Music wonderful Music

I wanted to know more about music, its physics, its origins, and its uses. Over several excursions out of the body, both escorted and unescorted, I learned some things about music that I did not imagine could be possible beforehand.

I was escorted to a place where music was being composed and performed in preparation to be manifested on Earth’s physical plane through the minds of some receptive musical composers.

I was amused to hear a modern popular song about the rhythm of life and love of which the words of the original song being played in the astral plane were a little different to the words of the Earthly version which was a popular song. And yet despite the words of the astral original not “getting through” to Earth as accurately as they might have done, the general idea of the message still came through in the song, and in a way it came through as a more potent message than if it had been accurately manifested because the message was still present but was a little subliminal and therefore it bypasses resistance in some people.


I asked to hear some music yet to be released to Earth, and I was shown and heard a most happy and catchy piece of music performed by a colourful band. Colour seemed to come from the music itself. It was a song written for those in mid life and who had been married for many years and its purpose was to assist them in keeping their marriages together and their love alive and healthy. The melody and the words were truly beautiful, heart wrenching, and sunk deeply into me. At the end of the performance I told my escort how beautiful it was and how I will sing it when I get back. He said that cannot be permitted for the song is not due for release on Earth yet and so I cannot be permitted to take back the memory of it with me. The escort then extracted the memory of the song from my mind. I actually felt it being extracted and then it was gone and I could not remember it any more. I was so disappointed, I almost cried. I asked if there was any part of it that I may be permitted to remember. He said, yes you may remember this one line. And then I re-heard and was allowed to remember one line from the song, which went like this, “Speak to me like we are in love”.


I was shown and heard an ancient melody and the “idea” or truth that it carried. I saw and heard that it was so old that it was one of the early melodies to have emerged from the sound of the unfolding cosmos. Its notes and cords like prime numbers, primary colours and primary shapes, pure and simple, yet powerful, and fitted together in the most perfect and natural way. The idea carried by the melody and rhythm is one of the first and greatest ideas concerning man. I saw that the piece of music has existed for as long as the idea of man has existed; that it had manifested on Earth in times past and had manifest again recently. I listened to the words of its most recent manifestation and saw the words matched the idea of the music. And yet despite the words seeming clear, the idea remained abstract and hidden by a careful presentation, yet subliminally the idea is receivable to those able to comprehend and appreciate it.


I was shown the life in ancient Germany of a hermit who lived in a cabin by a crossroad deep within a vast forest. I saw the story of his life; his relationship with the travellers who past by; his great personal, religious and spiritual commitments, his struggles and mistakes; his daring, strength, courage, testings, successes and failings. He fought an immense battle within himself between the extremes of humanness; a battle of a type and with extremes and intensity that had not been fought by any man before. And although he lost, he won an understanding that can only come from defeat. I saw that from his soul and life as he fought his awful struggle, and also from the soul of a woman with whom he became entangled, there emanated an energy which flowed out across the land and went up through the astral planes that surround the Earth, and condensed like clouds and then precipitated down towards the Earthly plane again, and over the centuries manifested through receptive minds in many lands as poems, ballads and stories. And I saw that by some way that I cannot explain, for its workings are beyond my understanding, that his having fought that battle in himself made it easier for others for all time who would come after him to fight the same battle in themselves. And after maybe a thousand years had past I saw a young man not full grown, his body no more than a boy’s, and yet his soul so powerful and knowledgeable of music that he reached up amongst the planes and spheres and caught in full the sound of the life and struggle of the hermit and the woman who lived so long before, and he brought the music of that struggle down to Earth.

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4 Responses to Music wonderful Music

  1. Betsi says:

    Hello, Very informative and beautifully told. It deserves silent reflection. I want so much to ‘hear’ the other music you write of !
    And yet, I’m also startled — Did you on purpose lead your readers to a musical accompaniment of your idea –Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade” played by pianist Yuja Wang? That was very moving, very effective.

    • crossbow says:

      Yes Betsi, Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade” is the piece I am referring to there, so I included a link to it beautifully played by Yuja Wang.

      I have learnt that music is of many kinds and origins. Gretchen am Spinnrade is an example of music that arises from the notes, intervals and cords of human struggle, and is the music of a particular kind of human struggle. These notes, intervals and cords of human struggle arise from the conflicts in human souls, circulate through the Earth’s astral atmosphere and then return to Earth something like the natural water cycle does. Schubert, of course, helped precipitate the sound of a particular human struggle when he wrote the music for Goethe’s “Faust” poem, which itself was a precipitation and hand-down of the same ancient story of struggle from even earlier times between the soul and matter, between God and the devil, between divine love and emotional and bodily love. I hope one day to write a brief post about the life of that hermit.

      Other kinds of music are composed in the higher astral planes for the purpose of assisting humanity with its various struggles.

      Other kinds of music emanate from the movements of the cosmos, from the harmonies of the dimensions and universes as they move along.

      And of course there are many other kinds of music as well.

      I thought it best to give an example of only one kind, and for the rest just put the ideas out there and leave it to people to wonder about.

  2. Serenade says:

    Returning extensions

    Close and distant

    Eyes closing with the one

    Fragrant laugh

    To all souls with joy

    • crossbow says:


      Beautiful music, that says so much.

      Re. Swan Lake, 14.Act 4 Final Scene
      Yes, returning extensions. It seems to resonate with the immense opposing compressive forces within the planet’s layers physical, emotional and mental, mashing, refining, then squeezing forth the purified, the liberated and victorious, returning to their greater selves with knowledge and realisation that can only be acquired by passing through such process.

      The visual accompaniment to the piece titled Monastery of La Rabida is impressive. It induces the viewer’s sense of awe. And yet even that great expanse is tiny compared to what more is out there. I know little about computers so I wonder how that was made. I wish I knew how to make videos like that. I imagine it might be possible to make motion picture replications of the relationships between multiple dimensions so that people could better comprehend them.

      Joy to the World – lovely and so powerful. I read it is nearly 300 years old now, and is still being sung around the world. But I suspect the “heart song” it both comes from and inspires has been around since the concept of love – as a saviour from suffering and as an accelerated means of progress (and graduation) – came to Earth 2000 years ago. I hope it will be sung for many more centuries yet.

      Thanks for putting those links up.


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