The Black Hawaiian 1992

I was seated in a classroom with other students, towards the rear of the room. From outside the room, down the corridor in another classroom, came the noise and energy of collective excitement and elation.

The noise and energy came into our classroom and stirred the members of my class accordingly. It was the noise and energy of people worshiping one person. Many in my class said the messiah is in the other classroom.

The noise and energy increased. There came the sound of a crowd approaching along the corridor. Many in my class grew more exited, talking about a person who is coming to change the world for the better.

He came down the corridor with an entourage. He stepped into our classroom. He was a strong handsome negro. I sensed he was a man of the Pacific, and specifically a Hawaiian. The term, the Black Hawaiian came to mind.

He spoke smoothly and charismatically, seeming to make good sense. Most people in my classroom were enraptured by him. His eyes cast around the room and briefly met mine. During our brief eye contact, I sensed that he was not who others believed he was. “He is not a messiah, just a mastermind”, I thought to myself.

The scene changed. I was underground. Walking through dark caves and tunnels. I came to the end of a tunnel. In the wall at the end there was a small rectangular hole about the size of a house brick.

I peered through the hole and saw another tunnel running crosswise at a right angle to the tunnel that I was in. The tunnel I was looking into was hot and lit by glowing coals and flames. There were fumes and steam hissing from cracks in the walls, and a smell of sulphur.

From the right I heard a slow and steady clip-clop of an approaching heavy hooved animal. The legs of a heavy set beast came into view, like a bull or heavy horse, and walked past the rectangular hole that I was peering through. As it passed I looked up at its head and saw a naked male human form from the waist up coming out of the animal where the animal’s head should be. It was something like a Centaur. There were occult symbols tattooed on the upper arm. I looked up at the face and saw it was the man in the school who so many believed was a messiah. I watched the creature walk steadily away to my left, down the tunnel amongst fire and sulphur, towards the depths of the Earth.

I became aware of someone beside me. It was the anonymous escort who had escorted me on many out-of-body excursions. He said, “And even you thought he was a mastermind.”

There was a rush of motion and a sensation of merging with the body. I awoke feeling ignorant, as if I yet had a lot to learn about the human condition and the nature of good and evil.

The experience had a prophetic air about it.

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One Response to The Black Hawaiian 1992

  1. Jon says:

    Minotaur – A symbol of dark destructive powers working in secret. Sometimes also identified with the symbolic significance of the centaur.


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