The Homogeniser part 2

On this particular occasion, after doing my prayers I leaned back against the chest of draws and relaxed. Centred in my head I casually scanned my surroundings. Aware of myself as consciousness centred in the head, I scanned the surrounding environment.

I casually wondered if there are any aliens from other worlds living here on this planet amongst us humans; and if there are such aliens living amongst us then where might the nearest one be?

As I lightly mused this question I became aware of my own openness – the crown centre being fairly clear, the heart centre active, the mind clear, the consciousness elastic, and the breath free. I noticed my system felt particularly open and potent.

It occurred to me that now was a suitable time to investigate. As ridiculous as a question may seem, if it is worth the faintest consideration then it is worth gaining the answer if one is able to do so. I immediately made up my mind to take the opportunity and make the effort.

I reached within, in to consciousness, back, in and upward, to and through the crown centre. When I had the pathway well sensed I withdrew my central self up the pathway, gathering and drawing myself upward on the breath. I pressed myself up against the semipermeable membrane that spans the crown centre at the ceiling of bodily consciousness. Using the breath in the way that keeps consciousness pressing upward against the membrane I kept the pressure of consciousness against the membrane. Attaching consciousness to breath and gathering it up on the inhalation; and while holding it gathered, detaching it on the exhalation. 1

I passed through the membrane; my consciousness dividing into two connected parts; something like a figure eight; part of me still in the body, aware of the body and perceiving through the body’s senses, and the other part of me above and outside of the body and perceiving with the faculties of consciousness. 2

I rose high enough to feel clear of the body and its pull and interference. I presented my question upward to my oversoul, to that part of myself within and above conscience and of which my own consciousness is an extension. I cleared my system of all preconceived ideas, and tuned my selfwill with my oversoul’s will, handing myself over.

Leaving part of myself centered and anchored in the head and aware of the body’s surroundings, I above the head that had externalised through the crown scanned the surrounding landscape, around in all directions, over the horizons, further and further afield. There … there was something unusual … to the east.

The rush across space was immediate and rapid; in a high arc, high over the landscape. There was little effort or control on my part; just the decision to go towards the unusual point of energy.

Within a moment I was positioned about one hundred yards above the busy central business district of an Australian state capital city. I hovered steadily, observing the scene below. Hundreds of pedestrians walked up and down the wide footpath of a well known central city street. Their auras showing faintly to my vision.

An individual’s aura/note/energy caught my attention. It was an auric energy strangely different from everyone else’s.  The unusual aura/note/energy came from an individual amongst the crowd who was walking up the footpath towards me. I cannot describe how his energy was different to everyone else’s, only that it was markedly different. It was the one I had sensed when scanning from three hundred miles away just before the rush across the landscape to this location.

I lowered my height so as to more clearly observe the front of the strange one. I was now only metres above the heads of the pedestrians and I was looking directly at him. He was perhaps seventy yards away and walking directly towards me.

He was, as I have already implied, a male.

Although his energy was markedly different from everybody else, physically he was completely nondescript. I could not physically describe him, and yet I could see him quite clearly.

I saw that he was invisible to those around him. Not because people could not see him, for he was physical and clearly visible.

But I saw that no one could notice his features, no one could identify him or remember him.

I saw that the reason no one could see him was because his every feature and overall physical appearance was perfectly average, and this quality of being perfectly average in every regard made him invisible to others.

People stepped around him and yet they could not see him, or rather, they could not see any particular feature of him, they could not notice him.

As he walked towards me he briefly glanced up at me. Our eyes briefly met, and I knew that unlike everyone else, he could see me.

He continued walking towards me, watching the crowd ahead of him, and I knew he was aware of me watching him. Our awareness was on each other.

I asked him, “What do you do?”

The question went straight to him, via our awareness of each other.

He replied, “I homogenise.”

Although I did not understand what he meant I accepted his answer and I was about to leave it at that.

But then as he was passing underneath me, I said to him, “I don’t understand”.

He said, “Come in and see for your self; see as I see, see what I do”.

I sensed his receptiveness, and I could not miss such an opportunity, so I descended into his being.

I entered in and merged with his consciousness. His awareness was my awareness; his attention was my attention. I was a passive rider in his mind, observing his every function, and a recipient of all his sensory income. I saw his purpose, I looked out through his eyes and saw as he saw, and I saw what he was doing. I saw his work and how he worked.

With him and through his eyes I looked up the street and saw the crowds of pedestrians walking the city footpath. I saw them as he saw them. I noticed the details that he noticed. I was witnessing all his internal functions, his seeing, his focusing, his working.

People walked the footpath, walking with us and towards us.

Through his eyes the colours of every person’s aura were clearly visible.

He observed the auras of everyone, and took notice of those with the most different qualities to each other who were coming somewhere near each other, about to pass each other, and by subtle telepathic influence he prompted them to pass by each other in closer proximity so that their auras overlapped and the differing qualities and energies of each person unconsciously contacted the other, inducing responses and reactions within each person, influencing each other in many possible ways, and providing opportunities within each other for growth.

He walked the city streets doing this, homogenising the crowd. He was carefully selective in his work.

My consciousness was blended with his and I saw the wider purpose of his work. I saw the opposing forces he was working against and with. Something like a brake works against and with a throttle, so together they keep the vehicle moving as required. Or like a funnel works against and with the pouring of a liquid, controlling it but not disallowing it. He worked with and for human freewill, not interfering with it, but contributing towards the regulation and management of its outcomes.

I sensed my lesson was over and I was expelled from his being. I had a moment to thank him. There was a mutual acknowledgement or salute, then like a rubber band retracting, I returned, merging with the body and melding back into my in-body consciousness.

It seemed a lot to take in. I relaxed and replayed the memory of it, put my hand on my heart and thanked God for the lesson, and for all the blessings of life, then went to bed.

1. I intend to describe and explain this method of breathing in later posts.
2.The faculties of consciousness are the senses of consciousness that correspond with the physical senses. They are the abilities of consciousness to see, hear, smell, touch, and more besides just those abilities that have a bodily correspondence. See here, here, here, and here.    

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3 Responses to The Homogeniser part 2

  1. Tekhan says:

    Crossing auras can assist, it can complicate, but isn’t regulating extensions a task for the respective oversouls?

    If someone were to manage your speech, without you knowing, for you and other citizens to always start your replies with “Awesome, cobber!” – the convergence of American and Australian language – wouldn’t you like to have a say in it? That retarded someone thought it was best for your freewill to be managed this particular way, but who’s he to make you retreaded like him?

    I’ve decided to manage your freewill, and it is my imaginary post mind you. Your answer to that special someone is as follows: Awesome cobber! Thank for knowing what’s best for me. Apparently, this is as good as it gets.

    I’m having second thoughts. You’re tired of the subservient awesomeness and tell him to fuck off. Or, something less harsh. Ok, you’re free to improvise as long as it’s my kind of reasonable and along the lines of this is not what you want or would have ever wanted, even if it is.

    • crossbow says:

      Good comment Tekhan.

      “…isn’t regulating extensions a task for the respective oversouls?”

      Yes, definitely.

      I did not see the homogeniser regulating extensions (regulating freewilled souls). By prompting certain people to pass each other in closer proximity he caused the energies that emanated from those extensions to homogenise in some way, which as I understand it is a natural process, and he was only facilitating or assisting that.

      In effect, merely introducing people to each other, prompting a sort of communication between them. As if they had stopped and talked to each other about themselves and then walked on and thought about the person’s character they had just spoken with, and then decided to emulate or reject, or to aspire to them or forgive them… or so many other possible reactions. But instead of conversing consciously, he caused them to be introduced fleetingly, in a sort of subliminal way, communicating unconsciously through their touching auras, and with opposing or contrasting characters, so as not to reinforce either one, nor near characters so as not to slightly veer or subtly influence, but opposing or contrasting characters so as to prompt the central self to entertain thought, judgement and decision about the subtle qualities of character they had just unconsciously sensed. Possibly emulation, possibly rejection, possibly understanding and/or forgiveness, possibly causing some internal conflict … That is up to the individual.

      We all frequently pass by each other, subconsciously picking up things about each other, judging them, dismissing or accepting them. A lot goes on unconsciously because we take such little notice of our self and of what we are doing in our head and heart.

      “He worked with and for human freewill, not interfering with it, but contributing towards the regulation and management of its outcomes (its energies).”

      The personality layers are comprised of the many tendencies, inclinations and habits of thought and emotion which the central freewilled individual has built up and programmed into its surrounding personality layers. Each of those tendencies is a package of energy. The colours of the aura are just the colours of the tendencies that are within those surrounding personality layers.

      Towards others, there is such a thing as control of others, and there is such a thing as influence upon others; two different things. Roughly differentiated, control is restrictive upon other’s freewill, is administered by force or deceit, or grades and combinations of the two. Influence can be via reason or emotion, and can be accepted or rejected either way for better or worse; and influence can also be incidental from circumstances, meetings and exchanges, and which is subject to one’s own judgement (one’s own freewill).

      As I understand it, the homogeniser was influencing, not controlling, was providing options, not restrictions, was prompting people’s surrounding energies to mix and react for their freewill to then judge and deal with.

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