The Current World Conflict part 4

Within the western democracies I saw the darkest hearts on Earth. Souls that possessed an evil, a hatred, more potent, more intelligent, more deceptive and treacherous than the darkest of non-western souls.

The collective radiance of jealous and vindictive hatred from non-western nations, although great in its number and volume, was mild in the potency of its individuals compared with the powerful evil of the darkest western souls, so powerful that they easily make puppets of all souls less dark than themselves.

And in contrast with such dark souls, the western democracies also had souls that shone like diamonds, with light far brighter and clearer than the general brightest of non-western souls.

I saw that the lightest and darkest of humanity and the greatest range and diversity of human auric colour exists within the western democracies.

I immediately wanted to know why this was so, and how had it come to be.

The escort remained silent, passively watching the globe, and merely occasionally prompting me in my use of attributes and abilities. It was up to me to find the answers.

I examined the western nations carefully, the range of colours and diverse radiations of their populations, and I took particular notice of the qualities of the brightest and the darkest souls.

I saw that the darker souls in the western democracies did not portray themselves as bad or evil, but as good. And so between the souls of light and the souls of darkness was a spectrum that ran between extremes of good and seeming good. And the darker souls with darker hearts made the greater show of seeming good, of seeming to care the most.

The souls of darkness had great hatred towards the souls of light and were at war against them, and were doing their best by all deceptive and sly means to discredit the souls of light and win over all other souls to their cause. And their cause was destruction, not just destruction of the west, but destruction of the very concepts of truth, freewill and true love.

I examined western institutions, groups and movements; their colours and radiations, zooming my vision in and out, examining their range of light and the diversity of character of the individuals who comprised them, and I dragged an extension like a finger through the radiations, using it to examine them from the inside outward, from their own outlook.

Every western institution, movement and group, had within it, to greater or lesser extent, with its own particular hue of colour and character, a portion of the same spectrum of light and darkness as spanned the overall western democracies.

And each institution had within its collective radiation a halfway point that divided its own spectrum of individuals between its lighter half and darker half, or its truer half and falser half.

When I zoomed in my vision to follow the divided radiation of each institution down to its source, I saw that within each half of the divided radiation of every institution, existed another similar division, and within each of those divisions, another division, and another, and so on, division within division, right down to the separations of each and every individual.

And then at individual level, I saw that within every western individual exists a divided heart, divided left and right, with an infinitely wide spectrum of potential light and darkness. And every individual western heart was active in its own place somewhere on this wide spectrum of potential of light and darkness, and where it was active was its own left-right division, and quandary.

By zooming in and out I saw that this peculiar division within each and every western heart reproduces itself collectively to produce a left-right division in every western institution and every western country.

I am speaking here of the heart centre, the heart of the soul, not the physical heart of the body, although that is divided physiologically left and right as well.

I could see that non-western souls did not posses such left-right divisions through their hearts, and subsequently did not have such wide potential of light and darkness, of goodness and seeming goodness. Nor did they have the left-right divisions running through their institutions and their countries.

So our very hearts and souls are different; non-western narrow, and western wide and divided, making different collective societies, non-western conformist and mostly authoritarian, and western diverse, divided left and right, and democratic.

But why? …and how?  …what for? I wondered.

I will find out now.

The escort watched me silently.

With a rapid scan I followed the radiation of the divided western heart back through history. The centuries rushed past and I quickly located its first emergence. I went back further, looking at its pre-emergent preparations, its developing readiness.

Then from the earliest beginnings of the western heart, I followed its development through history to the present day.

I expect it is this planet’s most magnificent and awe inspiring story.

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