Faculties of Consciousness 2


The attributes of consciousness, in their order, are firstly, awareness; secondly, freewill; and thirdly, the ability to apply force/energy.

Each attribute of consciousness applies itself upon, through and in conjunction with the prior attribute. In other words, force is applied to the choice we make, and choice is applied to our awareness of options.

Likewise, when we view consciousness from the reference of intelligence, we see that there could be no creative intelligence without underlying active intelligence, and no active intelligence without underlying passive intelligence, for each type of intelligence is an addition upon the former.


The faculties of consciousness are simply divisions within the attributes of consciousness.

As the three attributes of consciousness ride upon each other in their respective order, so too, the faculties (divisions) belonging to each attribute ride upon the faculties of the prior attribute.

As the attribute of awareness divides into its faculties of mental sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, and further divides to perceive the many grades of colour, sound, smell, taste and touch available, then so too, the attribute of freewill divides from simply being an ability to freely choose between two stark options, to being able to freely choose from many options, and thereby providing consciousness with active intelligence.

To the width of scope and fineness of distinction that awareness can perceive, can freewill choose; and to that same width of scope and fineness of distinction can intelligent effort¹ be exerted, force applied and energy imparted to that choice.

So we see that the divisions that our awareness can perceive provide the options that our freewill can choose from, and to which we then apply force and energy to.

¹ I used the term intelligent effort because it is possible for the application of force or initiative to override or exceed the capacity of awareness and freewill to sensibly accommodate it. In which case we might say the result is not so much creative intelligence but haphazard expression of crude initiative. (crosslink here)

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2 Responses to Faculties of Consciousness 2

  1. Betsi says:

    This and some others of your blogs contain the answers to my questions that I asked you recently. Please disregard those separate questions as I’m all set now. Thanks!


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