The Protective Aura part 2

There are two main types of protective auras. Following are descriptions of them both.

1. The first type of protective aura is a surrounding of clear white light which has the ability to repel all unwanted vibrations, energies and influences. In a sense this aura is like armour. When hostile or unpleasant vibrations or energies come up against this aura, they cannot penetrate it; instead, this aura deflects them. The unwanted vibrations or energies then return to their sender, or they may go into the nearest receptive person.

2. The second type of protective aura is also an aura of clear white light. But instead of deflecting incoming vibrations and energies, this aura absorbs and nullifies them. In this way the vibrations or energies do not return to the sender nor go to anyone else, for they are absorbed and nullified by the aura.

forgiveness aura

3. The difference between these two types of aura can be likened to two different types of sound proof wall. The first wall is made of a sound deflective material that deflects soundwaves like an echo, and so whoever is behind the wall is not bothered by unwanted sound.

4. The second type of sound proof wall is made of absorbent foam so that the soundwaves are absorbed and nullified and no echo bounces from the wall, and so the person behind the wall is not bothered by unwanted sound.

5. And so we see that both auras are protective, but one aura deflects incoming energies and the other aura nullifies incoming energies.

6. The quality that enables the second aura to nullify energies is the quality of forgiveness.

7. The energy/vibration of forgiveness is a harmonic with all other human energies/vibrations. It does not reject or deflect any energy or vibration, but receives and absorbs them all. Forgiveness absorbs all human frequencies and their energising principle, and thus it completely nullifies them.

8. There is a limit to how much energy the first type of aura can deflect, for eventually it can be overwhelmed.

9. There is no limit to how much energy the second type of aura can nullify, for there is nothing that forgiveness cannot forgive.

10. There is no difference, from a standard perspective, in the form (appearance) of the two auras; their difference is in their quality and function.¹

11. Black magicians use the first type of protective aura. White magicians use the second type of aura, the forgiveness aura.

12. A warning: There exists an effect of the forgiveness aura that all who are properly taught about it are informed of, and that effect is this:

Those souls who are afflicted with, struggling to overcome, consciously or in denial of, a particular personal weakness, unwanted inclination, be hostile, or other personal matter are draw towards a soul who wears a forgiveness aura, and will tend to express their problem towards the person with the forgiveness aura. This is because the forgiveness aura absorbs their energy and provides them with relief from the discomfort or pressure associated with their energy returning to them and accumulating within them. They may consciously or unconsciously feel this relief without understanding it. The drawing effect upon others of the forgiveness aura can increase hostility by others towards the person who wears the forgiveness aura.

13. There are, of course, many other effects of the forgiveness aura, all are beneficial to its builder/wearer and to others; these other effects can be discovered and learnt along the way.

14. It should be well noted that the protective effect of the forgiveness aura is secondary and incidental to its primary purpose, which is to forgive and thereby provide relief.

15. A quality of the forgiveness aura is that it is not selective or partial. Forgiveness forgives all, or it is not forgiveness.

16. All forms of protective aura other than the forgiveness aura are different presentations and dressings of the first type of protective aura. White magicians do not use such auras, but dark magicians and the naïve do.

¹ All things and all distinctions have these three constituents: form, quality and function.

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5 Responses to The Protective Aura part 2

  1. Betsi says:

    It seems like a person with the second type of aura would have to be very strong in their sense of self to allow others to approach them with their struggles. How does a person know which type of protective aura they have? Does everyone have an aura of one type or the other?

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  3. Tekhan says:

    Thanks for the reminder about a protective aura, have had a sense of missing a shield that almost everyone seems to have since my youth and have tried to compensate for that with choosing which words to use in which order, or suffering or boiling in silence. Or occasionally exploding like a volcano – releasing pent up anger by unchaining the beast within.

    My programming will be a mix of return to sender (without reflecting to others unless involved) and nullification. Light is too bright, and dark too stark, so I’ll go with gold light, and if that is dark in a different dressing then that is what it is. I’ve been dealt the return to sender cards and they have been great lessons for me: boom, it came back, now this ends here (swiftly readjust the head and heart & move on), in a nutshell.

    Mind you, naivety isn’t a dark exclusive. The expression “iron fist in a velvet glove” can be very appropriate for light, and seemingly light especially. A lightworker might be surprised to find out their energy sent outwards wrapped in glorious light has another layer on top, sheathed in black.

    It is perhaps a given that the wearer of the shield of forgiveness doesn’t live in a bubble of pain as an effect of the increased hostility you mention?

    • crossbow says:

      I used to have a beast within that was probably something like the one you describe. Thankfully its dead now, but it was a hell of a fight.

      “…readjust the head and heart and move on.” Sounds good.

      However you program your aura, in its form, quality and function, be prepared to “up-date it”, to re-program and improve it as better and more fuller understanding is acquired. Keep up with your best.

      The workings of consequence is one thing, the workings of light another. True light I mean.

      “It is perhaps a given that the wearer of the shield of forgiveness doesn’t live in a bubble of pain as an effect of the increased hostility you mention?”
      That is correct. Hurt and forgiveness cannot coincide. It is one or the other.
      Along with the use of the forgiveness aura comes increased understanding of love/forgiveness, and of dealing with others, and conflict management, also improved perspective and realisation. A lot comes with forgiveness.


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