What are rights? …I will find out.

I maintained external situational awareness while simultaneously reaching inward with internal awareness to the station of freewill. While continuing to maintain outward awareness I reached further inward, within, through and above the station of freewill, upward to the station of conscience, the skylight at the inner upper pinnacle of consciousness. Then reaching further, up through conscience, up the silver cord to that part of myself from which I extend and of which conscience is the voice of within myself. I emptied myself of all understandings. Empty, open, receptive. I presented my question. What are rights?  Tiredness overcame me. The body succumbed to sleep.

I was escorted through successive planes, and backwards several centuries through the stream of time, to an old English wharf. The escort departed, leaving me to my own devices.

As if by some attraction I was drawn towards a barque moored against the wharf. Two armed guards stood shipside and well spaced to ensure no one came near. As I approached I noted their posture and eyes, assessed their degree of alertness, then boarded the ship, went below deck under the bridge and portside to the captain’s cabin.

Inside the cabin I could sense the captain’s energy radiating from the timber walls, from the furnishings and from the desk. I sensed his mind, his knowledge, his understanding and his awareness, his life. I sensed he was ashore.

Fresh air and sunshine came in through the little square window, as did the comforting sound of wavelets lapping lightly against the side of the ship.

With no one aboard, the ship was quiet and peaceful. A sensation of restfulness and calmness enveloped me. It was the rest and calmness that the captain felt at times like this when the ship was between runs, empty and quiet. A time of rest and peace; a time to think, to wonder, to ponder.

The captain’s desktop was clear except for a piece of paper upon which he had written a note. I read the captain’s note.

The only right that exists is the right of every soul to be created entire, with the potential to become perfect, all else is freewill.

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One Response to Rights

  1. cootamundra says:

    That is quite beautiful.


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