The foundation layer, recapped.

The foundation layer or body is essentially these three things:

1. The individual’s order of values/importances/priorities from highest to lowest.

2. Is carried through successive lives.

3. Is the foundation of the personality and is the layer that serves as a blueprint from which and upon which the mental, emotional and behavioural layers of the personality are patterned and rebuilt each lifetime.


The causal body or foundation body is the foundation of the personality and the vehicle of the soul.

The foundation body or layer is the foundation of the personality; it registers the order of the individual’s values, importances and priorities as he judges them to be; it is retained through successive lives, and provides a blueprint and foundation for the rebuilding of the mental, emotional and behavioural (physical) bodies each lifetime, and as such is a longer term vehicle of the soul; and is in a state of ongoing change or evolution. In a sense it is adhered to the soul, and compared to the other personality layers it is a structurally thin layer, for example, as thin as the line of which a circle is drawn, but to insert the word “values” I have depicted it thicker in this diagram. It is in fact so thin that it may be regarded and termed “the skin of the soul”.

The foundation layer may be regarded as the “skin of the soul”.

The foundation layer is in a state of evolution through life and through successive lives, from beginning naivety and ignorance, through error and partial accord with reality, to its eventual accordance with reality, at which time its values/importances/priorities align with the true nature of reality and with the order and purpose of things as they were and are created/exist/unfold.   

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One Response to The foundation layer, recapped.

  1. Betsi M says:

    So true reality with which we are aligning our foundation bodies is not innocence and naiveté’ that some of us were taught is a kind of purity? We should be moving away from that to true reality? Then I hope the TRUE reality isn’t the realities we get from the news media. Ick.


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