Convictions and Values

The term “values” often gets popularly used to refer only to our highest values; the things we hold as being most important to our self. But that is an incomplete definition. For we place a value on everything we can conceive of, and therefore, everything we can conceive of has a value placed on it by our self according to our judgement.

All things conceived of and arranged in a spectrum from their least to highest importance to our self, comprise the order of our values. We might term this spectrum of all things our ranking of values, or our order of priorities, or our arrangement of things according to their importance to our self.

Examining and re-ordering our ranking of values can be used as a means of self-assessment and self-progress.

Our order of values can be re-arranged. It is being unconsciously and continually re-arranged through the gradual realisation process produced by the experiences of life. But if we wish to, then we may take up a more conscious and deliberate rearranging of our values.

According to our judgement we may shift a value that we recognise has been near the top of the scale to a position somewhere down the scale, and shift a value from a lower position to a higher position.

Our values are subject to our judgement. They can be re-arranged by our judgement. It is an easy process. All we have to do is weigh things against each other, compare their importance, and decide the order of priority that we will give them.

Our judgement is our ability to weigh things up and to compare them to a standard.

As our judging ability improves, and as our values are better re-arranged, our foundation body, which is comprised of our order of values, evolves and its quality changes, and our personality with all its mental, emotional and behavioural inclinations follows suit.

Our task, using our best judgement, is to arrange our values according to reality and true priority. And then our personality with all our thinking, being and living is inclined accordingly.

Convictions and Values

Our convictions are our ideas of how things are and aught to be.

Our convictions are every thing we can conceive of. Every thing we can conceive of is a conviction.

Convictions and values are the same items.

Convictions are the items we can conceive of, and their value is how important to our self we judge those items to be, relative to each other.

And after we conceive of something, be it a tangible item or a conceptual one, we then hold a conviction of its existence as a reality or as a concept.

All things conceived of are convictions, and with judgement we place a value upon each of our convictions relative to one another.

They are termed convictions because we are convicted they exist, as reality tangible or conceptual.

In summary, so far, these three points:

Our foundation layer comprised of convictions and their values exists upon the surface of our consciousness, where this layer forms the foundation of the personality with all its mental, emotional and behavioural patterns and inclinations.

Our values are our scale of priorities; our scale of all things conceived of (convictions), arranged from most to least important, according to our judgement.

We think, emotionally move, speak and behave within the scope of our convictions and according to the respective values that we judge them to have.

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2 Responses to Convictions and Values

  1. Sam says:

    Are convictions beliefs?

  2. crossbow says:

    Yes one’s beliefs are included in one’s convictions.
    Our convictions are our ideas of how things are and aught to be.
    Our convictions are everything we can conceive of.
    Our most highly valued and overriding beliefs are drivers of the mental-emotional-behavioural patterns and inclinations of our personality.


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