The Foundation Body

The foundation body is the layer of the psyche where the values are held; it forms the foundation of the mental, emotional and physical behavioural bodies or layers.

Between consciousness and the mental body exists the foundation body.

The foundation body is the base upon which the mental, emotional and physical bodies are built and patterned, with each body comprised of its respective matter, that is either physical, emotional or mental matter.

The foundation body is adhered to the consciousness, and is so thin and so close to the consciousness that it may be regarded as the “skin of the soul”.

As water has surface tension, the foundation body is something like surface tension over consciousness.

Values: The foundation body contains the individual’s values. Values are synonymous with priorities and importances. These three words  – values/priorities/importances – refer to the same things, but being three different words for the same things, they provide different angles or aspects to assist our understanding of them.

Our values are what we value; they are what we consider to be important; they are our priorities.

The foundation body is like a blueprint or plan: The substance of the foundation body is like a blueprint or plan from which a building can be produced.

The particles of the foundation body are like particles which hold the code or the pattern from which are produced the various packages of inclinations, tendencies and habits of the mental and emotional bodies.

The foundation body is like a compressed computer file: The mental-emotional body which comprises all our mental constructs and emotional inclinations is like a large computer file such as a large document, photograph or video, and the foundation body is like turning that large file into what is termed a “compressed file” so that it has less substance to it, takes less storage room and can be more easily emailed. Then the recipient of the email can de-compress the file and it expands to its normal size with all its information available.

The foundation body underpins every quality of the personality: The mental and emotional bodies are comprised of many packages of programmed mental and emotional energy, and each of these packages we have programmed our self, and each package is an inclination/tendency/habit, of thought, emotion and behaviour. And each mental-emotional package prioritises itself according to our order of priorities/values.

The sum total of the inclinations and habits of thought, emotion and behaviour within our threefold mental-emotional-physical body is what comprises our personality. In other words, our personality is the sum total of all our inclinations, tendencies and habits of thought, emotion and behaviour. And underneath each inclination and habit of thought, emotion and behaviour exists a value particle or condensed package of energy within the foundation body which holds the blueprint or plan for that particular personality inclination. And the foundation body as a whole holds the plans/blueprint or condensed version of the whole of the mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Analogous to DNA: As DNA is to the physical body, similarly the foundation body is to the mental and emotional bodies.

The foundation body is retained from one life to the next: When we die we shed the physical body and exist in our mental-emotional body. A while afterwards we go through what might be called a second death at which time we shed the mental-emotional body, but the foundation body remains upon us throughout our lives. At rebirth the foundation body provides the plan or blueprint from which and upon which the physical, emotional and mental bodies form as they were in the previous life. The foundation body is what enables our personality to continue its development through successive incarnations.

With each incarnation the mental-emotional bodies are rebuilt of the same mental-emotional substance but of different particles of that substance than before, like rebuilding a house of the same plan and with the same kinds of bricks but different individual bricks, so that it is a different house but looks exactly the same as the previous one.

This shedding and rebuilding of the mental emotional bodies, even though they are the same as before, is part of the reason why we cannot remember our past lives within our normal mental and emotional memories, even though we have the same mental-emotional patterns.

One of the places memories of past lives are stored is “sideways” or “edge on” within the foundation body. The foundation body carries our values from one life to the next, and upon and from these values is re-built the mental, emotional and behavioural layers of our personality.

The foundational body evolves: The foundation body evolves as our values/importances/priorities evolve. Throughout our life, and from life to life, the order of our values are rearranged and thus evolve. And with the evolution of our values/importances/priorities, the inclinations of our mental and emotional bodies evolve too and thus our thinking and behaviour follows.

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2 Responses to The Foundation Body

  1. enquirer says:

    How can values exist in a body?

    • crossbow says:

      Values are not mental replications of the items themselves stored in the foundation body, as thoughts of things are replications of them in the mental body. Nor are values an emotional reaction to things, as are emotional reactions in the emotional body to such things.

      Values are a condensed representation of things along with the values of them respective to each other, according to our current judgement.

      The foundation body is a registry of the respective value, importance and priority of all things perceived and conceived of.

      The foundation body is analogous to a document listing items and their value and listed in their order of value.

      In other words, the foundation body is a layer in which exists a spectrum or order of value or relative value, or grading of value, of all things perceived and conceived of, from highest to least value to our self; our order of the importance to our self of all things; the order of our priorities from first to last.

      The foundation body is the body or layer that holds the order or sequence of the value/importance/priority of all things that we perceive or conceive of, from the least to highest in their value/importance/priority to least to most important to the least.

      The order of values/importances/priorities is set by the individual, according to the individual’s present judgement.


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