Meditation 1 – what meditation is and what its not

The following is an introduction to get-real-meditation, for those prepared to face things as they are, including themselves.

Being able to do something is always easier when we know what it is that we are trying to do.

If we do not know what it is we are trying to do, then we are unlikely to be able to do it.

It is also helpful to know what it is that we are not trying to do, for contrast clarifies.

Meditation is not relaxation.

Meditation is not empty headedness.

Meditation is not indulgence of pleasant imaginings and feel-good emotions.

Meditation is not an escape from reality – in fact it is just the opposite.

Meditation is not an activity of thought.

Meditation is an activity of consciousness – not of thought, but of that part of our self that is aware of thought.

Meditation is consciousness exercising and intensifying itself.

As awareness is the first attribute of consciousness, meditation begins with exercising awareness of our surroundings and of our own existence.

We begin by centring our self in the head and by being aware of our surroundings.

We hold our self steady in the head, being aware of all sensory income.

We maintain gentle awareness of our whole field of vision, of all sounds, of all sensations, and of being aware of our self as the awareness, aware of our self the observer.

We can practice this in seated poise, then later we can practice when standing, then when walking and when doing simple tasks.

Practice, and in a little while your awareness of self and surroundings will become more stable and intense. You will begin to feel the strong presence of your own existence in your head.

Play with it; practice it; strengthen it.

This is only the beginning.

From this foundation of increased awareness much is possible.

For this place within the head, the place of our presence and awareness, is our consciousness, is part of our soul, and is the driver’s seat of our entire being.

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6 Responses to Meditation 1 – what meditation is and what its not

  1. Anonymous says:

    My meditation teacher told us to imagine our perfect place as if we are there. Are you saying thats not meditation?
    What about mindfulness meditation. Is that what you are talking about?

    • crossbow says:

      1. Imagination and guided imagination is not meditation.
      Imagining a nice place is just imagining a nice place; it is not meditation.
      Imagination is one thing, meditation is another. As thought is one thing and consciousness is another.
      What I teach on this website is true meditation / get real meditation / no bullshit meditation.
      Imagination is imaged thought / visual thought.
      Consciousness is awareness of self and surroundings, including awareness of thoughts; is also freewill and the ability to exert effort/force.
      Meditation is consciousness exercising itself – identifying, locating, heightening, intensifying itself. Getting to know itself, its qualities, its powers, and exercising them.
      As awareness is the first attribute of consciousness, meditation begins with identifying awareness and exercising it. That is where we are up to so far.

      2. Mindfulness meditation is one of the recent trends in psychology. It boils down to paying attention.

      This website will far exceed what is taught by psychologists who teach mindfulness meditation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you say meditation is just being aware, and being aware of being aware.

    • crossbow says:

      Yes, meditation begins with exercising consciousness of our self and our surroundings – and yes, being conscious of our being conscious. But that is only the beginning and the foundation of meditation, upon which all other meditative abilities and abilities of consciousness are built. Being the foundation makes it the beginning and in a sense the most important because all other meditative and conscious ability is built upon it, but it is not the end, for from that base much is possible. Exercise consciousness of surroundings and of self; be gently aware of all things, all sensations, all actions, words, and even thoughts. Practice this often and regularly, maintain it as best you can, and in time consciousness will become calm, heightened and strong. And from there will become more able to perform things which it could not perform before.

  3. Johng97 says:

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