The Current World Conflict part 9

I had seen what I had come to see, the best and worst of humanity, the extremes of good and evil on the planet, and the conflict zones of the world.

I prepared to return to the body. I scanned the whole scene before me and the lesson I had had, identify the larger key points and their relationship to each other, then noted the overlaying details.¹

The volume of information was difficult to take in, and much of what I had observed and experienced was outside of what I previously imagined possible, so I expected to have difficulty transfering it to the physical brain. I turned to the escort for assistance.

“Its complex. Can you assist me?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said.

“Then do.” I said.

The escort projected a great image over the scene of the globe. Before my sight the globe flattened out as if into a huge map of the world hanging in space. All countries were visible except for Britain in the top left corner of the map which was folded over.

The European countries were each depicted on the map as castles, with their walls broken down to varying extent and invaders entering through the broken walls. In places there were smouldering ruins. Despite the invaders coming in I could not see the Europeans defending themselves.

The top left corner of the map was folder over. I ventured around the edge of the map to look behind it at the part that was folded over and I saw England as a broken castle, smoke rising and invaders coming in. I saw a figure representing England (Britannia?) as if she had stumbled and was on one knee. I wondered if she would continue to fall to the ground and be killed by invaders or would she recover her footing and rise to defend herself. The scene was stationary as if suspended, and I knew the answer was unknown.

Australia, New Zealand and North America were depicted as castles too, their walls breaking, enemies infiltating, and traitors within, stirring enemies hatred and letting them in. Western countries were all depicted as castles barely holding out against a world wide siege. They might survive, they might not.

Upon the Indian Ocean I saw a medieval knight on horseback in full armour, riding over the sea from South Africa to assist Australia and North America.

(Edited 12/2/2015 for clarity)

¹  I have learnt methods of making information and knowledge gained from experience more retainable. I look for the key foundational elements then at how the details are attached to them, so that the whole package is layered and well fixed together. Then I hold onto the memory of the experience as I settle into the body. There is the possibility is losing memory of details when settling back into the body, for the brain is often not wired to receive concepts that are well outside of what it has previously experienced or considered possible. To counter this I prime the consciousness and subsequently the brain by reminding myself that truth is my first value above all others, and regularly train my observation to see things as they are, whatever they may be, with pure observation and no preference, and thus readying the consciousness and subsequently the brain to accept truth whatever truth may be. This is the cultivation of honesty, which is the ability to see things as they are. It is a clear mind that does not distort or superimpose anything over reality. After settling into the body I go over the memory of the externalised experience and “connect it” into other knowledge or understanding with which it intersects, thus building up the bigger picture. Also, upon re-entry I often describe the experience out aloud and writing it down. Even so, it is tricky business and mistakes can occur.         

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1 Response to The Current World Conflict part 9

  1. Maryann says:

    I wonder what information you would access if you asked about our existence before the point from which you started and presented here (before Greeks…all the way to the creation of Earth and then the creation of souls before Earth – or during Earth). That would be very interesting to see. The only other I know of is the Edgar Cayce readings.

    Surely there was truth and love before Christiandom and the Greeks, for how else would they have recognized the existence of truth? Or even function without it before that “realization.” Same with evil, then. I don’t see how any of it survived without love – how would new borns survive? Pure instinct? Are we right to say animals only have instincts? Is that truth? Many a science has reversed its stand on their evidence due to their evolving instruments or shifting of thought – thought which was always there but suppressed by others’ Wills. I also do not believe we have “developed” or progressed linearly. I think Jesus came at a dark time to remind us, and certainly not the only one. A similar teaching is found I think in the Vedas, thousands of years before Christ. I think we “intellectually” have missing data in our Earth history for having lack of it in our present measures such a speech and reading and writing. -Or just due to geographic and climatic changes, destroying the evidence much like the Twin Towers. (By the way, the only investigation of its kind, see Dr.Judy Woods’s “Where Did The Towers Go?”)

    While violence may have been present in Africa (inter-slavery), does not seem much different than the European violence and savagery upon them, nor the one at the Roman Coliseum that lasted 500 years, or the Crusades, or Hitler…. ,

    I’m certain if they were to scour the oceans and ice covered mountains which were once uncovered, much more history would be uncovered.

    Anyway, if your escort takes you that back, I would love to hear about it.

    It’s so true about the “seeming good” Souls. Gotta peruse Socrates for how to read them!
    If your escort helps with that, that would be great!


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