings.

Within the mental body we observe our thoughts.

Within our consciousness we know our core “I”, our actual self, the observer, the decider, decision maker, the occupant at the centre of our being.

We can heighten, intensify and strengthen our consciousness by practicing centring our self in the head as a unit of pure observance; being aware of our self the consciousness, and being observant of our surroundings.

We can practice this exercise regularly, while sitting quietly and throughout the day while doing tasks such as house work, gardening, and walking.

Practice steadily as often as you can, and soon you will be highly conscious most of the time.

That is if you wish to be, of course.

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