About the author

My name is crossbow, it is a pen name.

I am an Austrian male.

I am a fairly average man in many ways, and not average in other ways.

I am not a new age sensitive type or a spiritual-but-not-religious type as so many expect someone should be who writes about out-of-body excursions and about things commonly considered spiritual, mystical or occult. I am Christian.

I consider my abilities have come about more by chance than by worthiness. For they resulted from prior decisions, as all results do, but I did not foresee what the results would be, so those decisions were lucky decisions, and in a sense, a kind of chance. I intend to detail how those chances occurred.

Like all of us, I have made mistakes and had personal difficulties. They have all provided beneficial growth and understanding, and continue to. Although tiring at times, I do find the unpleasant and difficult side of life to be as fascinating, in its own way, as the beautiful and easier side.

I encourage others to count their blessings, to appreciate life, and to be thankful, even for little things.

And I encourage men to be their own man, independent, good and strong.

Strength and virtue to all,



3 Responses to About the author

  1. Eric Hyde says:

    Neat backstory, Crossbow. Look forward to hearing more about your human studies.

  2. tiger8me says:

    Interesting reading. I look forward to more posts


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