The Current World Conflict part 2

I awoke high above the Earth. High enough that I could see the planet like a great globe in front of me. All around was the deep blackness of space and distant stars. The anonymous escort was beside me. We barely acknowledged each other. Our relationship in a sense more distant than in the early years, but in another sense closer, more equal. He was helping me hold steadily in place.

Keeping a fixed altitude I drifted steadily around the planet. Pausing occasionally to view certain continents then drifting on to view others. The drifting was easy, it was almost as if I was stationary and the planet was turning.

I paused high over the Indian Ocean because I could see much of the world from there. I could see the great Eurasian continent, Australia and Africa. As I watched, the escort prompted me on how to attune my vision. I followed the prompts.

I saw the collective of human auras of each continent, of each country, of each race and group. Different shades and colour according to the collective characters of the people who inhabited that area.

Each country was a different shade or colour. I “slid” my vision up and down the spectrum of human auric light, as if tuning a radio, and noticing that I could narrow or widen the scope, so as to take in a narrower or wider range of human auric light.

I was immediately struck by the difference in the auras of the western nations to those of the non-western nations. From the colours of the nations came radiations of their characters, so that I could both see and feel the auras of the nations. The difference in colour and radiation between the western and non-western nations was stark.

The escort prompted me on how to use the zoom effect of out-of-body vision. I zoomed my vision in on the collective aura of one of the countries, going right down to examine the auras of its individuals and observing the colours of their characters. Then I zoomed my vision back out to again view the collective national aura. Zooming in and out, pausing here and there, taking in as much as I could, making sure of what I was seeing.¹

In earlier excursions I had been taught how to reach out an extension of myself with a node of conscious at the end of the extension, and how to “dip” that extension into something else. Whatever is within that something else is known by the extended node of consciousness, and the knowledge is transferred via the line of extension back to myself, so that I may “know” that something else as if I am inside it, and as if it is me. This is an ability of the elastic quality of consciousness, and is more serviceable when out-of-body than when within it.²

Using the elastic quality of consciousness, I reached out an extension of myself and dipped the extension into the auric colours of various countries, and in so doing I knew the character of the colour of the country that I dipped in to. This method is more intense, accurate and precise than reading the radiations from the colours. The radiations gave an objective sense; dipping provided a subjective experience. I was able to look around within a nation’s character and examine its makeup.

Observing individual’s colours and their blending into collective colour, showed me how the character of individuals makes the character of nations. And I saw that there was irony to this process, for individuals could not see that their nations are products of themselves.

Drifting high above the Earth, using vision of the colours, and receiving the radiations of the colours, visually zooming in and out, and dipping an extension of consciousness into the colours for further details and accuracy, I examined the many races, countries, groups and institutions of humanity. I examined the collectives and the individuals who comprised those collectives.

I saw for myself that the colour of a collective aura, be it the aura/character of a race, nation, society, tribe, institution, or any other collective group, results from the blending together of the auras/characters of the individuals within that group. I clearly saw that although influence occurs, individuals are not a product of societies, but societies are products of individuals.

And I saw that the colours of individuals may blend to make a collective colour nothing like their individual colours. I saw that the colours of the individuals of some nations blended more readily with each other, while the individuals of other nations blended less, and the same for groups and institutions. This is because the individuals of some nations and groups are group minded, whereas some are more individually minded.

When I dipped into the colours I experienced the people’s personal qualities and characteristics, their driving attitudes, and their individual and collective intent. I saw how their collective intent resulted from their individual intent.

With each dip into a collective aura, I not only knew the current condition of that group, I also knew its history. I saw the long histories of the collective souls of the different races, their circumstances, the effect of their geography, their religion, their ideas and thinking, their trials and battles, their advancements and their mistakes. I understood things about them that previously I would not have imagined.

And what I saw evoked awe, concern, sadness, hope, amazement, wonderment. It caused me to experience that sense of stretched capacity of mind and heart that comes with suddenly taking on a greater view of reality than one had before, a view that strains the soul and changes oneself and one’s outlook forever.

(Edited for clarity 19/11/2014)

(Edited for clarity 3/12/2014)

¹ Here is a related background article on Individuals and Societies. 

² Here is a related article about reaching out an extension of consciousness, The Homogeniser.  

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