About the author

My name is crossbow, it is a pen name.

I am an Austrian male of English ancestry. I was born in the 1960’s.

I have lived and worked in cities, towns and country, and worked in many varied and contrasting fields. I like the extremes of fields, and their opposite peripheral sides between which the rest of the field lies. Every field and place of work has its own culture, distinct from the job to be done, its own kind of people, its own collective personality, and I find that intriguing. I study people.

I enjoy the seasons, swimming in rivers, sea and lakes, collecting firewood, walking, looking around, hunting, fishing and bushcraft, sleeping by campfire, classical and light instrumental music, observing people and animals, the elements and weather, friends and family, conversations about almost any subject, listening to people who are knowledgeable about something, the arts and sciences, and many other things. I don’t think there is anything that I am not interested in to some extent. I have had many and varied interests over the years.

I wish to emphasise that I am a fairly average man, certainly not a new age sensitive type or a spiritual-but-not-religious type as so many expect someone to be who writes about out-of-body excursions and about things that some would classify as spiritual or mystical. I am a Christian though.

I consider my abilities have come about largely by chance, rather than by worthiness. For they resulted from prior decisions, as all results do, but I did not foresee what the results would be, so those decisions were lucky decisions, and in a sense, a kind of chance. And I intend to detail how those chances occurred.

Like all of us, I have had personal difficulties, mistakes, struggles and afflictions. They have all provided beneficial growth and understanding, and continue to. Although tiring at times, and I naturally try to avoid it, I do find the unpleasant and difficult side of life as fascinating as the beautiful and easier side.

I encourage others to count their blessings, to appreciate life, and to be thankful, even for little things.

And I encourage men to be their own man, independent, good and strong.

Strength and virtue to all,



2 Responses to About the author

  1. Eric Hyde says:

    Neat backstory, Crossbow. Look forward to hearing more about your human studies.


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