Current World Conflict part 8

After learning the origin of the western heart and the histories of several nations and races, I again focused my attention on the current world conflicts, which I could now better understood.

I gazed down on Christendom, the western world, in all its light and darkness, and colour. And every dot of light, dark and colour was a human soul.

Drifting like a satellite around the Earth, I observed the scenes of conflict.

The wars that we were seeing and hearing about at that time in Iraq and Afghanistan through the media were mere specks of conflict, barely visible compared to the great conflicting auras and forces to which they belonged.

Many readers will naturally suspect what I am going to describe, but some of it may surprise. It certainly surprised me.

I saw the western world under siege. Forces from the lands that were grey and some almost black focused their attention and hence energy on the destruction of the west.

Looking down on Europe I saw an unpleasant sight. Patches of dark grey from the Middle East and Africa had infiltrated Europe’s colour.

Smoke arose from around the edges where the grey patches bordered the colour. Not physical smoke as we are mostly familiar with, but a type of energy that is processed from conflict and is, in a sense, a type of energetic smoke.¹

There were many such grey patches throughout much of Europe. Western Europe being where there was the most contrast between the patches and the native colour, and where there was the most smoke.

I felt sad as I watched what was happening in Europe. Then I looked at England and felt worse. Smoke was rising from many places. Under the weight and oppression of the grey and the dark there was a strong sense of suppressed desperation to survive coming from England’s colour, but an unsureness of what to do. The English were aware of what was happening to them but could see little solution or were hesitant to move as the seeming oppression of their speech, communications and action by the grey and the dark was so great.

But in all of this, what I found most difficult to adjust to were the darker western souls across Europe and England, in amongst the colour, who were manipulating western souls of lighter grey and manipulating and using the incoming Middle Eastern grey souls to wage their war against the western coloured souls and souls of light.

I looked at the United States and saw a country at war with itself. Overall it seemed to have the greatest volume and diversity of colour, and range of light and darkness on the planet, and the darkness was waging war against the colour and the light in every way it could. Compared to the definite patches of grey in Europe, the war in North America was more evenly spread across the country.²

Australia too was at war with itself. Its dark souls doing all they could to destroy the country’s diverse range of colour, light and freedom. And using and manipulating the non-western grey souls and seducing and manipulating her own lighter grey souls.

I looked at Africa which was incredibly dark; in large regions its aura was near to black, unless I zoomed in close to it. But here and there amongst the darkness were dots of light. The hatred that emanated from the great dark regions only controlled itself where it thought its enemy was stronger than itself. The common enemy of the shades of darkness is the light and colour of the west.

At the southern end of the Dark Continent I saw a sight that defied my then understanding.

In South Africa I saw the brightest shinning lights. I glanced around the world and could see no collection of brighter souls than these in South Africa. How could this be? I wondered.

I felt I might become overwhelmed by the scene, unable to comprehend all that I was seeing. I settled myself – pure observance, just observe, observe, accept what I am seeing.

I looked back through South Africa’s history and saw what had caused the development of such bright souls. For two hundred years white South Africans had been largely insulated from the rest of the western world and had not succumbed to the gradual decline of honesty, clear thinking and sincerity which had so afflicted other western nations, particularly since the World Wars and the advent of political correctness. Also, most South African souls had had managerial practice under the most trying conditions, developing fairness to the extent they could, while managing an inherently violent people. Inturn many of the native African souls had learnt skills from the white influence and were now putting those skills into practice.

I saw dots of bright light leaving South Africa for other western countries, particularly to Australia and the North American continent. I took notice of their identifying note and looked to the places they were going. I saw they were going to pivotal positions in the western world, in institutions and places of management and influence, suitable to their individual ability, and they were helping the west resist the oppressive and destructive forces of the dark souls.


¹  I do intend to explain this type of energy in later posts.
²  And will explain how and why the dark souls have such hatred towards light and colour. 

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2 Responses to Current World Conflict part 8

  1. Betsi says:

    Shortly after this blog’s vision came on line, the web reported:
    ” Pope sees ‘shadows and dangers’ amid Vatican attack fears …… Cached
    Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Thursday told Italian police …”
    and I wondered if he was sharing your vision, crossbow. Shadows, smoke, patches –finally we have ways to discuss and visualize without using polarizing proper nouns. And such visualizations and discussions can then lead to actions — not aggressive overt conflict but building some sort of answer to these ‘smoke’ and ‘shadow.’ Light is the direct answer to such darkness, however how such Light might be delivered beyond what already exists is beyond me. Guess I’d better pray about it: We need more Light!

    • crossbow says:

      One does not need to be psychic to see the strife Europe is running into with Islamic infiltration into its democracies. Neither does one need to be psychic to see who is causing the strife.

      Which is more annoying, the flies in the room or the person at the door letting them in?

      Yes we need more light. The light of truth, freedom and love.


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