The Forgiveness Aura

Building the Forgiveness Aura ¹

“All around and through myself, an aura of forgiveness. 

 All around and through myself, I wear the clear white light. 

 And there is naught the clear white light does not forgive.”

forgiveness aura

Twice daily. Morning and evening. The last line can be said twice. The assertion can be repeated as often as one pleases.

One can alter/adjust wording to tune the assertion to meet particular requirements. Ie. wear/build/see the clear white light. There is naught/nothing the clear white light does not forgive / And everything the clear white light forgives.

Alternate between saying it through the mouth verbally physically, and saying it with the internal voice. Alternate between these two voices so as to make them strong separately; later merge them together, but continue to practice them alternately. Make the internal voice of a clear strong resonance. Alter its volume to provide contrast and increase the sensitivity of the inner faculty of hearing audible thought.

Imagine the aura around you and through you, and oneself in the centre of it. Imagined from the head (the mind’s eye / the awareness faculty of sight). The aura is anchored in the heart, felt in the heart.

The assertion of the aura is said, imagined and felt, by both head and heart. Its form is imagined by the head; its quality felt by the heart; its function known by head and heart.

Be conscious of:

Form – shape, clear white light, surrounding

Quality – forgiveness, understanding of freewill

Function – nullifies, relieves

Provide it with a residual quality – command it to remain in place after actively working on it / asserting and building it. Regardless of incorporating a residual quality, it will require daily exercising/maintenance/nourishment, as it is a living aura.

As the aura is programmed by its builder/wearer, so it is and so it does.

¹ This post is continued from Protective Auras, part 1 and part 2.



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