Intelligence, Consciousness, Soul – the same entity

So far when I use the terms consciousness and soul I am referring to the same thing. In other words by consciousness I also mean soul, and by soul I also mean consciousness. Also, by use of the word intelligence I mean the same thing as consciousness and soul. The difference in the terms is largely referential, pertaining to angles of approaching, describing and comprehending the same identity, which is the intelligence / the consciousness / the soul. The three attributes of consciousness are:

  1. Awareness of self and surroundings
  2. Freewill
  3. The ability to exert, impart, apply and transmit force/effort/energy.

The three types of intelligence are:

  1. Passive intelligence
  2. Active intelligence
  3. Creative intelligence

As consciousness and intelligence are the same, so the three attributes of consciousness and the three types of intelligence correspond. Pondering them separately and bringing acquired clarities together will help provide a fuller understanding. Then internalise it, and come to understand it both objectively and subjectively, that is intellectually and by being it.

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