Current World Conflict part 7

I briefly scanned the histories of several nations and races, from many thousands of years ago when they took their first steps to where they are today.

In those days geography and climate counted for a lot, but not always, for I saw the history of races goes back incredibly far and there are many influences. And the souls of some races have taken on different bodies as they outgrew others or they were killed off by disease or war.

I saw the Russians of olden times in their cold harsh land and how their position, geography and climate contributed to who they are today.

And scanned the aura of ancient Africa where for tens of thousands of years savagery has been the rule of life for every animal and man.

I observed the ancient Middle East many thousands of years ago when the deserts were being made and hunters enjoyed the cool moonlit nights after the going down of the hot sun. I scanned their aura from then to now, noting significant mistakes, successes and developments that have made them who they are today.

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2 Responses to Current World Conflict part 7

  1. Betsi says:

    Thank Goodness for the Temperate Zone!
    To belabor what you’re saying —

    What might be called savagery is a style of action required by heavily shadowed surroundings –African jungles, urban alleyways etc. To survive one would have to rely on huge outbursts of deadly force, as does the tiger etc. Then that method of releasing adrenaline makes its way to other aspects culture — music, work done in bursts of strength following periods of rest….
    Same for each environment: the harshness of Russian weather translates to their style of justice, their diet, their sense of humor; they stay low out of the wind. Or cool mist of island nations requires carefully defining every movement before reacting, else one might attack a friend.
    We started as expressions of our region’s mindset but can become free of those all-encompassing influences. The force that overcomes all the vagaries of every environment is brotherly love for those around us.
    If that is true then I wonder if global warming will be as disastrous as some say. Perhaps Christ’s message is already gentling the world!* Perhaps warming, as an expression of such love, will provide more widespread access to life-enhancing conditions.

    *A relative few renegades and rogues notwithstanding.


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