The Current World Conflict part 3

Holding steady in space, high above the Indian Ocean with most of the world’s population in view, I widened my spectrum of vision to take in the full range of human light, from the darkest to the brightest of human souls and every shade and colour in between.

The first thing I noticed was a vast blanket of grey across the non-western world. And emanating from the collective grey aura was a radiation of jealousy and hatred towards the western democracies.

The attention of millions of non-western souls was directed towards the west, watching with jealousy and hatred, wishing and waiting for western collapse and destruction.

I drifted easily around the globe, observing a stark difference in the auras and radiation between the non-western countries and the western democracies. The non-western countries had grey auras of varying shades and a general collective radiation of jealousy and hatred towards the west. The western democracies had mottled auras comprised of dots ranging from darkest black through to brilliant white light, and dots of every conceivable colour.

Jealousy was the most voluminous radiation on the globe, and came most noticeably from the grey coloured non-western countries and directed towards the western democracies. And from the jealousy came hatred; a desire for destruction.

Some non-western countries were of darker or lighter shades of grey than others. Some were moderately grey, and some were very dark. I zeroed my vision into the grey of several nations, and saw within the grey a range of colour that ranged between the lightest and the darkest extremes of the light and dark within that country.

When I widened my spectrum of vision to again include the widest range of light and darkness on the planet then the non-western countries again returned to grey and the western countries were visible as multi coloured dots ranging from black to shining light.

The greater range by far of light and darkness and of colour was within the western democracies. The people of the non-western nations occupied a relatively narrow centre portion of the word’s spectrum of light and darkness and of the word’s diversity of colour. The furthest extremes of light and darkness were by far within the western peoples. And the greater diversity of colour, being a product of the greater range of light and darkness, was also within the western peoples.

world distribution of dark and light souls

The escort assisted me to understand what I was seeing. The colours of the aura signify the personality and character. The degree of light or darkness is of the heart and is the measure of the goodness or the evil of the soul.

The colours of the non-western souls were less diverse due to their less range of light and darkness, and also their colours blended more readily with each other than the colours of the western souls, for the non-western souls were more collectively minded, and the western souls more individual in nature.

There was some difference in the range of light and darkness and diversity of colour between the western democracies. The English speaking democracies had wider range of light and darkness and of colour than the European democracies. And to the best of my observation, the United States of America had the widest range of light and darkness and of colour, and had the greatest volume or number of diversity of colour amongst its souls. But the differences between the western nations was marginal, for the greatest difference between nations by far existed between the western and non-western nations collectively.

There were several countries which I did not or could not see. The South American continent and Israel were among these.

There was a country that had a high proportion of bright shining souls, and that country’s shining souls were shining brighter than the souls of every country that I could see. I will mention and discuss that country later.

After observing the overall differences between western and non-western nations, I then turned my attention to the western democracies, and examined the nature of their greater range of light and darkness, diversity of colour, their external and internal conflicts, their institutions, their histories and their current plight.

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