The Picture Book

After the body went to sleep I was drawn down to the gravel flat in front of the property’s two farm houses where the cars and tractor turn around. It was a dark night and starry sky. All around was pastureland and the edge of the property bordered a vast forest. The occupants of both houses and the creatures of the day were sleeping and the night-time creatures were awake. The great oak tree stook nearby and the blue heeler slept in his kennel beneath the oak. A huge pine with ivy up its trunk and full of sleeping daytime birds stood between the two old houses, its branches overhanging them both. I was conscious of being alone, out of my body, standing on the gravel driveway, awaiting something, but not sure what.

From somewhere above, the anonymous escort arrived. In his hands he held a large book. He told me the book was a copy taken from higher records.

He stood beside me, opening the book so that I could see the pages clearly. It was a picture book and every page a living picture of the history of mankind on planet Earth. Not history as we normally know history to be, but a far more distant history than that. The book was a history of the rise and fall of human civilisations that existed well before history as we currently know it.

Standing on the gravel flat, I observed carefully as the escort turned the pages of the book, and page after page a story was told about the early race of man, how they lived, what their communities were like, their buildings, their occupations, their relationships, what their lessons were, and how they were administered and supervised.

I watched attentively as the pages turned, every page alive, its picture animated, communicative in every sense.

How people lived in those early days was very different to how people live today. Mentally, people were like wild children, but physically they were more physical than most people are today.

They could not govern themselves, not individually nor socially, they could not by their own initiative group together to work constructively, even to build adequate shelters for themselves. They could not think; they pursued only their most basic physical impulses, and their physical impulses were strong. Without outside help from a superior race they would probably have soon died off. So they were helped along, without their supervisors interfering more than was required.

Shelters were provided. Solid buildings made of stone. A system of labour and reward was instituted; they had to work for food and shelter, so as to teach them the basics of action and results, and about cooperation and the circulation of effort.

There was no marriage in those days, no husbands and wives, no families as we know them, and no sense of reservedness or inhibition. Sexual activity occurred anywhere, in groups and gangs and mixed with violence. And it was all quite normal for the times. The sexual impulse in the race back then was stronger than it is today, and sexual activity more frequent and unrestrained.

At one stage a particular social problem developed whereby the physical brutality and impulsiveness of the race was so elevated that copulation between man and woman was seldom completed due to endemic violence. The sight of sexual activity triggered the sexual impulse in other males who attacked the male involved and fought amongst each other, each seeking to have the woman themselves.

Within the picture book I saw a teacher from the overseers perform a copulation method whereby he seemingly completed the act before other males could remove him from the task. He held the woman securely from behind, gripping her pubic area, keeping mobile and releasing one hand at a time he unleashed powerful backhanded arcs landing his fists like hammers to the side of the head or neck of any man who sought to displace him and take the woman.

The most observant in the attacking group noticed his effective actions and soon adopted them as their own. This method of defending oneself while copulating became wide spread, and so more pregnancies were achieved and the population grew.

“Oh, the first martial art”, I said.

“Yes, we thought you would find that interesting”, said the escort.

The pages turned and with each page a stage in human history was shown. Time went by and little by little early man learnt basic lessons. He eventually reached a stage were he was capable of learning on a slightly higher level, but prompting him to do so would take severe inducement.

An idea was developed amongst the overseers to get men and women to pair together for the purpose of developing emotions higher than those associated with the most basic physical impulses – emotions that would be related to mutual loyalty and affections.

A sexually transmitted disease was introduced. It killed within the cycle of one day. It produced a rapid breakdown of the body, starting at the sexual organs shortly after copulation. The genitals opened into a dreadful sore that spread like an expanding crater over the lower part of the body. Within hours the individual was rotting away, crawling and dying on the ground. As rampant public copulation continued the disease spread throughout the population.

Early man soon associated the disease with the sexual act. And soon the vague concept of it being contagious occurred to them.

For safety, and for the first time, many people paired themselves into couples.

When people went to work for the supervisors and to get food, and were otherwise out and about and apart from the one they had paired with, they dare not copulate with anyone else until they returned to meet with the person they had partnered with.

For the first time people started thinking of another person with longing for them, imagining their face and looking forward to seeing them. And the sexual positioning changed and become front on and more personal. And the higher centres came into play. For the first time, families formed.¹

Some people did not pair as couples to escape the disease, instead they formed into groups, and some groups of men kept more women than they needed, so that some men were left without women, and many such men formed their own groups and turned to homosexuality. Some men took disease free children from couples and from other groups.

Violence continued. The repulsive and awful disease was running rampant through the population. The early race and its civilisation were dying.

Another race and civilisation grew up. Its bodies were different from the previous race; although remnant traces of the previous bodies remained in some sub-races of the second race. Souls from the first race continued to incarnate, and brought with them the understandings they had previously learnt, and fresh souls too arrived. And this race like, the former, would rise and fall.

The supervisors mixed more noticeably with the second race, demonstrating great ideas and technical possibilities, inducing amazement and seeding curiosity in the minds of early man.

In time this second civilisation went awry and began to crumble. Dishonesty, malicious and perverse ideas and efforts arose and their consequences came about, and at the same time there were geographical disturbances, and with all the upheavals and calamities together this civilisation too died out.

And then another race arose, our own.  With several sub-races deliberately separated and inhabiting different lands. These sub-races would live largely apart from each other with relatively minor exchanges for many thousands of years, developing mostly independently along parallel lines until their development would reach a stage where they would be forced to undergo a great convergence.

¹ The first significant interpersonal bonds were formed at that time. These are bonds between souls, comprised of the ingredients of individual’s personalities, and the particular interpersonal exchanges that occur in their relationship with each other. Such bonds are everlasting, drawing the same souls repeatedly together, the bond changing for better or worse with each re-cycling as the individuals learn and grow, until eventually the bond is transformed and purified by love, and depending on the hearts of the individuals involved, that may take a short time to achieve or may potentially take forever. I hope to cover the full mechanism by which this works in future posts.

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One Response to The Picture Book

  1. Tekhan says:

    The history of mankind, the very short version; guided and misled. All involved races were making genetic experiments, not creators of selves though, hehe. They did set the scene for courageous journeys by those who dared to bungee jump without the cords; the suspension of having previous incarnational memories as incarnations in this world. Actually, it does seem like many spiritual sources have alien sponsors.


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