The Current World Conflict part 1

Thirty years ago my first out-of-body experience triggered a pivotal change in myself and my outlook on life. Subsequent out-of-body experiences across later years were eye opening and educational, and each were change inducing, but most of them were not as impactful as that first experience. However, there have been about half a dozen out-of-body excursions that have surpassed the others in their life changing effects. The following account is one of those.

It was about 2009? (I have misplaced the date) and what has been termed the War on Terror was well underway, as it still is at the time of this writing in November 2014.

For many years I had marginally entertained two ideas of things that I would like to see and know for myself. These two ideas are as follows:

1. To see and know the best and worst of humanity; the most extreme good and the most extreme evil as it exists on this planet.

2. To examine the world’s conflict zones, to examine the battle fields and battlelines.

Over several years these lightly held ideas grew in weight and I started to wonder if I had the ability to accomplish them. Would I be able to comprehend the subject matter? Am I sufficiently conditioned in mind and heart? How would I manage myself afterwards if I had such knowledge? I suspected that I would barely manage it, for that has been my general pattern with each expansion. And in some instances I did not manage it well at all.

I expected such a revelation would be difficult to comprehend and manage, for I had been bruised, torn, stretched and changed before by what I had seen and learnt while out of body. But my yearning for truth, whatever truth may be, has always been strong. So steadily, over half a year or so, I prepared myself for accepting whatever I might find.

I acknowledged and set aside all preconceived ideas. I cleared my mind by reminding myself that I value truth above all else, whatever truth might be. I strengthened my soul by reminding myself that I have freewill and as such I am responsible and accountable for myself, and am here to learn and acquire knowledge. I reminded myself of the freewill burden that everyone carries and to be understanding of that. I reminded myself that there is nothing the freewilled soul cannot overcome or deal with. I reminded myself that my heart, love and forgiveness, is most significant in approaching such matters.

I prayed for the qualities of mind and heart to be able to handle seeing and knowing the furthest extremes of human good and evil, and to see the current greatest contrasts, rifts and conflicts within the human race.

I thought about what I had previously experienced; the earlier years and latter years, life’s trials, internal battles, successes and failings and what I had learnt from them, and some of the painful realisations that I had been through so far. I knew what I was aiming at would be something difficult and dangerous to do, but based on what I had previously been through I dared to think that I might be able to do it.

I had no idea how to do it, what would be involved or how it might be possible to do, and I had no idea what I might see or learn, but I was prepared to face it. And so I relaxed and left the rest to my oversoul.

Some months went by. I did not count them or think about the matter any more, for the details were not in my hands. I simply made myself available and ready, and requested the opportunity be granted, if it be possible and acceptable, and if I be worthy and able.

Then one night without notice, the occasion arrived.

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6 Responses to The Current World Conflict part 1

  1. Betsi says:

    When we ask for some sort of knowledge, can we ask that it not be given through experience/deeds but only in words/thoughts ?
    Separately, do you find that the degree of good we experience must sometime be balanced with a similar degree of evil? When I ask ‘do you find’ I mean from your own experiences and from your studies.
    In advance, thank you. You could answer by referring me to statements or implications from any of your earlier posts that I may have overlooked. When that is the case I’ll be embarrassed and not so quick to be asking questions.

    • crossbow says:

      Strictly speaking, knowledge, experience and proof are the same thing. One does not come without the others.

      Understanding though, and clarity of mind, and thankfulness of heart, can grasp things in their own way.

      So yes, we can pray for understanding and for knowledge, while at the same time asking that it not be too painful to receive or too much for us to bear.

      When my load has been heavy and I have felt broken and exhausted by my mistakes and the mess I have made, and I have sensed that correction of my attitude and outlook is going to be very painful, then I have presented myself willingly for correction, but at the same time asked for merciful correction, and have prayed to be (if possible) only drip fed correct understanding and correction in little drips each night while I sleep, so that the correction would not be too painful.

      Betsi – “Separately, do you find that the degree of good we experience must sometime be balanced with a similar degree of evil?”

      In a sense, yes I do. Contrast clarifies. And opposition strengthens. If we pray to be more forgiving, then we will find more to forgive, or else be hurt. If we pray for our heart and our love to be made strong, then our heart and love will be tested. If we pray to be stronger in dealing with adversity, then we will have more tests and trials. If we pray to see truth, then we will also see falsity, lies and deception. If we pray for strength of conscience and of self, we will find temptations to disobey conscience and pressure to conform with others.

  2. John Adapa Freeman says:

    The ending of this post is holding onto a cliff, and I say to it, “calm down and do not worry dear one though momentarily run through the ringer and hung out to dry. You shall continue in Part II as surely as someone shall not die of a cough.” Nice touch, and this is the kind of post that quite literary makes this bag of bones sit on the edge of the seat eyeing to read more.

    • crossbow says:

      I like the name. And thank you for your kind review. There will probably be two or three parts to this one because there was quite a bit in it. I will get onto it soon. I like the bag of bones reference. I often watch people and think about how we are all bags of flesh and bones walking about with a pilot inside.

  3. John Freeman says:

    CB, replying didn’t work. Bags of flesh and bones walking with a pilot inside. Two different incarnations with the same amount of raging hormones, one is more body controlled than the other. Yet the other wouldn’t expose himself and put the spirit in chains by letting drugs become a Master: But as far as I’ve learnt, oversouls don’t fuck around with useless incarnations, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. Seems like a step forward is important even if followed by two steps behind.

    • crossbow says:

      My computer isn’t playing videos at present, must get it serviced. I google the lyrics, about effects of drugs on the life. Yes I think life is always purposeful, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. I have been a psych nurse, drug and alcohol counsellor and forensic counsellor so I have seen the damage drugs do. I have also seen the strength and beauty that comes to a person who has fully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction. I have seen many who have battled different addictions (drugs/alcohol/anger/sex/gambling/criminal lifestyle/personality disorders) and defeated it then acquire an increased understanding of the human condition and a strong and calm personal presence – a knowledge that others don’t have. That is why our past battles are no shame, for they gave us strength, knowledge and understanding that we could not gain otherwise. Some boast they are good when they were born good and have not had to work to be good. But more credit is to the person who fought personal demons and defeated them.


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