Intelligence, Consciousness, Soul – the same enitity, part 2

The soul is consciousness and intelligence, and there is no difference between these two, except as terms of reference to be used as different angles by which to view the soul. That is, to view and understand the soul as consciousness or intelligence, and to come to see they are the same.

Through the reference of consciousness the soul is seen to possess three attributes of consciousness.

And through the reference of intelligence the soul is seen to possess three types of intelligence.

The soul is triune in its nature. With its first quality enabling the second, and the second enabling the third, and the three working together.

The first attribute of consciousness is awareness, that is, awareness of itself and its surroundings, and awareness of surroundings has a scope or width of field, and within that scope the awareness has an ability to discern differences, and this is the same as passive intelligence which is the ability to discern differences but no ability to freely choose.

The second attribute of consciousness is freewill, the ability to freely choose from any option discerned, and this is the same as active intelligence, the second type of intelligence.

The third attribute of consciousness is the ability to exert effort, to drive, to force, to impart energy via/into the options discerned and chosen by the first and second attributes; and this is the same as creative intelligence, the ability to freely choose from a variety of options and combine them to create a previously imagined result.

In accordance with the nature of the respective species, and within a freewilled species by degrees according to the individual’s degree of awakening, the awareness of surroundings may be with or without awareness of self, and the ability to choose may be free or preprogramed and instinctual, and the ability to exert energy may be preprogramed or free and creative or free and haphazard.

The first attribute of consciousness has an outward-inward dimension to its nature, in other words a to-and-fro dimension. And combining with the nature of the first attribute, the second attribute has both horizontal and vertical dimensions to its nature, in other words left-right and up-down dimensions. And combining with the natures of the first and second attributes, the third attribute has a creative-haphazard dimension to its nature.

Each attribute and their abilities and qualities ride upon and depend upon the prior, and the three together comprise the unit that is our consciousness/intelligence/soul.

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