The Protective Aura part 1

Human beings influence each other, for better and for worse. And we don’t just influence each other by our words and actions, but also by our thoughts, emotions and even by our presence. In other words, we influence each other by our radiations, energy, our vibrations.

Perhaps you have walked into a room of several people and felt their mood, their energy. Perhaps you have sensed the mood of your friends or family member, or the mood of your boss, your work colleague, even the mood of a stranger.

Emotions can be contagious. They can transfer from one person to another as the same emotion, as its emotionally reactive opposite, or as a different but related emotion, and also as an additional emotion generated between the two. We might term this transference emotional telepathy, and it may occur with or without our awareness of it.

Everything has a resonance, a frequency, a vibrational rate. Humans are like pianos; within each of us exist the strings of all possible human notes. Within the instrument of our personality layers, we tend to play our favourite and habitual cords.

Emotional telepathy is a type of sympathetic vibration; like playing a note on a piano will cause the same string within a piano next to it to vibrate in sympathy. When one piano plays, the strings in the piano next to it subtly play along.

Here is a demonstration of sympathetic resonance.

Perhaps you have sensed or felt the particular personal energy of another person, their state of mind and mood, their intent or their vitality. Perhaps you have felt someone’s hidden hostility towards you, their falseness, or malicious intent. Perhaps, despite their surface presentation being of one mood and mindset, you have sensed a different mindset underneath.

Perhaps you live or work in conditions or with people who try your ability to remain calm, composed and independent of the emotional atmosphere around you.

Perhaps you have an unwanted inclination, attitude or habit that you are struggling to control and that you give in to under certain provocations or conditions. Perhaps you tend to be emotionally over reactive.

The attention or presence of a person who is harbouring a mental-emotional condition that is similar to one that we have an inclination towards, or towards its emotionally reactive opposite, may stir a sympathetic resonance in our own personality and thereby trigger the same condition or its emotionally reactive opposite in our self, and will likely even increase its amplitude. Even a mental-emotional-behavioural condition in another person, different to our own and with which our proximity is sustained and of which condition we are continually resistant, can set up a beat rhythm or conflict oscillation.

Here is an example of in-tune sympathetic resonance, compared with off-tune sympathetic resonance which initiates a beat rhythm /conflict cycle.

For these reasons above, and for many other reasons, a protective aura is beneficial.

A protective aura is an aura that we build around our self that has the quality to protect us from unwanted interpersonal influences.

We can create such an aura by imagining it and commanding it, and thereby building its form and programming its quality and function.

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