Some Laws regarding Cognitive Mechanics and the Direction of Drive

Thought is subject to choice.

Emotion follows thought.

Thought and behaviour are subject to choice / freewill.

It is via thought that emotion is controlled.

Thought initiates emotion, but the type of emotion initiated is dictated by the values relevant to the thought.

Values are subject to judgement.

Values can be reassessed and rearranged according to better judgement.

We can subject anything to our judgement.

Choice is preceded by judgement.

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2 Responses to Some Laws regarding Cognitive Mechanics and the Direction of Drive

  1. Betsi says:

    If judgement is the basis of all of one’s soul’s activities, then if we change our judgements, can we change our entire lives? If so, how can we change our judgements?
    And if you say we must pray/appeal to the Ultimate Judge to change our own little life-shaping judgements, then I just don’t know what I’ll do because the ramifications of that are so encompassing!

    • crossbow says:

      God does not change our judgements. But we can tune our will with His and use his touch upon our conscience to assist us in making our own judgements.

      In our willing cooperation with him, he can calm us, clear our vision, clarify our options, and we may sense his will within our conscience, but our will is always our own; as is our judgement, which is our weighing up of options, and weighing the order of our values, and weighing the importance of things. Then we act on our judgements by our own freewill.

      Our impulses, wants, desires, emotions, pride, our selfish-self, try to pull us in one direction. Our conscience quietly suggests another direction. And our judgement and decision, and the consequences, are our own.

      As Jesus said in John 5:2, the Father has given all judgement to the Son. (to the soul of man)

      But we have our own guidance within – that is our conscience.

      In the presence of our enemies/temptations/impulses/dilemmas he prepares a table of options before us, and anoints our head with his oil. (the 23rd Psalm)


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